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next up: blog, the video game

Jeff Jarvis may have started the vlogging (video blogging) craze, but Victor Lams has taken it one step further with plogging. That's puppet blogging. On video.

Now, these guys may think they are upstarts in the field, but I was certainly the first to have do sblogging (squirrel blogging) and aflogging (action figure blogging).

Now, who will be the first to do slogging (singing your blog entries) or rlogging (rapping the blog) or sitlogging (sitcom blogging)?

If I knew how to work this cam, you would all be suffering through some chlogging (charades blogging).

(puppet link via instapundit)


I can hardly keep up with my blogging, let alone any other forms.

Speaking of which, I was watching some random late night talk show host and I realised that I could do that job. Really, how hard is it?

I was the first to do nblogging (naked blogging). Proof available for $50, cash only, no refunds.

This is the first thing I thought of when I heard about vid-blogging. Not everybody wants to put their face up on the Web. Hey, maybe Sifl & Olly can start a blog!

The check is in the mail, Bill. But no llamas in the picture this time, ok? Stick with goats.


What about "brogging" (blogging with pics of yer breasteses included)?

I think a few pervs out there would pay for that privilege.

I would, but all my spare cash goes to guns, ammo, and new glasses for the Son&Heir.

What? My brilliant "Web Parody" of Eminem's "Without Me", for my New Years Blowout Bash make me an pioneer of some sort?
(Got your link and about 300 other in it too.... damn, I'm good!)
pats self on back

I think technically the Television Without Pity people have the sitcom-logging thing down already. :)