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i was going to hell anyhow...

Human shield becomes human road pizza.

Don't say I didn't warn you that no good would come of this.


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Buh bye!

That's like that peace protester last year who got his head smashed in on an overpass while sticking it out of their bus.

There must be a lesson in there somewhere....


That might be a stretch.

" remains cannot be repatriated to Canada until the United Nations sanctions committee clears the transport of his body. Under Iraqi sanctions, anything shipped out of the country is considered cargo and subject to the same regulations as material goods."

What heading does this fall under? Fresh Meat?

Irony is definitely alive and well, even if the victim is not.......

For all you Little Leaguer Human Shields out there, remember that the laws of physics remain in effect even during war. Be sure to buckle up.

But we already knew that evaluating risks was not this fellow's long suit, right?

I hope our military makes use of that program to get some spies into Iraq. How embarrassing that would be for the others.

Christian Peacemaker Team

Ah, yes -- brings to mind the Viet Nam era protester who sat on the railroad tracks outside of an ammo plant, as I recall.

When the train came, he was defeated, er, I mean, delegged.

The dumb ass just sat there as the train approached at the rate of a fast walk. I don't know if he thought the train would (or could) magically stop at the last second or what -- but I guarantee you he was suddenly and quite fully qualified for the next sit-in.

"That's like that peace protester last year who got his head smashed in on an overpass while sticking it out of their bus."

Don't forget the environmental activist who got his face mauled off by a enraged (or just bored) mama grizzly (also last year)...

And the tree hugger who was killed by a falling...tree.

Pretty crappy shield he turned out to be...couldn't even survive a car accident. I thought shields were supposed to be strong and fairly indestructable.

Christian Peacemakers?

Sorry for being sectarian and cynical here, but is it just me, or is it the secret project of this new century to change the dictionary definition of the word 'christian' from an adjective pertaining to religion to one describing a high level of idiocy?

Wonder if he learned his lesson?

For the love of God! Was nothing learned from Hitler? The guy rearms Germany, a clear violation of the treaty of Versailles, and the Europeans choose willful blindness over enforcing the terms of the treaty. As a result, millions die horribly.

Saddam Hussein is scarily like Hitler, minus the genius and a few rungs on the ladder and these morons are willing to die to protect him? TO PROTECT HIS RACE TO GET NUCLEAR WEAPONS??? How can people be that stupid? That blind? Is it genetic?

Hell, send them all over there. Maybe they can get a good idea of the way the Iraquis really live.

Just before the bombs start dropping.

Nothing like protesting FOR the nuclear armament of another country.
Dare we tell them that Iraq used to be a rainforest before Sadam cut down all the trees? That MIGHT make them actually THINK for once.
Nah... let 'em find out the hard way.


Kind of a "USELESS Idiot" now, ain't he?

maybe if they laminated the corpse he'd make a better shield now...

Does it mean I'm going to hell if I laughed at that?

I'm thinking he needs to be nominated for a Darwin award.

It's one of those evil laughs. The kind that comes right before the word 'Seee?'

Too bad he had kids...he might've been eligible for a Darwin

"Died On The Way to Volunteer Assignment as Bullet-proof vest for Insane, Child-Torturing Dictator"

But, they're suing Firestone for the defective tire.

That line about "the poor and unfortunate get hurt the most" (I'm paraphrasing) - what about the frickin' Kurds? None of these shields showed up for that one! Must not have been worth flying out to Iraq for a minority group, we should protect a wealthy megalomaniac instead.

Somewhere right now, Darwin is chuckling.

It's early, but this will surely remain a strong contender for the Feel Good Story of 2003.

"Freak accident" or Act of God?

Maybe God just doesn't like idiots. Or maybe God just doesn't like idiots who don't wear seatbelts. I guess they could just keep his body there, if they can't get the exemption to ship it back to Canada. He did volunteer to "put his body in the way," after all, not necessarily his live body.

Wow, now there's compassion.

Thanks for warming my heart, folks. Just because someone has different beliefs than you do, it doesn't mean they are wrong.

Now, I think the human shields are being dumb-asses, but they're entitled to be. This name calling by the lot of you -- over a man who died -- shows no compassion for your fellow human.

That paints a lovely picture.

Scott, can you imagine how rewarding it must be for all of us, having you come around and tell us what heartless, mindless, tasteless bastards we are? So rewarding, let me tell you.

Most of us are joking. Jokes. Remember those? You probably used to enjoy them back before the conservative crawled up your ass and died.

I have all the compassion in the world for my fellow humans. But this idiotic supporter of a mass murderer didn't qualify for inclusion in Homo Sapiens.

I AM extremely gratified by your compliment, though, you made my entire day, Scott.