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one for the road

One more before I head out the door. Finally.

Paul Kenneth Donahue, 50, and Teresa Marie Wood, 46, had been scheduled to fly from San Jose, California, to Atlanta, Georgia, on Delta Flight 576 Tuesday. When their bags were put through a bomb detection machine, federal screeners found what turned out to be a snow boot with batteries, wires and an electrical power strip arranged in a suspicious way.

Screeners also found a note that read, "To the uniformed puppet opening this bag -- congratulations. You've just brought this once free nation one step closer to becoming a fascist police state," according to Transportation Security Administration spokesman Robert Johnson. The note was scribbled on one side of the cardboard torn from a box of Cracklin' Oat Bran.

Only January 3 and already we have a frontrunner for Assholes of the Year.

If I had been in that airport and my flight was held up because of these idiots, I would have cheered the police on as they arrested the couple. After I made sure to let them know just how assinine, counter-productive and stupid their little protest was.

The more I read, the more I'm beginning to think that most protesters have smoked one too many bongs.


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Oh sure, blame the bongs. Stop making potheads your scapegoat.

Hon, I've been making you my scapegoat since the day you were born.

Same difference.

I'm confused. How is it that the nation is closer to being a "fascist police state" because someone thought a simulated bomb was... a bomb?

Methinks that these people need to a refresher on the meanings of "fascist" and "police state".

One could even make a non-ludicrous (if, in my opinion, not very telling either)argument that the US is 'becoming - or in danger of becoming - a police state'... but this is not a data point that supports that claim.


Yeesh. I think this competes in sheer idiocy with the Canadians who spent 1500$ bemoaning the lack of charity at Christmastime ... instead of donating said money to the charity of their choice.

I'd love to see them do that at an Israeli airport. rubbing hands in glee

It's always nice to see wise asses get their just deserts.

Meanwhile, Lisa, why don't you light up another bong. And please be elsewhere when next I take to the "friendly skies."

I would like to see a new version of the "spanking machine"thing we did as kids.The New Millenium version should be the "Bitch Slapping" machine and these two should get a roll of tickets.

George, my sister Lisa was being facetious. And snarky towards me, per usual. Don't take her comment at face value :)

I just have two things to say:

1. I agree that they are idiots and deserve to be punished accordingly.

2. Pass the bong, please.

The CNN article says: "Don't force our screeners to waste their time playing political games." Um...isn't that what they get paid for?

Bongs don't make idiots. Idiots make idiots.

I have no words.

Well, no, I do actually, but it would be preaching to the choir.

But really. It's not like the poor airport screeners don't have enough things to worry about--and it's not like bags haven't been screened for the last couple of decades. I remember getting screened a couple times BEFORE 9-11 and had no problems with it.

Mildly amusing story concerning airport security: So I'm reading Orson Scott Card's Enchantment outloud to Lee, my boyfriend, whilst we wait in the Atlanta airport for our plane. I'd picked out the book beforehand and totally forgot that even though it's a fantasy retelling of Sleeping Beauty, that there is a chapter called "Hijacking" dealing with an airplane hijacking. And one character explaining to another about terrorists and bombs and things, which obviously I can't say out loud in the airport. But it's a really crucial part of the story and we're really into it and I can't skip over it--so we substitute every instance of verboten airport words with the word "sherbet". Which made the story VERY VERY amusing.

This is why I couldn't be a law enforcement officer. I would arrest these people on suspicion of 'stupidity and rampant assholiness.' That wouldn't hold up in court, of course. Judges these days just don't have any sense of humor.

Personally, I would have ripped of one of those idiots limbs and beat them to death with the wet end.

Real nice, mike. Filled with compassion.

While I agree that we're becoming a police state, this was a dumb idea.

federal screeners found what turned out to be a snow boot with batteries, wires and an electrical power strip arranged in a suspicious way.

What exactly would qualify as a non-suspicious arrangement of of a snow boot, batteries, wire, and power strip in ones luggage?

So they make what looks like a bomb and "protest" it being treated like a bomb? What friggin' morons!

The REALLY sad thing is that they could've made it a really effective and intelligent protest by hiding the note inside something truly innocuous like, say, a bottle of breast milk.

But oh no, all it takes is two Idiotarians to fuck up a good idea beyond all recognition.