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rock over london

Lunch was good. The drinks were good. I lost my desire to get any work done and would much prefer to go home, put on something comfortable and read until I fall asleep.

You people are nothing if not eclectic. Let's go over some of the choices:

Frank: I bought my mother the Elvis 30 cd for Christmas. I may have to borrow it, as long as it does not have "In the Ghetto" on it.

Carol: I'll pass on the Power Rangers music. Bad enough I get the Yu Gi Oh! theme stuck in my head on a daily basis.

Lair: Talk radio is for my ride in (Curtis and Kuby) and my ride home (Hannity).

Joe: It's got Radiohead and one of my favorite songs, Rundgren's "Can We Still Be Friends," so I'll check it out.

Andy: I forgot all about "Postcards from Paradise." I loved that song. And how can you go wrong with William Shatner and Ben Folds?

Taco: Monster Magnet is always good. I think that's one of my dust collectors that I need to drag out.

Cow: Yes. Email on its way.

Ith: Listened to the Two Towers soundtrack over the weekend. That Gollum song made me cry.

Holly: Nick Cave is always playing in my house. We even had a Nick Cave tune for our wedding song.

Jay: I like the remix version of Hybrid Theory. I prefer old Incubus; Enjoy Incubus and S.C.I.E.N.C.E. are among my favorite albums ever.

SondraK: Rammstein and Clawfinger are always on regular rotation here. The self-titled Clawfinger is an amazing album. Deftones, Static X have been done to death not only by the both of us, but by DJ, too.

Keith: I wasn't that happy with Offspring's Americana. I much prefer Smash. I do like the sound of Audioslave. Oh, and Robbie Williams? Yum.

Roe: That is a truly astounding collection of music. The Warrant song almost made me dismiss it, but you totally redeem yourself with the inclusion of Aztec Camera and Handsome Boy Modeling School.

Lisa, dear sister of mine: You know what you can do with your hair metal.

Sal: LOVE the Cowboy Be-Bop music. Could listen to it all day.

Lisa: I haven't take the Korn cds out in a while. I think I'll try the self-titled today, as well as the first Chevelle and Cold's 13 Ways to Bleed on Stage, which I thought was brilliant.

Tom: Love the SOOL album. We have the Therapy? cd also, just have to try and find it.

Tim: I have a lot of Me First mp3s - I love their take on the Grease soundtrack.

Danielle: I collect cover songs and have quiet a few Misfits covers (I got the Misfits Boxset for my birthday last year - the one in the coffin). Off the top of my head I know I have Refused doing Bullet and AFI doing Halloween. If you want them, let me know.

Brendan: Thanks for reminding me of that music! I made a cd once with a lot of VAC, FLA and stuff like that. I'll have to look for it.

Mike: Just listened to Watching Scotty Die yesterday. Great stuff.

I certainly have a lot to go on now. Thanks everyone. Don't stop!


I would love to do that too. Go home that is . Your plan sounds lovely. But, I have another 6 hours to go! Ah, to be a lady of leisure :)

Next to my work CD player, I have: Connie Dover -- Wishing Well, Carolyn Dawn Johnson -- Room With a View, Ennis Sisters - 3, Buffy Soundtrack, Cowboy Junkies - Lay It Down, Capercaillie -- Beautiful Wasteland

Rats! I can't believe I forgot to say Cowboy Bebop! Note: you can get the CDs for reasonable prices on eBay, but forget about getting them retail unless you enjoy spending way too much money. Well, maybe in NY, but not in KS (smile).

Try the "10 Things I Hate About You" or "Empire Records" soundtracks too.

"Rock over London! Rock on, Chicago! Wheaties! Breakfast of champions!"

If Wesley Willis spent much time online, he would have written multiple blogger songs by now.

13 Ways to Bleed On Stage is just brilliant. I love track 10...couldn't tell you the name of it, as it's been in my CD chnager since I bought it...

Korn's new one "Untouchables" is just great when you're in a bad mood...always lifts my spirits! ;-)

I just downloaded HATE, the newest from The Delgados. Kind of a cross between The Cocteau Twins, Low and, well, I dunno. Orchestral, swirling, beautiful. Happy-sounding songs with sad lyrics.

Oh, and do yourself a favor and use KazaaLite. You won't have those ad problems.

-veda hille
-sisters of mercy covers

Borders and Boundaries, Less Than Jake
Finelines, My Vitriol
Ideas above our Station, Hundred Reasons
Temple of the Dog, Temple of the Dog
Six, Mansun
Darkest Days, Stabbing Westward
Purple, Stone Temple Pilots
Disintegration, The Cure

That's what's on my stereo right now. Although, as a Soundgarden fan, I gotta admit to being a little disappointed by Audioslave. Cold's 13 ways is a CD I take out every now and then for that non-specific rock mood, whatever that means.

And, for some reason, sometimes we get stuck with songs that have emotional significance, and I'm gonna have to fight off criticism of Kid Rock's Only God Knows Why in that respect. Plus, the Foo's Hey Johnny Park was the first song I ever played live, so it's stuck in there too.

Bizarrely, I'm currently assuaging my emotional problems with Vast's Touched. Which I heard on an episode of Angel. God help us all...

Oh shit, and I forgot Jurassic 5...

I kinda misread the first post. You wanted to know what we have been listening to right now, or at least lately. Here's a list of what I have next to me at work.

Steve Earle-Jerusalem
Coldplay-A Rush of Blood to the Head
Chris Robinson-New Earth Mud
Paul Westerberg-Stereo/Mono
Ron Sexsmith-Cobblestone Runway
Sparklehorse-It's A Wonderful Life
Neneh Cherry-Man
Los Lobos-Good Morning Aztlan

and I've been listening to some mp3s I got from Epitonic.com yesterday, Lambchop's The New Cobweb Summer and the Old Matchbook Trick, as well as Once Around the Block by Badly Drawn Boy.

Darkest Days was the soundtrack to a really depressing period in my life. I still listen to it once in a while.

Vast's Touched - words cannot describe what that song does to me. Gives me chills every time I hear it.

I also, on some website long ago, listed Hey, Johnny Park as one of the five songs I couldn't live without.

I am going to recommend Ultraspank to you. They have two cds, both wonderful, but it is the song called Where that I think you would really like.

Somewhere out there is a better day
Somewhere out there has to be
better than today hopes to be

To be a part of anything
Shows me what i've missed
To be a part of all the answers...
my wish.

Stand there before me
With your emptiness, emptiness
So true to form
So true to all i've missed from you

To be a part of anything
Shows me what i've missed
To be a part of all the answers....
my wish.

I've run from you before
and closed this door

To be a part of anything
Shows me what i've missed
To be a part of all the answers...
my wish.

I'll miss you anyway...
and i'll... miss you anyway.

So you've got my suggestions already . . . okay, how about some others from today's listening:

Jets To Brazil: Perfecting Loneliness
Skinny Puppy: Last Rights
Charlie Christian: Genius of the Electric Guitar (4 disc set but fairly cheap and worth every cent)

Not in today's listening, but a must-hear nonetheless:
Anton Maiden (Swedish geek who sings - really badly - over top of Iron Maiden midis. Trust me - you will being in tears from the laughter. If you can't find the mp3s, email me and I'll rip them from the album (out of print due to copyright issues.))

If you want strange music with a giant laugh factor, look for Klaus Nomi. It's a riot.

I am going to recommend Ultraspank to you. They have two cds, both wonderful, but it is the song called Where that I think you would really like.

Thanks, I need a fresh music injection. My pop marks are fading, 'n I need another hit real bad. If only to get away from listening to the crap on Radio Netscape Plus. Honestly, fuck Jimmy Eats World...

For no real reason, if we're posting lyrics here, here's some from a song I wrote over Christmas...

There's a myth that we believe in sometimes
Till you learn to love yourself, cant be loved by no one else
Last night you called and still you're crying
Maybe it's the same old dream clawing out beneath your seams
So i tell you that the world still turns for you
I'll let you hold my hand and hope you'll understand
Now everybody knows I love you
And I'll be waiting

Tell me i'm your secret love, when you're too afraid to change
With the poison at your lips, i can hear you call my name
When the winter turns to spring, i'm nowhere to be seen
I'm your melancholy love, and you don't need me

Any reason for that particular entry. Well, no. Um, okay...

I've seen the Queens of The Stone Age referenced once, with Dave Grohl on drums.

Try QOTSA's previous incarnation named Kyuss. Kinda interesting

Wretch '91ish

Blues for the Red Sun '94ish

Sky Valley '96ish

When the Circus Leaves Town '98ish

Perennial favorites of mine.

Yay for BeeBop! I'd have the CD already if it wasn't a $24 import. If you haven't heard it, and like jazzy rocky fusion things, do yourself a favor and at least watch the show next time it comes around on cartoon network.

Ok, 3, 2, 1 let's jam

Scott, you may have missed my post - Bebop CDs are readiliy available on eBay for reasonable prices. New, sealed and mint - not used or cutouts.

Hey Michele, any covers you could send me would rock. Especially "static age" covers, those are my favorites. My e-mail is Cynic123@aol.com.