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look at me, I'm cat blogging!

Read the sad story of Rufus the cat and then help Lair find the poor kitty a home.

I would take it except for the fact that I hate cats. But I don't hate them enough to see them wander outside, hungry and cold. Surely one of you bloggers out there wants a little pussy?


I'll trade you a C3PO Lego for some of that cat.

I have dog, cat, rabbit, mouse, 2 kids. Sorry, enough poop to clean up already:-0

Please... between my own cat, my spouse, and our two roommates, I've got enough kids to feed!

People who hate cats are like people who hate children... targets. God has a tendency to smile on people who make such declarations (trust me, I know this).

I don't much like cats either, but I really hatee people who have no compunctions about willfully abandoning a pet. That's just sick...and it also indicates a serious character flaw, IMHO.
On a related note, for years I had some reservations about my nephew's wife. My feelings were vindicated when I found out that she had told him to "get rid of" the cat when they were ready to move to their new townhome. I FUCKING beg your FRIGGING PARDON?
To his credit, he took the cat to the Humane Society (and gave them some money) so it could be properly adopted, thus incuring the wrath of his shrewish wife. She evidently thought he should have just dumped the cat by the side of the road. She was probably also pissed because the money he donated could have been spent at IKEA. Fucking bitch.

Re: Pearl
I think I know them. Did they move to Reno? My husband had a busineess associate who try to give me his cat when he and wife moved. It was his cat before they married. I would have taken it but I already had 3 cats, 2 dogs and 3 children. As I understand, she dumped him later for someone else. Lucky Guy.

Diane, they're in Vancouver, BC. AKA The Nanny State. Whenever I start to feel sorry for my nephew, I just lie down and take a nap until the feeling passes.