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last post of the night

Fox News (tv) is reporting that "something" has been found in the waters off the Berkley Marina and that it is likely a human body.

If it is a body, it is "likely" to be that of Laci Peterson. These stories never have good endings, do they?


No. that's so sad. They never do.

Not to be ..whatever...but the hubby was "fishing " there the day she went missing.

If this is her body, what they are saying is that on SONAR they found something that could be a body. Either way, the hubby did it. No doubt. Took the dog with him, turned it loose close to the park where she supposedly walked it all the time, knowing that it would find it's way home, (it was found dragging it's leash by the neighbor), and dumped her body. Probably didn't want a kid, she was 8 months pregnant, easier to get rid of both at one time, or maybe she found out he was screwing around on her or something, alot of men do when their wives are pregnant. Again, either way, he's showing no remorse. That was just what I was thinking when I heard about it. JMO.........

Well, then again, there was that robbery across the street the same morning. The thieves got away with 50K in jewels in a safe and two handguns. It is just possible that she went out to walk her dog at precisely the wrong moment and saw them loading their getaway car. Maybe they snatched her to cover their asses.

I can't figure out why the police aren't linking the two investigations just in case...

Then again...What ASSHOLE leaves his pregnant wife alone ALL DAY on Christmas eve to go fishing alone while she wakls the dog, shops and cooks the meal (presumably a large one)? Even if he's innocent in connection with her disappearance, he's a lazy fuckwad.

Here's a link:

"They never have a happy ending"

That's exactly right. I can think of only one case in which a kidnap victim was found alive after a significant (greater than, say, a week) length of time: Steven Staynor. And we all know how that one ended.

BTW, for anyone outside of CA who haven't heard the story, Staynor's kidnapper was just arrested for trying to buy a four-year-old child.

Well I understand they managed to pull a body out of the water but that it wasn't Peterson's. They think there's another body down there but they haven't been able to get to it yet because of inclement weather and fatigue among the divers. They hope to get to it Saturday morning.

I think back to when I was 26 years old and 8 months pregnant. Would it be feasible that on Christmas Eve I might say to my husband, "Look, I'm going to walk the dog and then I have some presents to wrap, and then I'm probably going to take a nap. Why don't you go fishing or something [and parenthetically, get out of my face for awhile, sweetie]. You bet it would.

Why would he dispose of the body in the same spot where he knew the police would know he'd spent the day? Maybe he doesn't have anything to show remorse about.