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early bird special

Yea, that's right. I'm going to bed at 8:30. Got a problem with that? If you do, take it up with Club Katana. They'll kick your ass.


Am I that old already? Today I actually complained about how much my knees hurt when I walk down the stairs.

How long before I start going out to dinner at 4:00? With Two-For-One coupons?


Ok, call me anal retentive if you wish...but if you're going to bed at 8:30, why was that posted at 8:50?

Maybe there are a lot of stairs in that house...


I believe it is called galloping decrepitude. First you notice your knees aren't working quite right. Then you see gray hairs where there were none the day before. Just wait until you begin getting junk mail from the AARP.

going to bed early is pure decadence. especially when it's colder than the ninth level of hell, and you have an electric blanket and a good book some decent wine.

i can only imagine that adding a husband to that mix would be unpublishable in thirty-seven states...

Sophia Loren, upon being asked her secret to such beaut-titude, said that she never groans upon getting up from a sitting position. Funny, I do it all the time and have been for about 10 years:). I'm only 38. NOW I try to say something like 'Hoo RAH!" when I do, it makes me feel better. One who had to drink lots of coffee at 11 pm on New Years Eve just to stay up..........ENJOY your warm slumber......SondraK;-)

Just wait until you start wearing elasticated waistband pants and wondering how your hair would look in a beehive style. You're well on your way to joining the Golden Girls.

Forget about groaning when you sit up, its groaning when you sit down that's the first sign.

ah, but I notice you didn't say that you were going to SLEEP...wink wink nudge..ah, you get the drill.

when your pubes turn gray, its time to check into a start clipping "early Bird" coupons. are we there yet?

Pubes turn gray too? Oh, thanks for THAT visual, Mark.

Looks like I'm not as old as think, at least.

Pubs were the first to go gray here... but I'm just barely into my third childhood.