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more huff(ington) and puff from the luxury liberals

TV Ads Say S.U.V. Owners Support Terrorists

The Detroit Project: Americans for Fuel Efficient Cars

I watched the two Detroit Project ads this morning. The first one, "Talking Heads," shows the faces of ordinary Americans saying things like:

I helped hijack an airplane
I helped our enemies develop weapson of mass destruction
I helped teach kids around the world to hate America
I sent our soldiers off to war

The second add, "George," shows a man filling his tank up at the gas station while a child's voice does a twist on an old chilren's story: This is George. This is the gas that George puts in his SUV.......ending, of course, with a shot of terrorists. And then the words on the screen:

Oil money supports terrible things.
What kind of mileage does your SUV get?

The Detroit Project site is part of Arianna Huffingtons website. The ads are made possible with contributions from the likes of Larry David and Norman Lear.

How easy it must be for these rich liberals, with their huge homes and six car garages to sit back and tell us what to do and how to live.

These ads make me sick.

I helped teach kids around the world to hate America.

I helped hijack an airplane

I wonder how much oil Ms. Huffington uses on a yearly basis. I bet she uses more oil to maintain her 9,000 square foot house in six months than my SUV uses all year.

I wonder if she is going to trim down her lifestyle so she doesn't support the terrorists as well.

I wonder if she will quit taking private jets.

I wonder if she will get rid of her limousines.

I wonder if she will stop heating her swimming pool.

I don't think so.

See, people like Huffington, with their millions of dollars and life of luxury, don't understand the realities of life.

Suppose all the parents on my block traded in their SUVs for more fuel efficient cars. Now, ever morning, instead of one person with a Durango that seats seven driving the kids to school, three different compact cars pull out of their driveways at 9am. Look at all the oil we saved by driving our little cars! Oops.

Of course, Arianna does not know about carpools. She had caretakers for her children. Illegal immigrant caretakers, but that's another story.

There are plenty of other things in this country that use oil besides SUVs. Why pick on them? SUVs have been made the scapegoat of the left. When all else fails in your argument about how the right is so decadent, bring up the SUVs and oil.

I'd like to see some statistics and data to back up the arguments the Detroit Project makes in their ads. I would like to see a definitive study proving that the oil I use to make my Explorer run is somehow funelled to programs that teach children how to hate America. I want to see statistics that prove my gas money hijacked an airplane.

And then I want to see answers. I want to see how Ms. Huffington is going to change her lifestyle in order to rely less on oil. I want to see how Larry David and Normal Lear are going to change the way they run their businesses so they will be more oil efficient. I want to know what kind of vehicles they use on the sets of their programs.

Until that faction of rich, lap of luxury SUV haters can prove to me that they use less oil in their daily lives than I do, they should shut the hell up and find a better way to spend $200,000 than funding ads that mislead the public.


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So naturally Huffington is going to lead the charge to start drilling in Alaska so we can come off our dependancy on foreign oil right?

Oh that's right, she's a hypocritical liberal moron. my bad.

Glass houses and stones--a messy combination indeed. Here's the thing: I don't particularly care for the vehicles myself, thus, I DON'T OWN ONE. End of story. I don't believe that my driving a 4 door sedan gives me some sort of moral imperative to sniff derisively at SUV owners, nor do I believe that SUV's are the "root cause" of terrorism that the left is so hepped up about finding.

God, this is so reminiscent of Babs telling everyone to stop using clothes dryers during the rolling blackouts in CA. When confronted with a real problem, the reality-challenged high and mighty will come up with the most deluded impractical "solution" possible. Makes me want to purchase an SUV and do doughnuts on her front lawn.

Hi, Arianna? On behalf of everyone everywhere, would you please just shut up and go away? Thanks so much. Sincerely, America.

Jeebus, how can anyone with half a brain defend this crap? There are so many things in this world deserving of that sort of vitriol, but SUVs? Talk about misplaced aggression.

Let me offer a few simple rules that we can all benefit by following:

1) If you do not like SUVs, then don't buy one.
2) Those of us who enjoy SUVs would appreciate it if those of you who do not would LEAVE US THE HELL ALONE.
3) Be careful how you tread around our SUVs. Here in Texas, some of us are armed, and NO, I'm NOT going to tell you whom among us are. Take your chances.

That is all. You are free to go....

Well, these ads make about as much sense as the government's anti-drug ads that these ads play off of.

I may be wrong, but I thought most of our imported oooiiiiilllllll comes from Canada and S. America.

Maybe the ad should have a guy saying, "Because of my SUV, the Canadians took the gold medal from our boys at the Olympics."

Norman Lear actually had a 50 ft, 2 floor structure built that houses 20-30 vehicles, several offices and a rooftop tennis court. Aside from the fact that he built if far enought away from his mansion not to obstruct his view and built in so his neighbors no longer have a view of the Pacific Ocean, but how much oil and gas does it take to fill 20-30 vehicles?

The more we listen to clebrities the more they talk. But remember when you hear them, that they are ONLY celebrities... because little people like us support them in one way or another. I, for one, will not watch Curb Your Enthusiam anymore. I was good with knowing Larry David (and all other actors as such) are liberal and I know his show is funny and I enjoyed watching it. He never stuck his politics in may face. HOWEVER, that has changed. His politics ARE in my face now. I react by eliminating the (insert actors name here) element from my daily routine and move on. Sean Penn has ruined one of my favorite movies ever.. Fast Times. I get stomach pains when I see his face. Fuck all these richies and keep on driving that gas guzzling SUV.

Ok, Lisa, deep breaths......

JohnO is right. South America does provide large amounts of oil to the US. So, the oil funds drug dealers, not terrorists. Bitchy-poo should get her facts straight. Little Venezuelan children will suffer if I give up my Tahoe.

Folks, I think you are misreading her. What she really seems to be saying, in her sly, subtly sarcastic way, is that because the gas we use in SUVs sends money to Saudi Arabia, which funds terrorists, therefore we need to invade Saudi Arabia and destroy its government and take all their oil to fund our invasions of all the other despotic, Islamofascist governments. And we can't fund the invasions without SUV owners buying the gas.

What? Nahhh...you mean it was serious???

Holy sh-t. Never mind.

When I commute to work, I'm supporting terrorism. I might support terrorism on the way home today too, just so you know.

What kinds of oil constitute supporting terrorism? If I get McDonalds French Fries fried in oil, is that supporting terrorism? Is that the right kind of oil? I'm just such a confused, uninformed little American. I couldn't possibly be expected to think for myself!

I heard the story this morning on NPR, while driving my SUV. My first feeling was guilt, then outrage. My SUV supports my lifestyle, that's why I bought it. It is possible to make them more fuel efficient, there's just noone requiring it.

And just like the gool ol' Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, you can also link just about anything to terrorism if you try.

And people actually ask me sometimes why I declared Independent.

$'s to donuts, these same idjits object to drilling in A N W R.

Why aren't they coordinating with the "moral loophole" ads? War on Drugs=1 degree of separation from financing terror.

PS: I have 2 jeep grand cherokees. Come try to get em mf's!

GRRRRR! I hate SUV haters! Such narrow minded twits! Sure, get rid of all the SUVs and that will solve ALL our problems!

I had already written something about this but went back and added a link to this post.

First of all, the gasoline at station X, pump 15 that gets pumped into a Honda Civic is no different than the gasoline (also at station X, pump 15) that 5 minutes later gets pumped into a Ford Explorer. Furthermore, that gasoline probably came from several different sources originally, so it can hardly be termed pure "Middle Eastern Oil."

Second, let's assume--just for the sake of argument--that the person who drives the Honda Civic, which gets 30 mpg, drives 40,000 miles a year. On the other hand, the person who drives the Explorer, which gets 15 mpg, only drives 15,000 miles a year.
So you tell me: who is using more gasoline and "supporting terrorism"?

And here's another thing:
Assuming people really do start cutting back on gasoline consumption and end up actually lowering demand, guess which areas of production and/or supply will be cut back first? That's right, the more EXPENSIVE sources, meaning Canada, the North Atlantic, and South America--NOT the Middle East.

these are the same people that tell our kids "when the condoms we give you in school fail, dont tell your parents and just go have an abortion, and make sure you dont ride in a SUV on the way to the clinic!"

Christ, Arianna Huffington. I couldn't stomach her when she was a gibbering talking head for the right, and she's doubly loathsome as a port-sider. If had been Michael, I'd have gone gay, too.

If Arianna wants to stop terror funding through petrodollars, then her best bet is to harp on her old stompin' grounds in Europe. They buy way, way more oil from the Mideast than we do and are far more dependent (as a percentage of what they consume) than we are.

So just because I disagree with the concept of SUVs, I should just shut up and be quiet about it. So last year when a large SUV (i know that is redundant) smashed into the back of my VW rabbit (55 mpg) and didn't meet my bumper and instead smashed out my back window. I should just be quiet about it? Maybe I should just be glad it didn't T-bone me and take out my side window and catch a bumper in the head. People buy stupid over-sized vehicles so they can feel save on the road but to hell with other people.

scott, what would your argument be, if it was, say, a UPS truck that smashed your window? Ban UPS Trucks?

Scott, you have some issues which are triggered by the word SUV, not the topic of this posting.

I used to ride a motorcycle. I was ALWAYS aware that I was not as safe as the VW rabbits that cut me off in traffic. it's a matter of "there's always a bigger fish" It made me a better car driver. Large vehicles whether they be SUVs or trucks are safer and more dangerous than little ones. QED. The only issue I have with SUV drivers is that some of them aren't as aware of that as other truck drivers.

my car was once hit from behind by an ice cream truck. the window shattered and my truck crumpled. Fuckin' ice cream men (i mean ice cream person) and their over-sized trucks...

Don't care for SUVs personally. I find them annoying to drive, as they corner lousy and don't have as much snap as a car. I also get mildly annoyed when stuck behind one in bad traffic.

That said, I don't give a rat's ass if anyone else gets one. If you like it, get it. Have a good time with it. Hell, buy a bus if that's what trips your trigger.

And Arianna can kiss my ass. I think I'll drive all over the Cities this weekend, burning gas for no reason. And then I'll send her a copy of the receipt when I fill up, just to let her know that her thoughtful words have spurred me to support terrorism. While I'm at it, I'll have some chicken at KFC and send the bones to PETA.

Yes, ban ice cream trucks and UPS trucks. Man thats a stupid come back and the scary thing is three people had the same argument within seconds of each other.

Some people need to drive large vehicles to deliver large amounts of ice cream, but few people use the capacity seating in their large vehicles.

another thing, what about us guys that drive sports cars? my camaro isn't exactly a Geo Metro when it comes to gas milage. damn hippies......

Lincoln owned slaves but is known as the 'great emancipator'. He's a hypocrite. I'm going go out and get some slaves and send him the receipt.

Wow. Check out the big brain on Scott..."few people use the capacity seating in their large vehicles." Let's see some numbers to back that up, Scotty boy, eh?

I'm buying an SUV in a few weeks...it seats five. Hey, there's four in my family, plus we go to the beach, take road trips with friends, haul gardening supplies, furniture, etc.

Just admit that "big" is not your style and move on, mmkay?


Pardon me, I didn't realize this was just a free association exercise, there Scotty boy...carry on.

Psst...can we get some lithium over here? STAT!!!

"More than three-quarters of Nevada's commuters, 77 percent, drive to work alone, a slightly higher share than the national average, 76 percent, according to a Census Bureau survey."

I heard the same NPR report as Jen (9:36 am) this morning. The reporter noted that Arianna had traded in her 13 MPG Lincoln Navigator for a hybrid car.

It turns out that Arianna realized how she had cursed the second-hand purchaser of the Navigator with bad SUV karma. In a fit of remorse, she tracked down guy, bought back her Navigator, then pushed it to a junkyard to be crushed. The reporter caught her heartfelt apology on tape: "This isn't about the free market or the fancies of the uber-rich, it's about morality!" It brought tears to my eyes.

Oh, sorry, I made that last paragraph up.

Umm..Scott? Where does it say that all those people driving alone are driving SUVs?

Oh...it doesn't. Try again.

Lincoln owned slaves? Where? He grew up in Illinois, a free state, then in DC, which didn't have any. Care to back that one up, Scott?

Make all the strange arguments you care to, but try not to libel real, albeit dead people while you do it, okay?

If these people were serious about reducing dependence on foreign oil, they'd support nuclear power generation. With a massive increase in nuclear power, we could:
a) Virtually eliminate oil use in power generation (it's already been cut significantly via shift to coal & natural gas, but still a significant amount)
b) Use the nuclear-generated electricity to generate hydrogen, which can then be used as a vehicle fuel

However, their anti-technology religion prevents any such solution.

Um...Scott...sweetie, nobody is telling anyone to shut up. Unlike lefties, most of us believe in free speech. So are you trying to tell US that we should shut up and just not say anymore to defend ourselves from people who would like to tell us what choices to make?

Asking for a little logic in your arguments is NOT the same as telling you to shut up.

Giving you the benefit of the doubt, Scott, let's say that 77% of Nevada residents DO drive to work alone, and that all of them drive SUVs. Where does it mention that these evil drivers ALWAYS drive alone? Doesn't seem to take into account the driving one does at other times, or the fact that large portions of Nevada are sparsely populated, or that carpooling is dependent on a large volume of people living and working near each other on the same schedule.

Given the attitudes of so many Hollywood types, I wonder what the "energy cost" of a typical movie is. Include airline flights for the cast and producers, local limos, heating and cooling of production stages, lighting, power used for special-effects computers, oil-based materials for film stock. Then add energy costs of distributing the film reels, heating/cooling the theaters, powering the projectors, audience travel to the theater and back, etc. Probably comes to a pretty good number of barrels of oil.

Maybe Hollywood types should shut down their industry in the name of oil conservation.

I never saw a "shut up" from Scott. I see plenty from the peanut gallery here. While I don't buy his argument (and, to be truthful, even if I did, his presentation has holes you could drive an SUV through), he hasn't been calling people names.

And can we, puh-leeze, drop the tired "well, that's a lefty for ya" attitude? Oy vey. Can't a person have a stupid argument without getting stuck in a labeled box?

For the record, I agree with the "put up or shut up" argument Michele made on the SUV ads. Too many people like the "do as I say, not as I do" rule.

"Yes, ban ice cream trucks and UPS trucks. Man thats a stupid come back"

well then, what exactly was your point? is it that SUVs are ok as long as they dont smash into your car? or that only people in SUVs actually feel safe on the road? i drive a pontiac 2 door sedan. i feel quite safe in it. so what then? what was your point?????

and i never said we should ban ice cream trucks, you ass.

Just dropping by to voice my wholehearted support for Solonor's last comment, and to defend my right to my awkward and unsubstantiated hang-ups.

- I hate words like 'succulent' and 'mouth-watering', and, indeed, any excessive adjectives applied to food ads alongside extreme close-ups of chocolate cake and syrups

- I hate people that other people find it impossible to hate. This includes perfect boyfriends, 'nice' folks, and people that can master dinner parties

- I hate small talk and forced politeness

I'm far more comfortable with people who have mad hang-ups and pet hates than people who have mastered the ancient art of peace and understanding towards all creatures great and small. That just means that they're plotting something...

I use less oil than you do, Michele. I use nothing but subways and sneaker power for travel on a daily basis.

This is misleading the public? I think not. I'd rather listen to their rhetoric than the knee-jerk responses from folks in these parts.

Funny how things like this get the right-wingers all in a tizzy. Heaven forfend that their overpowered, oversized vehicles be found to be less-than-perfect, when

SUVs suck, plain and simple. Go get yourselves something more efficient. Otherwise, those with them are just proving the view the world over that the US doesn't give a rat's ass about anything other than perpetuating its own bloated habits.

Time for governmental regulation on these temples to waste.

Here's a story worth reading: http://www.alternet.org/story.html?StoryID=14839

With love,

A tree-hugging individual who does his part to conserve energy

Hmm. Something fell off my post and I don't remember what it said.

Careful with lumping of stupid arguments as "right-winger" too, Scott (the intelligent one, not the rambling one). That gets me just as ugly. And I'm ugly enough as it is...

"SUVs suck, plain and simple. "

We all bow before the blinding persuasive power of your rhetoric, Scott. And congratulations on your moral superiority. I'm sure your block captain is very pleased with you.

Hahaha! Dave tried to make a funny.

[snort] All an SUV shows is waste.

Solonor -- nah, yer not ugly.

Ain't that the truth! ducking

Aw baby, you know I'm just kidding!!!

Oh, and Solonor -- why not lump stupid=right winger? Seriously, it happens in reverse far more than my own comments. Just look at all the name calling being spewed forth by folks here at people like Ed Asner, Arianna, etc. I haven't seen a whole heck of a lot of attempts by people to try and find some middle ground.

Have you? I, for one, am tired of being attacked outright by the bullies of the right. I'll fight them with their own weapons, and I'll also fight them with intelligence. Else, the countless political posts on my own site are a waste of time, since they repeatedly expose the crass, shallow nature of the Right.

I'm rubber, you're glue...

Hey, Seki, I was reserving this for Michele today, but it's all yours: BITE ME! :P

I know, Scott, I'm one of those wussy idealists that thinks people can rationally discuss an issue without resorting to knee-jerk name calling. It's not readily apparent here, usually, but I like to keep hope alive.

I don't know why you're telling Scott this, Solly...he flings names with the best of them.

I never put anyone in a "labeled box" but I am quite capable of recognizing people who have put themselves in one.

I have two problems with all the anti-SUV dogma. 1, it's nobody's business what anyone else drives. 2, focusing on just one thing diverts attention and energy away from other, more practical solutions. I would like for someone to show me some reliable statistics from an unbiased source showing exactly what percentage of total U.S. fuel consumption is accounted for by SUVs, other vehicles, buses, trains, airplanes, heating fuel and various non-fuel uses. I don't know but I have a hunch that even if you could completely get rid of every SUV in America we would still be using almost as much foreign oil as we are now.

BTW, I loved Karen de Coster's piece about SUV haters.

Great article Scott. I really enjoy articles that are not backed up by anything other than vague references. Fabulous piece of journalism.

"According to market research conducted by the country's leading automakers, Bradsher reports, SUV buyers tend to be "insecure and vain. They are frequently nervous about their marriages and uncomfortable about parenthood."

Funny, I don't recall anyone I know who own an SUV telling one of 'the country's leading automakers' that they were vain, insecure bastards.

Also, taking all things into consideration, I'm not sure sure a VW rabbit qualifies as a eco-friendly vehicle. The Volvo XC90 (hopefully my next vehicle) is far more eco-friendly. I agree that some SUV were poorly designed in regards to bumper placement, but that issue has been largly corrected.

No, see - the reason Huffington gets called an idiot isn't that she is a leftist, but because she is an extremist. Her opinions are simply irrational and unsubstantiated extremism.

Personally I hate this crap because I consider myself a liberal democrat and it makes rational people think that all Democrats are idiots. Please believe me, some of us are actually populists who think the party is screwed up but haven't given up yet.

What I don't understand is why the party thinks that their loss of the recent electoions means that they should become more extremist. I mean, this is the shit that got them fired in the first place.

Sorry, but you're wrong...

...when I divorced, I needed a Big Dam Car to haul the 3 boys and stuff out for camping, skiing, etc. I looked hard at a Suburban (nothing else had 3 rows of seats and room in back) and blinked. I bought a Honda Odyssey...25mpg, almost as much room inside.

Our continued unwillingness to manage energy better makes us dependent on a bunch of people who hate us.

In the specific case, it leaves us open to accusation that "it's about the oil", when to me, it's about the smoking hole in lower Manhattan.

It's not hard to be efficient...

Just get a tank.

They get lousy mileage but they can be effective when it comes to running over terrorists.

So I guess that would be a wash.

I'll give up my Pathfinder when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers.

Ahhhh, yes. The SUV. The new politically incorrect possession. Smoking, guns, now SUVs. At least international terrorists kill you and theyre done with it. Domestic terrorism, like fucking with your mind and convincing you you're useless scum because you drive an SUV, scares me a hell of a lot more. Well, at least we know this is one battle the extremists (I wont lump all liberals into this nutcase category) will probably lose. Every soccer mom out there driving their vans and SUVs carting around half a dozen kids to and from their sports and music activities will ram you over before you try to take their taxi from them. It's all about the children, after all.

SUVs, weapons of mass consumption that must be eradicated say some. Me, I just think Humvees look dumb.

You guys do realize that the ads are satirizing those anti-drug ads, right? Buying an SUV doesn't make you a sponsor of terrorism anymore than buying weed does, is what I take from them.

I don't much like SUVs either. I'm not going to go to a car dealership and set them on fire or anything, but they're just not to my taste and I wish people had to take refresher driving courses before being allowed to buy them. I hope this does not expose me as a Communist.

I personally loathe SUVs.

This comes from personal experience. Most of them suck at going off-road, or even handling the ice at all. There's also a sort of mentality that went along with a large portion of the people who bought SUVs where I grew up (the Poconos) that this was somehow a "shield" against winter weather. Since people felt "safe" in their SUVs, they tended to drive more recklessly than people who were in cars that were in and of themselves less suited for winter weather. The woman who was speeding up the mountainside in her SUV was the one who bounced off the mountain face at the side of the road, while I drove more sanely in my Dodge Omni and stayed on the road.

Further, living on a road that didn't get plowed, we made much more use of the Ford Aerostar with the truck suspension than we did of any of the SUVs that my father test-drove. He still got them during the winter, because it was nice to have something for a back-up.

Err. I should probably explain at this point that my father's been an automotive journalist for a couple of decades. That's why he was test-driving cars all the time.

That being said? This whole argument is ridiculous, no matter how much I personally hate SUVs. The whole thing is a wash, really. If you have a smaller car that uses less gas, you have to make more trips to carry what an SUV can carry. Vans, while they (as I remember) have better gas mileage, often don't have some of the features that SUVs do, and frankly, these days, the van-SUV hybrid is becoming so much more popular than it was that it's almost impossible to tell half of them apart anymore.

The question isn't in what you drive, it's in how you drive it. My problem comes in -- speaking in sweeping generalizations, here -- with people who don't carpool when they can and who drive SUVs in wintery weather like they're an immortality bubble. The latter is frankly more terrifying to me than the former.

That said? People will drive what they want, and neither my rabid hatred of SUVs or anyone else's will really change that.

I think I need more coffee.

You know, America didnt start driving SUV's until Bush took office.
Email this bitch and give her hell. I emailed her and told her if she wants to do any good she get off her surgically enhanced ass and crusade against all autos instead of some. She emailed me back in perfectly broken English. It was awesome. She said she was going to spam me. Spam me hard baby! her email is: arianna@ariannaonline.com
Liberals: She wants to overthrow the Govt.
She has complete instructions on her site.

I nearly dropped my bong when I saw this ad. Holy fucking Christ, now I've got something to dis my little sister with! See, she was ribbing me about my copious ganja smoke and how every time I rolled a J and sparked it up, I was essentially buying another bullet for an Arabi (that's how she put it).

Now I know we're both supporting terrorism. Uh. Can I still eat at McDonald's or is that on the Supporting Terrorism list yet?

Any psychological historians or historical psychologists out there who can explain SUV-hating to us? The flapdoodle dished out by Huffington and crew seems to be of a piece with the sumptuary laws of Medieval and early Renaissance Europe and the Calvinist dictates against anything fun to do or pleasant to look at. What is WITH these people?

Just about the time that the emissaries of the Holy Rolling Empire stopped showing up at my door early Sunday mornings to exhort me to "get right with Jesus" another gang of nuisances started preaching to me about what I should drive. And I don't even WANT an SUV.

If every american drove an economy car, THEN we wouldnt be supporting terrorism. I get it now.

I have been driving SUV's since 1993. I did NOT buy one because it was trendy. I'm an avid skiier, and I bought my first one - a Chevy Blazer, because I almost got myself killed driving my Toyota Supra in a snowstorm in Vermont. I'm an avid skiier. And I am not one of those idiots who thinks that 4 wheel drive means that I am immune in bad driving conditions. Yes, I drive an SUV, but I actually happen to have some intelligence. It's another thing that's not mutually exclusive. I've been driving for almost 20 years and I've discovered that stupid drivers are not inherent to any one particular type of vehicle.

No, I don't carpool to work, because I don't have anyone to carpool with. But I DO drive other people around all the time, because I can fit lots of crap and 4 other people in my vehicle.

I don't appreciate being told that I am "insecure and vain. ... frequently nervous about marriages and uncomfortable about parenthood." I am none of those things.

I abhor terrorism. I love my SUV. I am neither a right wing conservative nor a left wing liberal. I think most politicians and lobbyists are self serving, limelight seeking imbeciles who have serious issues when it comes to thinking for themselves. They spew so much rhetoric that you can't remember what the original point was in the first place. But I love this country and I still believe we have the best political system in the world. I just despise the blustering bullshit.

So sue me.

Gee - did I mention I'm an avid skiier? Note to self: Must review things before posting!

What is truly amazing is that if the consumer is to be blamd for terror, then logically so should the country that you send the money too.

You can't blame a SUV owner for giving the Saudis money without also blaming the Suadis for how they spend it... and yet that's EXACTLY what some liberals have managed to attempt.

I'm astounded that such a mental balancing act is possible without the subject tipping over into irrationality... Oh, wait...

America is so anxious to blame itself and anybody else for terrorism except the terrorists themselves and the countries that sponsor them......

As a liberal, I'm well aware of the link between gaz-guzzling automobiles and middle eastern terrorism, as claimed by Huffington's ads.

But I, too, must take issue with the obsessive focus they have on SUV's.

To truly wean ourselves from foreign oil, we must begin spending half our transportation budgets on light rail/mass transit. Right now, we spend up to 90% on roads, freeways and maintanence. Little wonder you guys are so shamelessly addicted. You have little choice.

In the meantime, to avoid all you oil-addicts' hysterical accusations about hypocrisy, think about this: I sold my car and moved to a city with light rail already in place, unlike my original hometown, with freeway gridlock, the third-worst smog in the nation and asthma afflicting 30% of kids.

Now THAT's putting my money where my mouth is, wouldn't you say?

how about taking issue with EVERYBODY who over induldge in the use of Oil? SUV drivers probably sponsor about 10 terrorists per year. Collectively, hollywood probably sponsors 100's in the fast cars they drive, flying around the world, energy for the 9000 ft square houses (see micheles post), and all the other things they are into ('watersports') and etc. Screw Huffingtor!

I think the point of the ads is more as a parody of how fucking stupid the drugs=terrorism things are. Obviously, if we're going to make such suggestions, oil is much more a cause of international discord (and we have never invaded another nation because we want their drugs . . .at least I don't think so.) SUVs are not the biggest problem in the world. Not everyone who drives one is an evil self-centered careless bastard (though both my brother and father drive them - ha ha!) I think they are really being used more as a symbol to demonstrate our oil-based economy - an economic structure based on waste of a non renewable and environmentally cruel resource. Many people (myself included) see a lot of these SUV drivers as sheep indicative of the oil barons and auto giants who want to profit even if it means a generation or two down the road they have nothing left.
I think if you truly carpool and have 6 or 7 kids in the truck on a regular basis - well hell yeah! Good for you! I would drive one in that case, as well. But here in Dallas, it seems I rarely see more than 1 or maybe 2 people in an SUV. My mentioned brother, father, and many friends who drive them have no kids at home - and I know that at least 95% of their driving involves no other passengers.
Maybe my bro needs it for all that snow they get in L.A.

Doesn't anyone just get the satirical aspect of this? The anti-drug ads paint a group of people with a broad brush and make the claim that they "support terrorism." Its a jump, these anti-suv ads appear to be just poking fun and the morons at the ONDCP. The anti drug ads are truely attrocious and are a waste of money, the claims are specious, this is just another way of looking at the logic of the antidrug ad and seeing how moronic it is.

I think the popularity of SUV is directly related to to obesity of Americans. How many of you pro SUV people are fat slobs who can't fit in a regular car?

You sir are an idiot. I challenge you to give me one primary source proving that Lincoln owned slaves. Even one until you do that your simply believing what some crazy hippi teacher told you in sixth grade.