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blue monday

The Required Reading 2002 will not be up until tomorrow, as my cable modem was down for most of the night and I alternated between having a hissy fit and sleeping.

It's back to work today, after an almost two week vacation, and back to school for the kids. Posting will resume its normal pace, whatever that was.

So, being it's Monday morning and I anticipate it to be a very hectic one, rather than tax my brain trying to come up with a good rant or take apart some news article, I'll delve into the mail bag until I can get to my office and avoid the backlog of work I have by blogging.

This one came to me last night:

At least those "human shields" are going out there and doing something unlike you and your idiot friends who only sit home and bitch about Dubya not killing any Iraqis yet, because you are so gungho on going to war and killkillkill the innocents and killkillkill the bad guys. get off your asses and do something like us "liberals" are. At least we know how to put our money where our mouth is by standing up and shouting you down. As for ELF and other groups like it, at least they take action. They are here for your benefit, you stupid limbaugh loving whore.

m. graham

Dear M. Graham,

a) What the "human shields" are doing is pure idiocy. Putting yourself in the line of fire by protecting the very people who wish to see us dead is neither heroic nor very smart.

b) The only Iraqi I would like to see dead is Saddam. And perhaps Uday. You see something wrong with killing the bad guys? After all, Saddam and his henchmen have systematically tortured and killed thousands upon thousands of their people. But you don't see that, do you? Saddam is somehow a victim to you.

c) How is "shouting me down" with your cardboard signs and protest songs any different than my writing about it? That's not putting your money where your mouth is. Come up with a solution on how to get Iraq to disarm peacefully and I'll make you my hero. If you can't do that, and can't offer any other solution to ridding the world of a tyranical man who his hell bent on destroying anyone who doesn't see the world the way he does, then shut the hell up, sit down and stop your bitching.

d) Setting cars on fire is not action. It's illegal and it's destructive. Have they ever thought about the pollution they release into the air every time they set a fire? ELF, ALF and PETA are not here for my benefit. They are a thorn in my side.

e) Ah, the name calling. I knew you would get to that sooner or later. Limbaugh loving whore? How dare you!

I have no love for Limbaugh. Take that back, please.

That's it for now. I have to try to get back into this routine thing again.


Sounds as if M. Graham is a terrorist loving whore.

Just to posit a question, since it is my job as the Opposition, when you write, "Putting yourself in the line of fire by protecting the very people who wish to see us dead is neither heroic nor very smart." I have to ask, who wants us dead? Maybe -- MAYBE -- Saddam. But he's not dumb.

So who wants us dead, Michele? I know Al Qaeda does. What happened to Public Enemy #1? Where's the fucker who ordered that the WTC be brought down?

Again, who wants us dead?

One man's terrorist is another man's "freedom fighter".

Of course, M. Graham can lick my nuts for all I care. Saddam is evil and must go. :)

The only good bad guy is a dead bad guy.

M. Graham: "They are here for your benefit, you stupid limbaugh loving whore."

Its amazing how the "progressive" liberals are just as intolerant of other fews as the radical right. I don't know about you, but ELF, PETA and the other nazi-liberals aren't there for me. I think their actions are disgusting and deplorable.

Note: I was a liberal till like many others I got a wakeup call September of '01.

I find it more amusing that "m. graham" berates Michele for wanting war, while he obviously doesn't - then sings the praises of the human shields for doing something. While he doesn't.

Seems to me he doesn't have much room telling Michele what she should be doing when he's playing armchair pacifist.

Maybe thats the progression. They've progressed to being die-hard liberals who won't take none of anyone else's shit while they try to make the world a more caring and tolerant place to the various idiosyncracies that define us.

Graham complains about people who are ‘gungho’ about war, then praises ELF for ‘taking action’ (ie. bombing stuff)

Yet another potty-mouthed pacifist praising arson and firebombing, shouting himself down.

Where did this guy come from – Indymedia?

dizzied by D's duplicitous dichotomy

"Putting yourself in the line of fire by protecting the very people who wish to see us dead is neither heroic nor very smart."

Heh. No.

But it does relieve the rest of us from having to deal with their sorry asses.

And the rest...well put. ELF and ALF are terrorists. And PETA - that stands for "People who Eat Tasty Animals," right?

All I have to say is I dont know how you do it. How in the name of all that is good and gold on this earth you manage to write back to simple-minded cretins as Graham in such a calm, lucid, yet balls-shattering manner is beyond me. Keep it up. Certainly your responses have no effect on turds such as Graham; you, however, continue to demonstrate the conservative's ability to reason in a rational and logical manner while simultaneously allowing those like Graham to drown in their own cesspool of absurditites.