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a girl's gotta dream

Some people have lofty goals - president, rock star, reality show winner.

Not me. I like my goals to be simple. I have already achieved one personal high, that of being number one on Google for "george lucas fuckwad." And now, only seven days into the New Year, I have achieved another:

I have finally passed Chris Pirillo on the Blogrolling Top 100 list. We're Number Two!!

I'm not gunning for Robyn's number one spot, nor do I dare dream that I could attain that. I just had this burning desire to surpass Chris. Maybe that's because I'm trying to steal his wife from him. First, blogroll. Next, Gretchen!


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If you become #1, do you end up facing a clone of yourself wearing robes and a gorilla mask?

Aw shucks girl, I'm all yours anyway! No need to go after the blogroll... wink

Although if you wanna fight for it, I've got a pit of Jell-O over here. heh heh We could take Robyn together!

Aw, dang, it's still thinking I'm Gretchen the Agent. Feel free to return me to my non-HHHS state, if you wanna...

Not if I'm tag teaming with Robyn, Gretch, m'love...

Hmm..me and Gretchen vs. Stacy and Robyn in a jello-fight?

People would pay good money to see that.

Oh, can I play too? You know how I love showing off my big beautiful breasts!

I thought you were all in my harem. OW! Quit hitting me....

ears perk Did someone say "Jell-O Fight"? Considering Jason has seen my bodacious ta-ta's right here in person (and I provided him with two other pair as well in that hot tub), I'd better stay #1. That's all I'm sayin'. ;-)

Yeah, that's 6 boobs total so it would require 8 to get into the top spot. 7 would be just gross :-/ So anyone wanting to stop by with 4 set's of Racktastic knockers can still take the top spot :-) Oh yeah, gotta bring a hot tub and lots of hooch too. I'm a slut yes but I expect to be liquored up and entertained first!

I'm only 273 behind you! Better watch out! ROFL!

Always it comes to the jello wrestling...
Where's mine?!

Bill, honey. You are the card girl. Wear something incredidbly sexy - those boots for starters - and when you parade around with the card to show what round it is, we drag you into the jello.

You're number poo?

Oh leave me alone, I fraternize with infants.

Did I mention the hot tub needs to be full of Jell-O? C'mon people. I'm tryin here...

Now you know the truth, folks. Everyone in the top 10 on the blogrolling list has either showed Jason their tits or their....ewww.

Let it be known I EARNED my spot on the top ten. Unlike some southern bloggers who obviously flashed their boobies in a hot tub and batted their eyes.

I wonder what it would take to get Robyn's spot? Jason.....?

Robyn's Jello spot?

I am so your card girl. Red boots, red gloves, and little else.


Yer all a buncha juvenile delinquents.

And your formal complaint would be...? ;-p

It wasn't a complaint. Just an observation.

OK, dammit, I wanted to play too and couldn't think of something witty to say. All right? Happy?

Big Bully...

Ya know, sometimes I can't believe the shit that comes out of my mouth. I seriously did not put my previous comment together with any of the crap that Michele's been going through until about five minutes after I read it.

It's a good thing she knows I love her. If anyone else said that, I wouldn't have to tell her to kick their asses up through their spinal column and out their damn teeth. There'd be a line around the block to do it for her, and I'd be first in it.

I am such a moron.

You're just sad that you missed the hot tub, part deux... Don't worry. Good stories always end up as a trilogy!