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saturday mindless dreck: say my name

It's Saturday, the kids are at their father's house and Justin is busy reworking something for a picky client. So I'm downloading nearly every musical suggestion that was given to me the other day. Plus, I'm downloading the Jesus Christ, Superstar soundtrack, as well as some Johnny Cash, thanks to Dean. See what you started?

I'm trying to keep from going back to sleep again. See, I discovered that the more you sleep, the more you want to sleep. I'm used to four or five hours sleep a night. Last night, I had at least ten. Now I want to go back to bed again.

Few blogs are being updated today. My brain is moving in slow motion, so I have no lengthy post on any relevant subject forthcoming. The Required Reading of 2002 is all finished and ready to post, but not until Monday morning.

Oh, I know what to do! Random tests and name generators! You can close the browser now, nothing to see here.

My porn name is Storm Vincent. I don't like it. Sounds like a wrestler's name.

My hobbit name is Tigerlily Moss of Lake-by-Downs . Now that sounds like a porn star.

If I was a cyborg, my name would stand for Mechanical Intelligent Construct Hardwired for Exploration and Logical Education. Mechanical exploration? Sounds kinky.

Ok, now we're talking. My smurf name is Pimpin' Smurf.

My French-Canadian hockey name is Poutine La Catalanoeau. You hear that Bill and Lis? POUTINE!

My metal name is Sparkle Glams?? I think NOT. Let's try that again. My alternative music rock star name is Jewell Boxx. Yep, another porn star name.

My Jedi name is CATMI CAEAS of the planet paxil. Whatever. I ain't no Jedi anyhow.

My pirate name is Iron Ethel Kidd? What kind of pirate is named Ethel? I want a refund!

Ok, I'm bored. Someone play with me.


That's right baby, poutine.

Just you wait; if I ever get down there for a visit I'll make you some. And you'll become addicted and gain twenty pounds and it will all be my fault. And I'll laugh about it, too.

My hobbit name is Tigerlily Moss of Lake-by-Downs

Sounds more like a lakeside retreat to me...
But you go, Pimpin' Smurf!

sigh i'm "cuddly smurf." time to end it all.

by rights, i should at least be "goddamnitall smurf."

Porn Name: Chad Throb
Hobbit Name: Berilac Loamsdown of Great Smials
Cyborg Name page wouldn't load
Smurf Name: Golden Flash Smurf
Hockey: Russian - Slava Parrottov, Canadian - Shane McParrottchuk, French-Canadian - Pierre La Parrottieux
Jazz Name: Jazzbone Witherspoon
Alternative Name: Sid Luscious
Blues Name: Howlin' Preacher Man
Hip Hop Name: Gang-Sta-G
Metal Name: Doc Rokken
Jedi Name: PARKE LLWIL of the planet Zyrtec
Pirate Name: Bloody Davy Kidd

Does anyone remember that Smurf episode where the bad purple smurfs bite the other Smurfs on the ass and yell GNAP !!

Michele, dear, you're starting to sound like some of the teen girls it's been my dubious pleasure to correspond with from time to time. Maybe you should read a book. (I'm reading "The Two Faces of Islam" by Stephen Schwartz.)

I dunno, my mother's name is Ethel and she'd make a helluva pirate.

Poutine? ACK ACK ACK!!!
A culinary catastrophe if there ever was one.
And to think that they like that in Quebec, where there is at least some French influence in the cooking.

Even if you hate the French, they sure know their sauce.

What do you get when you cross a Smurf and a hooker?

A little blue fucker about this tall.

Porn name: Honey Hunter It kinda remindes me of my chocolate covered cherry experience!

Oh man. I am forever going to be calling you Honey Hunter now.

Work will be interesting on Monday. I need the lucky charms guy back for this one.

I've got a new one - N Korea solved.

My pr0n name is CC East Chateau.

Pish-tosh. Where I come from (Rhode Island), the way to really find your porn name (and not to rely on some impersonal virtual generator) is to take the name of your first pet as your first name and the name of the street you first lived on as a child as your last name.

For example, my first pet was a cat named Pussy (I'm not making this up, I swear.) and I lived on Dean Ave.

Therefore Pussy Dean is my porn name. Too bad I didn't live on Galore Street.

That would make me Lucky Ramona.

Or was Barnabas first? Barnabas Ramona doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

My hobbit name is Iris Moss of Lake-by-Downs

Hey, we're cousins, Michele!

That would make me King Cannonsburg... and I'm a girl. How kinky.

Poutine conquers all!!!!!!


Okay, my fit of demonic glee is done. But thanks for sharing, Michele. :)

Porn name using East Coast formula:

>b>Missy Riverside

I love it. It is a nom de plume, if nothing else!

Lucky charms guy? Did I miss something at work last week??

The leprachaun, dork. You know, the one with Hilary's head on it right now?