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Where did everyone go?

Is this thing on?

I think the blogosphere evacuated and they forgot to tell me.

Oh, I get it. I'm the only one home on a Friday night. That and the news is incredibly dull tonight. Not that I'm complaining. Fine, I'll find something else to do.


You'll show 'em! Damn bastards.

Another Friday night at home. Kinda nice, actually....

yeah, i was thinking the same damn thing.

is it so wrong to be home on a friday night???

its been like this all week. i was starting to wonder if people were dead.

PLT PLT PLT........you COULD be working on my Yule gift:-)

1 year old. In crib. Sleeping - finally.

Papa is here blogging by wi-fi.

Read me.

I don't really understand half the info on this blog! haha maybe becos its i slept only like 4 hours :)

Welcome to the silly season.

I had a date.

Well, fine, we get back in from a short night out with friends and you don't seem to be online at 12:44 mountain time. Oh, sure, that's 2:44 your time but that's nothing when you're whining about no company - you just have to stay up until the rest of us catch up with you. :)

I think we should all make tomorrow night blogging group-shot night. Take one down...pass it around...

Could we make that a diet Pepsi shot?

Seems to have been a quiet week, not just night for blogging.