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tequila and tunes

I'm not particularly in a warblogging mood today. It's been a long week already and one that has taken a toll on me emotionally.

There's only one cure for that, really. Lunch at my favorite mexican restaurant (no, not Taco Bell), the fajita quesidilla with rice washed down with a couple of shots of Jose. That should make the rest of the day easier.

So, I have something to ask you.

I have about 600 cds and 4,000 mp3s and I am sick of everything. I've been through it all a million times. I need something fresh and new - even if that something is old, but fresh and new to me. Or just a reminder of something I used to listen to and enjoy but perhaps has been gathering dust on my shelf, forgotten amidst my yearly winter obessions with all things punk. I mean, I'm listening to Social Distortion. That's how bad it's gotten.

What are you listening to? I mean right now. Or what was the last thing you listened to. It's time to fire up that virus/ad demon known as Kazaa and get me some new music before Cablevision institutes a policy on downloading limits.

Lunch is calling. Thanks.


There's no better Mexican food than Taco Bell. Like everything else, the best version is the Americanized one.

Listened to Elvis 30 last night. Can't help but smile.

I'm listening to a CD I made of all Power Ranger songs( not by choice)- don't go there- trust me....

Talk radio.

The soundtrack from Vanilla Sky has a little bit 'o' everything and is pretty dope, seriously.

kpft.org especially on the weekends. Stream it, then go back the next week and pick what you liked off the playlists. SAT is Country/Folk/Bluegrass depending on the host. Some real off the wall stuff at times. SUN is blues all day. Weekdays get kind of caught up with the Pacifica agenda, but Phil in the morning and Roark in the afternoon are all music.

Try searching for bebel gilberto. Might be just right for your mood.

I just put up a comp CD post at BlogCritics. You can find it here - primarily old and older stuff.

Just took out W Carlos "Switched-On Brandenburgs" (www.wendycarlos.com) and put in Deborah Henson-Conant "Just for You" (www.hipharp.com).

Last thing I listened to was Monster Magnet's 'Powertrip' album.

I dunno, I emailed you a few days ago for suggestions about how i could circumvent your wishlist and send you something I recommended, but i think that DJ email glut brushed it under the carpet...

The offer's still open, mind...

The Postal Service has been in the car on everytrip for the past couple weeks. Singer from Death Cab For Cutie and music made on a computer by the guy that is Dntel. Good stuff if you have ever wished the pet shop boys were a bit better and it was still the 80s.

We have Spiderman, music from and inspired by. It is good for the whole family, good music plus the boys know it is Spiderman so they like it. Also, Puddle of Mud is good. I just came across real old Violent Femmes too- that can be fun.

Blackalicious -- BLAZING ARROW
Ike Reilly -- SALESMEN AND RACISTS (the first disc I could actually enjoy after Sept. 11)
Nada Surf -- LET GO
http://www.live365.com/play/194305 -- Cosmic Slop Online

The Two Towers soundtrack, and Alison Krauss: New Favorite

Try some Guster, or The Hippos ("Barrel of a Gun" is good).

Or maybe some fun Japanese pop like Shonen Knife or Pizzicato Five.

I work with a guy that has changed what I listen to. He got me into Nick Cave. He has got me hooked on a wide range of music. What I am liking: Sigor Ros; Vol. 1-Beleza Tropical; X-Press 2 Muzikizum; Serge Gainsbourg

Dave's True Story. Great songs (kind of neo-big band).

Classical. Try classical.

Holst (The Planets)
Liszt (Eine Faust Symphony)
Beethoven (The Ninth Symphony)
Carl Orff (Carmina Burana)
Tchaikovsky (Romeo and Juliet)

Plus a whole shitload of others.

Early albums by Brian Eno ("Here Come the Warm Jets", "Taking Tiger Mountain", "801 Live" etc.)

Phillip Glass

Shreikback (Especially "Sacred City" and "Oil & Gold")

I am listening to 3 Doors Down new disc which is great. The new Foo Fighters cd is excellent, as is Queens of The Stone Age new one, 'Songs for The Deaf' which features Dave Grohl on drums.

And I have been listening to it now for a couple of months but Linkin Park's 'Hybrid Theory' is just so frigging good that it demands multiple plays. The latest from Incubus is also good as is Hoobastank's first (well first major studio) CD.

VNV Nation is the newest (but not new) that we have stumbled upon. Third in line current to Rammstein and Clawfinger in my pretty obcessive collection of music. A little more on the mellow side would be Peter Gabriel's "UP" album......... And there's always Radiohead. We dug up our old Buzzcocks to show the newbies how it's really done. And Deftones always if they're not already part of your repertoire. And Queens of The Stoneage, Static X, and The The.

Interpol. Do yourself a favor.

Cab Calloway (his stuff from the mid-40s), Lionel Hampton. Feel-good swing.

Here's two favorites,

Guster - Two Points for Honesty.
Basement Jaxx - Romeo.


Tom Russell. Southwestern country. Great lyrics, some fun, some serious.

Roger Waters: Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking. I haven't stopped listening to it since 1991.
Don't huff and puff. Clapton on guitars. Michael Kamen on instumentation. David Sanborn on Sax. All the heart and soul of a tortoured man who lost love compiled into on big mass.
Totally awesome.

Alison Kraus and Union Station definately! The two CD set "Alison Krauss + Union Station Live" is getting a lot of play in my office right now.

Of course the collection on my shelf at work includes Kraus, Lonestar, Colin Raye, Sting, Genesis, Schumann, Brahms, Gabrielli, a really fantastic album of 13th century chant and polyphony (Lionhart is the group), Mozart, Handel, The Chieftans, Clannad... you get the idea. Oh, and if you like Philip Glass, try Steve Reich.

David Bowie - "Heathen"
Monster Magnet - "Dopes to Infinity"
The Offspring - "Americana"
3rd Matinee (self-titled)
Aimee Mann - "Lost in Space"
Audioslave (self-titled)
Brak Presents The Brak Album
Kevin Gilbert - "Thud"
Matthew Sweet - "Blue Sky on Mars"
Robbie Williams - "Sing While You're Winning"

That's my current playlist. A bit eclectic, and I feel mildy embarrassed by Robbie Williams, but it's damn fine pop.

Kevin Gilbert was a GOD. Too bad he's dead.

I put together a kewl/goofy CD for my sister for Christmas -- here's the track listing. Yes, I did mean to put "C is for Cookie" after that Winger track. :)

Actually, I have been on a serious Ramones kick lately. 'Fraid I'm not too much help.

Try Dead Can Dance. If you remember the music from Gladiator, the haunting female voice was one half of DCD. Truly brilliant stuff.

She has her own stuff, too. Look for Lisa Gerrard.

Currently in heavy rotation:

The Chieftains "Down the Old Plank Road"
Best of the Steve Miller Band: 1968-1973
Best of E.L.O.
Never Mind the Bollocks It's the Sex Pistols

You said relaxing, not sane.


I'm currently learning to appreciate silence.

Anytime you're over at my site, Michele, just click on the links I put at the end of many of my blog entries. You know, "Music today:". That's music I listen to during the day, and with rare exceptions I recommend all of it highly.

What? You didn't think I was going to give you an easy list, did you?

All right, here's one. Miranda Lee Richards' The Herethereafter. It's a year or tow old, but you didn't specify new...

Of course, you know what I'm listening to. The Hair Metal Channel on Spinner. Ratt "It Aint Easy"... I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cowboy Bebop Original Soundtracks (One, Two and Three)
Trigun - The First Donuts Soundtrack
Assorted TV Themes.

Been on a bit of a soundtrack kick lately... Love them imports :)

In rotation in my CD changer in my car: Chevelle, Cold, Disturbed, Korn, Taproot and Trust Co.

At home, it's the blissful sound of large men beating the shit out of each other on an NHL rink. Ain't nothing better than a good game of ice hockey...

That White Stripes CD is a generally good rocking experiencing. Kinda Beatles-like, Blues-like, rocky etc...

I heard that the Foo Fighters album turned out pretty good.

Punk eh?

I heard from a questionable source that The Distillers were pretty good. Got on the Cover of AP Magazine and all...

Here is a fan site that I will not endorse:

Later Shellatron-

Current repeat listenings:

The Soundtrack Of Our Lives: Behind The Music (no, it has nothing to do with the VH1 show)

Therapy?: Nurse (may be out of print, but plenty of cheap copies on half.com)

Don't forget KidzBop 3.

Groove Salad on www.somafm.com

I feel your pain. I have close to 1000 cd's and when I got to the point of getting sick of everything I realized that I could handle it by burning a "best of" cd or two with just the most relevant songs. Also you get the further enjoyment of violating federal copyright laws and pissing off the RIAA. Anyway, on the burned cd currently playing:

A Fine Fine Day--Tony Carey
Vampires In Love--Marvvelous3
Prawy Do Lewego--Kaylah & Bregovic
The Galway Girl--Steve Earle
Lovers In Madrid--Armik
Con Mona Se Rompe--Farrar Felix Amaro
Sunday Clothes--Charlie Sexton Sextet
Carmen Suite No.1--Bizet
The Barricades Of Heaven--Jackson Browne
Blowout In The Radio Room--Fight
The Misty Dawn--Jay Ungar & Molly Mason
Hung On A Rope--Brother Cane
Two Doors Down--Dwight Yoakam

Along with this are the wonderful sounds of a teething baby. Ah, gotta love it.

have you heard of me first and the gimmie gimmies? They do punk/ska versions of many 60's and 70's tunes. Very funny.

Whats wrong with an obsession of all things punk? :)
I've been downloading music from the soundtracks to O Brother, Where art Thou, and Amelie. Both are . . . very nice. I've also been listening to a shitload of Flogging Molly, hunting up Misfits covers (I love covers, and the Misfits, so this works out well), and have been getting into 7 Seconds thanks to the wonders of Kazaa. And oh yeah, i've been downloading Dillinger Four like its going out of style. And, if you like ska (you've probably heard of 'em) the Aquabats! are silly fun. download pizza day by them. ok, enough from me.

On the angrier side: Frontline Assembly, Chemlab, H3llb3nt, Pigface, Velvet Acid Christ, 16 Volt, Download

On the softer side: Haujobb, Underworld, Delerium

Southern Culture on the Skids is always interesting, and I always find myself returning to the Dead Milkmen.

P.S. I

Listening to: Melissa Etheridge, SheDaisy (country) and Twisted Sister. Heh. Is that eclectic enough for ya? LOL.

favorite driving music:
John Scofield
Los Lobos
Dwight Yoakam
Lyle Lovett
Walter Becker/Steely Dan
Grateful Dead
Jimmie Vaughn
Albert Collins

Mostly I listen to folk music of various types, but currently I'm listening to latin dance music, mostly sambas ... I'm about to lend my samba CDs to a friend who's learning to dance samba.

Currently in constant roation at our house:

Audioslave (self titled), Queens of the Stone Age (Songs for the Deaf), Pearl Jam (Riot Act), any and all Nirvana, and Flogging Molly. Every now and then I go back to the Dropkick Murphies and the Ramones but that's my current playlist. Oh, and how could I forget the Beastie Boys?! I know, nothing very original in my house, but that's what we're listening to.

from my Top 25 Most Played in iTunes:
Rodney Crowell: Small Worlds
Beethoven: Adagios
Paco de Lucia: Luzia
Boz Scaggs: Fade Into Light
James McMurtry: Where'd You Hide The Body?
Kissed by Nature: Eliane Elias
Chuck Prophet: The Hurting Business
Commitments: Soundtrack

Tom Waits - Romeo is Bleeding, Valentines Day card from a hooker in Minneapolis.

Something by Leo Kottke

Muddy Waters - I just want to make love to you

Jean Luc Ponty - Enigmatic Ocean

Kinky Friedman - I'm just an asshole from El Paso.

Listen to The Be Good Tanyas

Oh man, I forgot about James McMurtry. I haven't listened to that in years. It's going in the iPod tonight!

robbie williams, escapology - it's heavier than his previous stuff - less fluff, more oomph.

and of course, you need to be listening to hedwig and the angry inch. (If you haven't seen the movie, email me and I'll tell you about it...)

Dude, not only do I own that DVD, but I own the soundtrack, too. You should see me dancing around to it while I'm cleaning on Saturdays!

Super Furry Animals!

Nightwing's "Oceanborn" and Eric Bazilian's "A Very Dull Boy" are our latest acquisitions of note. I've also been digging into a lot of my 70's prog rock stuff - early Genesis, Rush, Yes, ELP, King Crimson, Amon Duul and so forth. By the way, if you've not heard anything by Nightwing, check them out. They are a fantastic group, with an operatically trained lead singer and an amazing rhythm section - it's kind of like Dream Theater meets opera. Fantastic stuff.

Anything by Maria McKee.