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in the news

Joanne Jacobs wrote about DJ's bullying problems in her Fox News column.

I feel like I have unexpected company and the house is a mess.

Thanks, Joanne.

I hope any parents reading through the posts on this topic who feel they are facing the same challenge with their child will not be discouraged from speaking out because of the limp response I got from our school administrators.

Every time I speak to someone and don't get the action I feel is needed, I find someone higher up on the chain to speak to, or I come back with a stronger action. If this means getting yourself an attorney, do it. I am.


I was wondering when this would escalate to a national news forum.

Not that your blog isn't national, Michele.

Christ, maybe this will help. That bastard principal should lose his job and never be allowed to work around children again.

Ok, so does this mean you're officially famous?

And when do we start the stopwatch on the fifteen minutes? Cuz I want you to get your full alotment....You know, that ANS chick has been eating up a lot of other peoples' time.

Did they talk to you about the story, or get permission to talk about it? Or did you just happen to run across it?

One thing that keeps me from starting a blog is the fear that something I say will pick up unwanted attention... (I have no idea how you feel about the attention or not, but it would make me nervous about my family).

These are your next headlines, courtesy of my magic powers:
Concerned school principal pissing in his pants.
Bulllies parents harassed by news crew.
Bully's father pizza business picks up due to interest from the media. - Lots of pickups parked near his restaurant.
DJ gets a lifetime free enrollment in martial arts school, becomes the hero of his school, graduates with honors.

You ARE famous!

wow, thats cool michele. hopefully, someone in authority will see that djs story made the news.


Another story that is linked to in the fox new page... WHAT THE )#(*$)#$ HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?

Ok, kid gets bullyed, needs freaking stiches, and when he finally gets a freaking lawyer, what do his wonderful classmates do?

Take up a collection for the legal costs of the bully. ARRRGH!!! SMASH! KILL! DESTROY!

Breath ok, just needed to get that out of my system.

Bully for you! Your lawyer will have a field day with these fools. They are clearly failing to provide D.J. with a safe learning environment, and that's their primary responsiblity, not Big Bully's "self-esteem" and "anger-management" problems.

You're so famous, you're in-famous! :)

Holy Cow! Good job Michele!

D.J. is one lucky boy to have you for a mom.

Hire the meanest rat bastard sumbitch lawyer (ack, redundancy overload!) you can find. If nothing else, maybe you can have the inimitable satisfaction of seeing that mush brained touchy feely principle break down and cry in court.