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thank you

Again, I want to thank everyone for the overwhelming response to the bully post. Your comments and emails have been a big help. You've all given me the confidence to be confrontational about this.

So I went to the pizza place owned by the father of Big Bully. He wasn't there. I guess that's a good thing because DJ was horrified that I would approach the father like that. He said it would only make things worse.

I waited for both the teacher and the principal to call me back. Neither did.

Natalie spoke to Big Bully's older sister today, whom I affectionately refer to as "future whore." She said "Yea, that sounds like my brother. Nothing we can do about it." So you know how things go down in that house.

I'm going to drop in on the superindent tomorrow. I have an awful lot of names I can drop and you better believe I will drop every one of them. It's good to have a father who knows people.

The squeaky wheel is about to get the grease.


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Go get 'em -- I'm so proud of you for taking control like this, when a lot of parents wouldn't even be in tune to the fact there was a problem at this point. Your children are going to be much more headstrong because of it.

Good luck! I hope the right thing gets done in regards to this kid.

Do you have a local paper where you could launch a letter-writing campaign of letters to the editor from the parents of other children who have been bullied. If you offer them the willingness to coordinate this campaign, especially going after the members of your local school committee, after a while it adds up to effective weaponry with which to campaign for people who will stand up for victims instead of the perps.

I'm all about the publicity and bringing in law enforcement -- if all else fails. Let the school administration be exposed for what they are: limp d*** enablers. Just like anything else, avoiding a problem hoping it will go away causes far greater problems down the line.
You go Michele!

You are such a kick ass mom. I'm still young enough to know I would definitely have appreciated the way you kick ass for your kids. Best of luck! :)

Sounds like you've had a busy day. I, unfortunately, have nothing intelligent to offer at the moment, because, once again, I'm fantastically drunk.

And, as with any four-month binge in prospect, it's all about dreams. and women.

So here's to hope, huh? And may your dreams bring you peace...

Hey, luck to you, Michele. Hope it works out, but if the talk with the Supe doesn't work (and, let's face it, all you might end up getting is lip service), keep in mind that sometimes the only thing a bully understands is a reverse bullying. If DJ is friends with someone at the school one or two years older, bigger than the turd in question, and willing, that might bring the point home to this cat faster than anything else. I know it would suck for the poor guy, having someone else fight his battles for him, but it's better than an unending rash of beatings. I did it a couple of times for my younger, smaller friend Sonny back in grade school. You'd be surprised how quickly a weaselly little bully straightens out when a bigger kid is dunking his face in a mud puddle about a hundred times while screaming 'LEAVE MY FRIEND ALONE!!!!' directly into his ear. It'll take some swallowing of his pride to ask, and a willingness to lie his ass off when the blubbering former tough guy runs to squeal (they always do), but he'll get the picture, almost guaranteed. One guy ended up being really good friends with Sonny, although he would never talk to me.

I feel for you... I went through that with my kids and it was solved in Florida by the fact that I had a bad rep earned as a youth in that same small town.

DJ should know how to fight and when to fight. Much like owning a gun, it is basic to protecting yourself.

But no child should face that alone. You are right in getting in the middle of this and involving the school and his parents.

Threaten to sue the school but don't stop there. File a restraining order on the bully and threaten to sue his Dad.

I like the sound of...

"A Small Victory Pizzaria"

Threaten to take daddy's business away and the little shit will be getting his ass whipped everytime he looks at someone crossways.

The restraining order will also get the juvenile authorities involved. Nothing like a caring employee of the state with a MSW tracking your every move to make your life miserable.

If daddy acts like son, file a restraining order on him too, not that the piece of paper will do you any good but it comes in handy when you have to explain the corpse in the doorway.

Like mike,I agree.My daughter's school didn't do squat until "lawsuit" was brought up.Then the wimps folded so fast it was almost funny were it not so pathetic.

Remember, I know people. wink


Kick ass and take no prisoners!

as the kid who got singled out and picked on throughout all of fifth and sixth grade, I agree with DJ... approaching the father will only make it worse.

in my case, something happened in which my former circle of friends from fourth grade all got pulled into the "popular" crowd in fifth, instead of me. therefore, some of the people that were making my life miserable were people my mom had known for awhile, and therefore, knew their parents as well. my mom was actually talking to one of their moms on a daily basis, and her mom told the daughter, and then everything my mom had been saying ended up coming back to haunt me.

I was sad those two years, but in the end it made me a stronger person, I guess. in seventh grade, I ended up opting to go to a middle school that was not the one my school automatically fed into (but another one in the same district), I made new friends, and life was much less complicated.

Get. A. Lawyer. Now.

No more talking, no bullshit, no documenting.

Get a lawyer to do your talking for you. Why do you think the school authorities won't act against the bully? They're afraid of a lawsuit from HIS parents!

"No more talking, no bullshit,"
"no documenting."
Disagree! Good documentation is ammo for the lawyer.