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this blog brought to you by....

Commercial TV:

A leading television producer and two major advertisers have joined forces to present a live variety show with no commercial interruptions. Instead, the advertising messages will be incorporated into the show.

The advertisers, which so far include Pepsi and Nokia phones, are buying six hours of air time to create what the program's producer, Michael Davies, called "a contemporary, hip Ed Sullivan show" for the youth-oriented WB Network, part of AOL Time Warner. The hourlong program, to be broadcast for six weeks this summer, will try to highlight the companies' products in various ways, like putting singers on a set dominated by a logo or building comedy routines around a product

First of all, this isn't an entertainment program they are talking about; it's an infommercial set to music.

Product placement is nothing new. Watch any Sopranos episode and you can see, as well as hear, endorsements for various products and companies. I'm not disturbed at all by product placement as long as it doesn't interfere with the story of the show or movie I'm watching. Curtis Sliwa and Ron Kuby on their morning radio show are experts at deftly weaving commercials into their banter. Every morning they manage to somehow seamlessly segue from the current topic into reasons why you need a full body colonoscopy from Full Body Imaging.

It's a rather clever way to get people to listen to the commercials rather than change stations during ad time. A few well placed jokes and the ad is part of the program, rather than a break from it. Nefarious? Perhaps. But listenable at least.

I remember back in the good old days, before advertising took its hold on every facet of life, when the boards at hockey games were blank except for team logos. Now, they are filled with ads, plus there's the hanging, spinning scoreboard where the advertisements change every thirty seconds.

There's a can of Coke in every movie, a name brand sneaker in every tv show. So of course I'm thinking.....why not? Why not transfer this new way of advertising to my blog?

Would you notice if I suddenly developed an unquenchable taste for Mountain Dew? Would you care if I espoused the virtues of Tampex Tampons? Would it be rude of me to throw a few slogans in here and there?

I could still write my regular posts, but they would be interspersed with small, unobtrusive ads from large conglomerates which would sponsor me by sending me large checks at the end of every month. Example:

I was driving to work today, smoking my Marlboro Menthol Lights, because they have great flavor and I came across an accident. I got out of the car to help the victim and said "Hey, it's just a fender bender. Have a Coke and a smile! The accident victim, who was bleeding just a bit, asked me if I had any Excedrin. I said, "Of course I do, Excedrin is preferred over other analgesics ten to one!" I then went on my way to work and when I got there I realized I no longer felt spring fresh, so I went into the bathroom to use my Masengill Vaginal Wipes. What a difference! I felt like a flower after that.

What do you think? You didn't even notice the subtle advertising, did you?


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What a great idea I wonder who I can get to sponsor me? :)

Ewwwwwwwww way TMI! hehehe

It's OK, as long as that damn Mrs. Olsen doesn't show up with a can of coffee and Maclean Stevenson isn't paddling around in your toilet tank.

Hey! You just made Sunnyland Farms milk come out my nose!

I want more!

Suddenly I feel like smoking, drinking, pill-popping, and wiping a vagina all at the same time.

To paraphrase the President, that was downright subliminiminimal.

I was clicking on the Masengill Vaginal Wipes text hoping it would link to thier site. No luck, damn, I guess I will have to look it up on google.

Loved it (mindless consumer that I am.)

This isn't a new idea, anyway; simply a revision of an old idea. "The Texaco Star Theater," anyone? The only difference is that rather than "taking time out for a word from our sponsor," they'll just integrate the sponsor into the show.

laughing too hard to think straight

Kind of a hip Ed Sullivan show eh?
Oxymoron of the day.
I remember my sister calling him 'Sharky' and shuddering. My memory of his show was anything but hip.

Hell, after all the free plugs I give the gun manufacturers on my site, you'd think just ONE of them would come across with a gratuitous freebie or payola of some kind.

But nooooo!

I think I'll start plugging Euro, Russki and CommieChinese guns instead -- I bet THEY'D be more grateful.

[This message brought to you by Beretta. If it's good enough for the U.S. Armed Forces, it's good enough for YOU.]

Aren't we all acting as advertisements for Blogger and MT?

Ack! and our clothes are advertisements for department stores and designers! Everyone get naked!

I was expecting the product names to be hyperlinked to websites. Or would that be taking the joke too far?

Did any one else start thinking of "The Truman Show" (Jim Carrey) where the 'actors' place him infront of billboards or say things about how great an apple pealer is to get the product placement in?

Aww, Mike, you didn't think Topo Gigio was kewl?