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sometimes the death penalty isn't enough

Some people do not deserve to take up space on this earth. One of them, John Taylor - who masterminded the New York Wendy's massacre - has been sentenced to death. And even death seems too good for him.

Taylor, who was in court yesterday to receive his sentencing, penned a rap song while he was on the run from police after the May 24, 2000 murder/robbery in which five people were slain.

The lyrics of the rap follow, all spelling errors left intact:

I said I took a trip. I was sent upnorth you couldn't belive what all I lost. I did a bid from 12 to life I lost my job house, kids and my wife I looked for help but all I found, my whole world crashing down but me to recover what all I lost. I had to sell some crack, weed and even kill my boss now I'm the king with the crown if anybody f--- with me I'll Huff puff pull out the guns and slow your chump ass down, so now you know how I go. They got my face on the worlds most wanted show on chanel five showing live you'll think I'm famous I'm airing world wide. I'm a stick up kid so swift you see in and out like 1 2 3 I said give me the doe you say no, no? is it no you said stick some lead to your head guess what punk now your dead with all that blood bursting out your Head from Head to toe if you wanna know I gotta go, thats why they got me on the worlds most wanted show

This was not Taylor's first holdup of a fast food place. In fact, he was making a career of it. But this one was different. This time he killed his robbery victims.

Late on Wednesday night, May 24, 2000, the closing-time routine of Jean Auguste, Anita Smith, Ramon Nazario, Jeremy Mele, Ali Ibadat and two co-workers, Ja Quione Johnson and Patrick Castro was interrupted. They soon found themselves bound and gagged, forced to lay in pairs face-down on the floor of a basement freezer at the restaurant. With plastic bags tied over their heads, they felt the gun. And the Main Street restaurant would never be just another Wendy’s, ever again.

Then he goes and writes a song about it. Bragging, boasting about being on America's Most Wanted, no remorse.

I have never seen a man so fit to die. He knew most of his victims. He had been employed by the very restaurant he held up.

I only wish they could put a plastic bag over his head, lay him on the floor and shoot him in the head.


No, don't shoot him in the head, make sure the bag is good and tight, and then let him slowwwwwwwwwwwly suffocate!

Nothing we can do to this walking piece of shit can ever bring those he murdered back from the grave. We might rid ourselves of him and others like him but his true punishment awaits on the other side of death.

you got the words wrong... here's the real rap:

there were 7 got caught for killing
it was easy and i was willing
To murder innocent people is easy
When your like me, a loser & sleazy
A bag on the head and shot in the back
Come on, don’t complain, I needed the crack
I wanted that cash to feed my habit
Then ran from the cops like a scared little rabbit
bragged to friends and all who would listen
about how I whacked 7 of the innocent
people i worked with, people I knew
people in fear who had no clue
how low I could go with pride, no remorse
I’m a thug after all, the worst kind, of course.
I’ll sit on death row til my time flies by
Then I’ll sit in that chair & hear myself fry
To hell I will go, that’s where I should be
Not even worthy of hell is me.

i always thought it would be interesting if the death sentence you got was exactly how you killed.

I can't wait to see the usual suspects on a candlelight vigil for this evil sack of filth. At some point the Left is going to have to stop coddling lunatic dictators and sociopathic cutthroats and wake the fuck up.

I'm with Zander on this. But while he's suffocating, kneecap him. Oooo and I have many other nasty little tortures in mind.

Sometimes it's good to be a perv.

Glad you got some good rest last night, Michele ;)

What about a firing squad -- using flamethrowers?

Then Wendy's could name their grilled chicken sandwich the John Taylor Special.

I think Lisa needs a record deal!

I guess I could be considered somewhere "on the left", but I don't think this guy should be coddled. I'm awake enough to agree with those above, (especially Kat).... Appropriate to die by the same method he killed. Sweet lethal inject is a mother's kiss goodnight for this asshole. I think all posting could agree on that one, left/right/middle or outerspace.

Fortunately here in NY we have Ole Sparky! bring on The Chair!

How could anyone have a candlelight vigil for such pure unadulterated evil as this? A vigil for the victims yes, but not the killer. I truly believe that many people are born into this life with a birth-defect..being born without a conscience. I would say this guy is definately one of those people.

God I hope VH1 doesn't put this creep on too. Disgusting.

I'm opposed to the death penalty, but certainly not because I feel some compassion or empathy for the criminals; and I find the idea of candlelight vigils for the executed obscene. (Maybe by the criminal's family, but that's another issue entirely.)

I'm also not a big fan of the "kill them they way the killed their victim" school. Isn't the idea for us to be better than they are? Reasonable people may differ as to whether execution should be among our options for punishment -- I don't think it should, and I know I'm in a minority -- but I don't think it's unreasonable to suggest that the intentional infliction of wanton cruelty should not be a proper goal of the justice system.

Hey Phil,

Go tell it to the families of the 7 that were executed in cold blood. Better than him.

At least he had a trial by jury. Better than him.

He has the right of appeal. Better than him.

Sorry. Wrong answer.

On the subject of literally "making the punishment fit the crime", see Larry Niven's short story, "Cruel and Unusual," wherein an alien race takes exactly this tack with a human who murders one of their own.

Wow, ira, that was amazing -- you simply dogmatically asserted "Wrong answer," and suddenly I'm convinced!!

Er, except I'm really the opposite of that.

So, if I read you correctly, as long as the defendant is tried and convicted and accorded full due process, there is literally no form of execution that you would find too brutal, too cruel, or too wanton to be practiced by a civilized nation?

I really hope you don't mean that. I'd hate to think that we're going to start executing prisoners using L'il Saddam's Acid Bath-O-Fun or something.

P.S. "Tell it to X" is an argument nearly as poor as "You'd feel differently if you or your family were X."

Phil, at least he won't be robbing and murdering other people. Got to say that for the death penalty it is rather final.

Speaking as someone who's brother was murdered 4 years ago, were his killer(s) caught I wouldn't want them put to death in the manner in which they killed him. I'd be perfectly happy with someone sticking a needle in their arm and their passing away with minimal pain and discomfort. I'm not an animal. I don't have some raging need to see someone else with knives plunged into their hearts and their throats slashed. More brutals deaths won't bring my brother back. Nor will they ease the pain I feel when I think of him. Ultimately revenge is hollow. I'd just like to know that they'd been punished for what they did and that they will never, ever have the chance to do that to someone again.

I've got something for his punk ass.

I've got something for his punk ass.

Kill him twice then kill him again.

Shooting in the head is too fast. I have a preference towards fire myself, but that's just my disposition.

And when you get done with your little incineration session, take a sample to the guys who think aliens created man, have him cloned, then kill him again.

With all the satire of my last post aside, I actually do oppose the death penalty, which places me in a minority of my conservative friends and allies. You see, if chuck someone in a prison but you find out that you were wrong, you can always cut him loose. If you kill him, you can't take that back. I don't think there's any doubt about whether or not this guy did it, but I believe in applying the same standard to all; there is always a chance you could be wrong.

That being side, once they dispose with him I'm not going to be shedding any tears over him either.

James P says that you can't take back a execution. That's correct, as far as it goes.

And yet its not quite that simple. A theft of 10 years of liberty for example, often in the prime of someone's life, is still an extremely grave assault on a citizen. Though not as grave as killing him, it is certainly a comparable injury.

You can not take that back either.

The proper method is to mimimize the cases where you are wrong, and sensibly understand that you cannot and WILL NOT always be right.

There is a reason that the standard for convicting criminals is "beyond a reasonable doubt", rather than "absolute certainty". Else we would see nearly no convictions at all, especially after a good defense lawyer makes a presentation.

I find it curious that many death penalty supporters use the "we can't be sure" argument, but then don't follow it to the conclusion of proposing a higher burden of proof in death penalty cases instead of abolishing the penalty altogether.

Perhaps they don't trust juries to be more certain than usual before applying death penalties. Perhaps they believe the notion of being fatally wrong never occurs to a juror.

Or perhaps it is a specious argument, designed to distract the unconvinced.

On another note... after reading his rap, who here thinks he had 'insufficient self-esteem'?

More evidence (but not proof) that self-esteem is not lacking among criminals.

Error in above post: I find it curious that many death penalty supporters...

Should read: I find it curious that many death penalty opponents...