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china to blogspot: you are forbidden!

John Ray gives another reason - among a trillion - to get off of Blogspot.

Not even China likes it.



Hellp person from San Francisco.

My name has ONE L. Thank you.

The Chinese may be too busy catching up on hip to bother with bloggers:

The Conquest of Red China

Just a theory.


Dude, don't encourage spammers.

I thought it must be Justin messing around, but he only says "ook"

China has blocked blogspot for the same reason it blocks geocities. It is so easy for anyone to create a website. If they blocked a specific page (which china now seems to be able to do), then the person could move very easily. Overblocking save's china's internet police lots of time.

See Empirical Analysis of Internet Filtering in China for more information and Real-Time Testing of Internet Filtering in China to test if any website is blocked.