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mailbag is full

I apologize if I don't get around to answering your email right away. I have received so many emails since yesterday I can't keep up. I will get to them all, and thank you once again. I'm going up to the school to raise hell in about two hours. It's as if I'll be standing there with 100 people behind me. Thanks.


Best of luck. Remember that you are the good guy, and act accordingly.

Only 100? Don't forget about the lurkers who didn't comment.

And whatever you do, don't let these morons spin it on you. Remember, you're a bloodthirsty warblogger :-)

(*(*(*(*michele & dj*)*)*)*)

Go for it! Youíll be helping DJ and all of the kids who have been bullied in that school (given the schoolís pro-bully policies, Iíll bet there are a lot of them)

Best of luck! Remember, you're the mom. You have say of what is best for your son.

Kick some ass!