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earth to moby

Words from Moby:

it goes without saying that i, like most sane people, find iraq's actions over the last 20 years to be pretty reprehensible. using chemical and biological weapons on iranians and kurds and sunni's (is it sunni's? or shiites? i forget, oops). burning the oil fields in kuwait. attacking israel with scuds. and so on. but i'm actually kind of impressed by iraq's patience right now... i mean, look at it objectively. they've opened their doors to un inspectors, they're being bombed by british and american troops, american forces are massing at their borders, american diplomats are actively looking to assinate saddam hussein, etc. it almost seems like bush is doing everything he can to taunt saddam hussein. not just 'if you step over this line i will hit you', but 'if you step over this line while i put rats on your back and put butter on the floor and make fun of your mom and move the line then i will hit you, in fact i'll hit you even if you just stand there and do nothing.' it's painfully clear that iraq should not be allowed to have weapons of mass destruction. but it also seems painfully clear that the bush administration have no intention of finding a peaceful resolution to the situation in iraq. which is a shame. cos at the end of the day peace is better than war, right? or have things changed? according to the bush administration and the american media it would seem that most americans prefer war to peace. i'm guessing that's because most americans have never actually experienced war. and just as it's easy to eat meat if you never step foot in a slaughterhouse, it's easy to espouse the virtues of war if you've never actually experienced war firsthand. it's a sign of dark and troubled times when a powerful nations leaders do their best to keep people away from the high road. moby

I guess in between recording albums, protesting fur and getting beaten up by Eminem fans, Moby does not have adequate time to press the [shift] bar for capitalization.

So Moby is 'impressed' with Iraq's patience? What about the patience the U.S. has shown over the past decade or so? Does that mean nothing to the little bald man?

Of course, he is careful to say that he does not condone the actions of Saddam but, like a good leftie, he makes sure we know that peace is the answer, not war. I have a feeling if Saddam threatened to gas every pet in Iraq Moby and friends would be recording an all-star tribute called "Bomb the Heathen Now!" and begging Bush to Do Something.

Keeping people from the high road? Which high road was Saddam going to take? The one that tortures his people? The one that calls for ethnic cleansing? The one where he sticks innocent children in filthy prisons so they can starve to death?

If Moby honestly thinks that Saddam has any intention of taking the high road, I think he ought to get those injuries from that 'fight' checked out again.



To tie together a couple of threads. I think Moby never had to go through what DJ is going through. The realization that bullies must confronted. I like Moby's music and had some sympathy when he was beaten up. Not now. You know they used to describe a conservative as a liberal who had been robbed. You know what they call folks like Moby? People who never grow a pair (sorry) when they get beaten up? Robert Fisk. An Idiotarian. I'll continue to like his music, the same way like Aragorn. by ignoring the messenger.

Being exposed to war does not automatically make you a peacenik, as Sir Bald N' Stupid suggests. Sometimes it actually opens your sheep-like eyes to a few harsh realities.

I'm not the originator of this argument and someone else in the 'big' media said this better than I can (I'm too tired to Google it), but...Why is it that you have to have been in a war to have an opinion about war? It's an absolutely ludicrous proposition. By that theory, if you've never made a movie, you can't review one. In fact you probably shouldn't even be going to see one because you can't appreciate it. I guess if you've never murdered someone you can't be on a jury in a murder trial, you'd need 13 convicted murderers (a true jury of one's peers).
The whole principle is just stoopid, but then we're talking about idiotarians. I think I'll go kill myself...oh wait...I can't, since I've never killed myself before....but if I can't...then suicide is impossible... but...no...brain..disintegrating....

Bless you Moby, for putting into words what no other Celebrity has said.

Whoops. Cancel that. Apparently lots of other Celebrities are saying that. Is there a script floating around?

At the end of the day, peace is better than war, right, Moby?

Yeah. Any sort of peace, no matter how short its duration, or how bad the following war is, is better than any sort of war, right now. Because war is just bad, and peace is always better. Because.

But, well, who's surprised when an entertainer is a clueless twit? Moby isn't getting paid for his penetrating insight and deep awareness of the nature of the world and reality, after all.

(As an aside, most of the people I know who've lived on a farm and seen slaughering (or even done it) are quite happy eating meat. Even people who've worked in slaughterhouses, in fact, seem pretty likely to eat meat - some don't, but often for the same reason professional fishermen don't want to eat fish; overexposure, not "cruelty". Some, of course, aren't. But most seem to be. So much for the Moby theory of ignorance.)

I keep hearing this Forrest Gump-esque voice, "Ahm not a smaht man..."

I agree with one thing in what Moby said............well I don't agree with what he meant, just what he said. What's the use in doing all of this when we fully intend to go to war anyway. I saw bomb the fuckers, send in the troops, wipe up the leaders asses with flame throwers, then set up a nice government that will cooperate with the rest of the world. Saddam doesn't even cooperate with his Arab brothers!!! Take him OUT. Bush Senior should have done it back when he had the chance. Who friggin cares what the rest of the world thinks, they all hate us anyway, and all this farting around does not convince them to love us anyway. JUST DO IT DAMN IT. And for the record, if I was old enough, and I was healthy enough, I would certainly volunteer to go. So don't go thinking I think this way just because it isn't me that would fight.

As Stacey will rightly point out, I've never served in any armed forces, just the virtual ones in computer games and I've voiced my opposition to the principle of going to war with Iraq, and solely Iraq because Afghanistan didn't put up a good enough or long enough fight, but I have to agree with Zander here.

Quit the posturing, go to war, fight the fight, remove the dictator, disarm the country by force. Set up a Shah or something and leave again. Or leave a full-time peacekeeping coughoilprotectioncough force there and just be done with it, or people are going to start looking at the Enron and Worldcoms of the world again.

You know, y'all mock every celebrity who shows disdain for the looming war.

Why is that? They're free citizens just like everyone else. Shit, Moby posted that on his own damned blog. Every person here has had an opinion about this war -- it's just that most of you have a different opinion.

You all are of the opinion that:

1.) anyone who disagrees with you is an idiotarian and has no fucking clue;

2.) anyone who disagrees with you has no point in voicing their own views on things -- you are right, they are wrong.

3.) and you love to bash anyone with even a modicum of celebrity. Why, just in the past few days, Michele has personally gone out of her way to blast Viggo Mortenson and Moby, simply because they have contrary views to her regarding this war. They are demeaned and ridiculed simply for this fact.

This isn't how it works, folks. Rule by mob, which is what you all are attempting to do, is for the birds.

Not that I expect any of you to understand that; carry on with your bashing.

Let me see if I've got this right, Scott.

Celebrities can go around bashing politicians who oppose their view, but it is wrong for us to bash those same celebrities?

Moby posted on his own blog that he thinks the U.S. is wrong and I posted on my own blog that I think Moby is wrong.Different side of the same coin.

Also, I can point, just off the top of my head, to at least twenty Liberal blogs that practice the same thing - bashing bloggers, politicians and celebrities who have opposing views.

And what is the difference if I say, blog about Britney Spears views on virginity as opposed to Viggo's views on the war?

That's why this is called a PERSONAL website. Because these are my own PERSONAL opinions.

Go Eminem!

And what delightful opinions they are.But seriously OT,What are you and your female minions going to do to counter the Marin Maroons?

Leave poor Moby alone; he's very small and doesn't know any better.

Why is anyone getting their political views from celebrities anyway? The last people on earth I would trust to have an unaffected view of world politics are celebrities of any sort. But they all act like the somehow see things no one else does.

What Moby should be impressed with right now is how Iraq has so far successfully hidden away all the chemical and biological arms we knew existed in 1998. Now THAT's impressive.

Scott, you are a one-note orchestra these days. If you weren't married to a strong woman, I'd accuse you of having it in for women who speak their minds and actually have opinions.

Perhaps you're just pissed no one's coming to your blog and fisking your liberal rantings? Either way, it's seriously boring.

Michele has more than adequately answered you on this issue. We've ALL more than adequately answered you on this as you keep railing about it whenever it comes up. Celebrities use their popularity to advance their political agendas, therefore they are legitimate targets. However, in a PERSONAL JOURNAL, such as this weblog, anything and anyone is a legitimate target. End of story.

Um, I have to admit I do not have a clue who Moby is. So can somebody enlighten me about Moby's combat experience???

I'm confused, what does being a woman have to do with it?

Well, as I recall, Moby was a veteran of many a long and bitter fight. Sometimes, the men in the whaling boats would...What?
Oh, crap. I've just been informed by somebody younger that I'm thinking of the wrong Moby.

I think I am armed enough to go to Religion class tomorrow and argue about Iraq! hehehehe, great ideas! But I am fighting an uphill battle there.........way to many liberal thinking kids WAY too many. Even if they are all republicans well, one day.

Moby writes music that is deliberately condesable down into short, 30-second-commercial bursts that stick in your mind and make you wish you'd never heard them before.

Its amazing that he and Starbucks haven't gotten together... how has no-one seen that opportunity yet?

Dammit, D...they can hear you!!!

Ooooo, Lordy, drank coffee so much...
Ooooo, Lordy, drank coffee so much...
Don't nobody know how much coffee I drank,
Don't nobody know my caffeine intake...

Starbucks, for a calmer life.

I hate you.

Stacy, when Moby and Starbucks do get together to make bad jingles and merchandise, I have documentation of who to blame.

I wish there were more options for political parties in the US. Right now, you can vote in an independent party, but it won't get any results.
As it is, I have a mix of "liberal" and "conservative" views, and I don't like either of the major parties right now.

war is not the answer

Correctamundo! War is the question, victory is the answer.