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Ok, two more thoughts.

I made a wide, sweeping statement when I bashed all Farkers for the idiocy over at wKen's site. You aren't all living in your parent's basement and jacking off to the Power Puff girls. Just the ones who posted the nasty pictures and insulting comments.

Also, on the horror movie post: Don't slag Army of Darkness around here. You will suffer. And Wickerman was one of the stupidest movies I have ever seen.

Now go, Space Ghost is on.


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What, are you afraid of your site being shut down like mine?

I hope you washed your hands before typing that comment.

Sheesh wKen, I was just going to post about the fact that your site it totally out of commission. That SUCKS. Sucks that a bunch of immature asses had to ruin a great project, and your blog to boot.

I read the comments here that somehow this was some small, idiot minority and not all Farkers are to blame.Then I went and read the current comment thread on Fark that has been hitting my site repeatedly all night.

While a couple of people have stood up and said, "Hey, that's wrong," that's not the overall tone of the "discussion." It's more like one person says "stop" and three jump on him/her for being a "lame ass pussy" and wKen "got off easy."

I stand by my rejection of all things Fark until their keeper gets control of the zoo. (Yeah, I know, that costs them about 2 hits per day.) I don't know what good it will do, but has anyone thought to e-mail Drew Curtis?

Funny, when I checked the Fark's comments last night ... most people were ambivalent (I know, I know hard to imagine that in a country where most people don't bother to vote). Of the non-abivalent comments the vast majority (at 11:00 last night) were appalled at the behavior. I counted 4 (out of 260 posts) that tried to say it was ok what happened on wKen's blog (by saying it was the poster's fault, or saying stuff like "hey,its the internet, whadya expect". I fail to see that as a majority.

wKen, I feel for you man. What happened was wrong. But it wasn't Fark that did it. A similar thing could have happened if your blog contest was posted on slash-dot, a news article, or even worse than Fark ... a Yahoo message forum. The problem that happened doesn't have anything to do with Fark. Blaming Fark is like blaming getting mugged on NYC. Muggings happen everywhere ...

I promise that this will be my last post on Fark on this Blog, under pain of banishment!! But without Fark I'd never find gems like The Twenty Most Annoying Liberals.

Ignorant flaming assholes on the internet?

Who would've thunk it?

AoD is one of my all time faves. I find myself using the "S-mart" and "Boomstick" lines every so often...

I posted this in the original post michele made on the topic, but again...

I apologize. I never should have posted that damned link.