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the internet: your own private sewer system

I would like to retract my statement that Fark is the cesspool of the internet. While it does attract its share of morons, the real cesspool of the internet is here. No, wait...here. Umm, maybe here. No, it's defintely here.


Phew. I was sure my site was going to make your list...

Bah, I have no problem with Stile. He's honest about what he's doing. And hey, great place to find pr0n. ;D

Yeah, Fark isn't that bad, relatively speaking. The photoshop contests can be quite funny.

I love FARK! Any forum that popular will necessarily attract some morons, but the site itself and its owner are terrific.

I think you nailed it with the third try.

Whilst on the subject of Fark, surely those Stile links should have NSFW next to them?