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playing the victim

On Christmas Eve in 1987, Long Islander Matthew Solomon's wife Lisa went for a walk. She never came back.

In the following days, Matthew helped searchers canvas the neighborhood, searching for his young wife. He gave tearful interviews and appeared to most to be a bereaved husband.

I suspected the husband from the start. It was his eyes, his mannerisms. I'm pretty good at reading people. I had an instant distruts of the husband from the moment I first saw him on tv.

Later, it was discovered that Matthew Solomon killed his wife and stuffed her body in a plastic garbage bag.

I've been thinking of that story all week as I read the news from Modesto, where Laci Peterson has been missing since Christmas Eve.

I hope this does not have the same ending as the Solomon story, though it seems to be pointing in that direction.

Which, of course, reminds me of the Charles Stuart story. Stuart at least had the good grace to kill himself after the ordeal, thus making the world one bastard lighter.

It's just interesting how many stories are out there of husbands killing their wives and then playing victim.

(That is not a social commentary, just a statement)

Looking at the first link, which details famous Long Island murders, I'm reminded of the stories of the last two faces in the sidebar and how I still believe that one of them is innocent and the other was guilty, but not the only one.

Hmm. I think I'll save my thoughts on these stories. Could make an interesting post one day.


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we see the same things with parents killing their kids and then acting all distraught. sometimes, it's really hard for me to believe there are good people out there.

You know, I thought the same thing about the Laci Petersen case, but I just don't think the hubby would have been quite that ready to hand over the boat and truck if he had something to hide.

Then again, Christmas gets very stressfu, and I know I had a tendency to be pretty bitchy toward the end of my pregnancy...so who knows...

Just remember theresa, the good people don't generally make the news.

For every one of those animals, there are ten, no a hundred people who simply would not do that.

The murderers mourn like their lives depend on it, because their lives DO depend on it. No mystery here.

I hope that helps restore your faith in humankind.

Michele, I'm with you. It's too neat.

Yup, from the moment this story broke my money's been on the husband. Alibi's too neat. I hope I'm wrong, but...

How could a man kill his wife AND his unborn child?

Takes Notes... When murdering, must make sure alibi is not neat.


We had a case where the ex wife went to walk the dogs in the park and the dogs came home alone. Hubby went looking and found her body, called the police.

Everyone in law enforcement was SURE he had done the deed, his story didn't make sense, he was divorced, the dogs were Rottweilers so no one else could have gotten close to the wife, etc.

Even though the police were SURE, they played it safe by not arresting the guy and appealing to the public for information. Over the next few days there were many reports of a deranged homeless guy camping in the park and bothering women. After about a week, the guy was located, and he confessed immediately.

Hubby didn't do it. You never heard of that case, BECAUSE hubby didn't do it. This happens all the time.

(I work for the police, btw.)

What are you saying? Is Justin plotting something?


i just assumed that he has another woman, doesn't want the kid or the wife, and hired someone to do it while he was away and had a perfect alibi. i know that's awful - as bad as the police thinking every missing kid was killed by her parents - but it's just too neat, like everyone's said.

is it not a little bizarre that he went fishing on xmas eve, instead of spending it with his family?

i've always heard investigators say, before you suspect the outlaws, check out the in-laws.

If he hired someone to do it, then spending christmas with family would have been a far better alibi...

No, I don't think he hired it out or he could have made any alibi he pleasd. If he's the one, he probably got the reciept from someone else, or faked it somehow.

If he murdered her, I think you'll find the blood is on his hands.

from the lihistory.com article:

For the postwar generation of baby boomers and their parents, Long Island was seen largely as a refuge, away from the big city and, of course, away from crime.

wow, i didn't know anyone had that opinion of long island... my great aunt frances lived in long island, and she was mugged right outside her home when i was a kid, and died of her injuries. killing a 90-year old woman for her social security doesn't strike me as "away from crime" somehow...

Well, those are PC codewords for "white neighborhood". The author probably never meant to imply anything about the crime rate.

Here's another famous Long Island husband/wife murder case you might remember: Sammy Schwartz and his ex-wife, who was mysteriously found dead inside their home (which she got to keep in the divorce). This was 1985, I think. They arrested Sammy, but he was acquitted, but somehow her parents got money from him from a civil case later. Sounds like OJ, right?

Sammy is one of my grandmother's 30 or so first cousins (both her parents came from big families). I've never met the guy ever, thank God.

I agree with all of you who think the hubby did it.
We see in all the newspapers, the relatives of the hubby talking and saying "Oh he was so excited about having a baby...etc." Well...thats what they know. I know that I dont tell my relatives and close friends EVERYTHING about my relationship with my fiancee, so who knows...maybe they were fighting about having this baby, because he wasnt ready to have a child yet, or didnt want any kids.....its possible. I just have a very strong feeling the hubby did it.

How many men do you think would go fishing by themselves close to two hours away on the day before Christmas, your wife is 8 1/2 months pregnant and could deliver at any time and you are going over to the inlaws for dinner. Did he have any fish to show for his effort? NO! Simple logic suggests that the husband is responsible for her disappearance.Unfortunately Laci was probably killed on the evening of the 23rd and so he had plenty of time to dispose of her body and drive to Berkeley to get his launch receipt and gas receipt.
But unless the police find some evidence or the primary crime scene, he might just get away with it.

I hate to say it but I think the husband did it. Why deep that one reciept? He doesn't have a habit of it (for taxes or exp accnt). He probably went to his normal fishing spot, dumped the body from the boat, then created an alibi (with receipt) at the Berkley Marina, knowing they have toll booth receipts with unmanned booth.

I wonder how the family that is so steadfast in the innocence of the husband (her side of family) is going to feel when it turns out he killed her the night before, loaded her in the boat, dumped her off in his normal fishing resevoir, then the next day released the dog with his leash on, drove all the way to Berkeley Marina to create an alibi with the reciept, came home and was more than willing to turn over boat, truck, etc. to police as he had already "sanitized" them.

I'm with everyone else...i've susupected the husband from the moment the story broke...and who does go fishing on Christmas Eve, alone, to a place he's never been before? Are we certain the baby was his??

I heard one guy say "word on the street" is that the child wasn't his. Maybe a reason for the killing. "Word on the street" is just someone's way of advancing a theory but it sounds interesting.

The mother of Laci became irate at a press conference the other day when the suggestion was made that the baby was not his. They are still sticking up for the husband but you watch, that will change in a heartbeat. He has probably either failed the lie detector or refused it and his answers to detectives are not satisfactory -- thus the focus of investigation on his haunts (fishing spots, etc.).

I have to wonder why police are not satisfied with Mr. Petersen's answers to their questions. He is lawyering up. Sound familiar? Wish they could intereogate the dog!

Wow, well, he just doesn't seem to be the one here, "everyone" said they were very happy together. I know it sounds really fishy, pun intended, but, those guys that fish and hunt are fanatics, especially during the holidays. Their only time off.

I heard something on Fox that the divers had come across something in the water, but it was a quick blip, but, there is nothing on the net. (greta said something, didn't catch it all)

Sad story. Seems like there have been atleast three stories this week on men killing their wives. What happened to Divorce?? Geez...

Now they have found something in the marina that "looks like a body". If it is Laci, then he was even more emboldened than I thought. He weighted and loaded her in the boat the night before, dumped her over the next morning, let the dog out with leash on, kept the reciept (may turn out to be his undoing) for an alibi, sanitized the truck and boat of any blood evidence, and called the police when he got home that evening. Seems funny he would call police before trying her cell phone, friends, etc.

I, too, thought it odd that he called the police so quickly. Afterall, my husband can be gone for hours on end without communication of any kind and i have never once thought to call the police! I hope they do find her and i really hope he didn't do it...but i have a sad feeling he did. Are there any other viable suspects? I can't imagine that even a psycho would want to abduct woman so obviously pregnant for fear that she may deliver upon the first moment of stress! She had to know and trust whoever did this to her and that takes me right back to the hubby. Sick.

I bet the blue tarp has something to do with it. I bet he covered her in boat with it. If so there will be forensic evidence on it but, much like in the house, a good defense atty will say the fibers, hair, etc. would have been there anyway due to her living there. Only copious amts of blood would be viewed as suspicious.

So the police think the husband had a girl friend and took out large life insurance policy now? Wonder what Laci's family thinks of the boy now? Sounds like a large river in Egypt to me!

I am so disgusted after the news of the hubby's affair. This poor girl lived with someone she trusted, how could this have happened? As mentioned earlier, sure wish the dog could talk.

If he was innocent, he would be on every talk show/taking lie decector tests/anything to get his name cleared so police could investigate others but he is not doing that.

Sure wish the neighbor who found the dog running around with a leash had called somebody, too much time passed. MY heart aches for the family.

I wonder where she is? I've been haunted by this story since the first time i heard it. When does killing your wife and your unborn child (who would have survived if born by the way) make more sense then getting a divorce? And to do it on a holiday makes it all the more cruel. I pray to God that they find her and get him quickly. Scott Petersen is a heartless creature who deserves no mercy.

I wonder why Scott decided to move volunteer effort to LA? What does he know the cops don't? Sounds like the drunk who was looking for his wallet under the street light. When asked why he was looking there rather than where it was supposed to be lost he said: " the light is better here!"... Maybe they need to check out how much concrete he purchased to make the "anchor"?

Maybe we will all feel bad for suspecting that Scott did it. Maybe we will elect OJ Simpson President!

If it turns out that Scott didn't do it (ha! ha!) i might feel bad that i immediately suspected him. But who else did it? I somehow don't picture raving lunatics wandering around on Christmas Eve abducting women who are clearly well toward the end of their pregnancy! I think Laci found out Scott was having an affair and he lost it and killed her. Now if only the can prove it....

Two Scotts in the news ...... Ritter and Peterson. Think about it.........

Yesterday the other woman whom Scott Petersen was having an affair with, came forward in a press conference. What struck me, was at the end of her "heartfelt" speech, she mentioned that she is a single mother of a 23 month old child.....Hhmmmm....which led me to wonder if she is lying about when she met Scott Petersen and if this is his child. I hope police take a good look at her too. I think she knew he was married and she may have been involved. Lots of people were wondering why Mr. Petersen decided to suddendly hand out flyers in San Diego....well, his family lives there, but surprise, surprise, he is going to the Super Bowl!!!! Although he has not been charged with anything (YET) he should be arrested for being a huge JACKASS!!!

This Scott guy is unbelievable! I mean..... going to the super bowl??? At least he could ACT like he was grieving! I hope they hang his a**!!!

You watch tho, he will get (already has one) a slick atty (like Mark Garragos) and because forensic evidence is useless (she lived there) and body never surfaces, he will get away with it.

Have you guys been watching Fox news? Greta Van Susteren had Mark Furhman on the other night and he let it slip that the police did find blood in both the kitchen and Scott's car/boat. He did say that he didn't know how much blood was found in the kitchen and in the car/boat it has yet to be determined if it is human blood. If it is her blood in both places and it's more then just a few drops then it will be hard to explain away...but then again wasn't Nicole's blood in OJ's car too?? Aghhh!!!

I saw the gal on television this morning, the one that Scott was involved with. She did seem genuinely mortified, so who knows? Lots of guys lie about NOT being married. I found that out when I was newly divorced. One thing that I thought of: She said that someone introduced them in late November and indicated that he was not married. Who was that person? Does Scott have a pal as good to him as O.J.'s buddy? Someone who knows something?

Having been married to a long-time police officer, I am naturally suspicious. I know, as a woman, that I would have called my family or friends and mentioned that my husband was going fishing. Did Laci? Does she have any friends in that area, other than family members? I may be wrong, but having my husband take off for a fishing trip hours away when I was almost to my due date would have INFURIATED me and my family members and friends would have been who I vented to.

Most people would consider it odd that someone go off on a holiday, especially ALONE, and to a new fishing spot several hours away. The fishermen I KNOW, fanatics or now, would never have left their almost full-term pregnant wife to take off to a new spot a few hours from home. That just doesn't ring true of a concerned husband and father-to-be. Most men are panicky towards the due date and don't want to leave their wives.

Was there signs of bait, etc., having been on that boat, or did he scrub the boat clean before he came home? That is a bit odd, if he did. Most guys I know aren't fanatics about cleaning up their fishing boats, beyond taking out the bait, and any catch.

Did Scott tell any of his buddies that he was taking off to go fishing on Christmas Eve? Most guys would share that info.

One more thing....did the police check SCOTTS cell phone records. Were there calls to the girlfriend, and were their calls from Laci to Scott as he traveled to his "fishing site"? My husband and I chat all the time, and if Laci was alive when Scott took off, I would suggest that she would have called him SOMETIME in the time that he was gone, if not to chat, to leave messages.

In any case, NOTHING adds up and I truly believe that this man is a cold blooded murderer who killed, or arranged to have killed, his wife who he professed to love so much, and his yet-to-be-born son. A man who loves his wife and respects her, especially a wife who is due to give him a supposedly much wanted son, does not cheat. That in itself shows Scott's true character.

I tend to agree with you regarding the girlfriend - i think she's a victim too and really believed Scott was single. As for all the other points you brought up, many of the same questions were asked at the last press conference and the police chief continually declined to answer them so as not to jeopardize the investigation. I think the Modesto police/FBI have much of the info we are all dying to learn but can't disclose it yet. Watch Fox News tonight with Greta Van Susteren, she has Laci's mom and sister on.

I totally agree with Jeannie about all the facts not adding up. Possibly the investigation is being made to look like they are not going to charge Scott Petersen with anything so he won't spook. His house was broken into recently, I found that strange.....Tell me, does this add up? Here is the most public home in town and constantly on the news and then that is the house someone chooses to break into? Very, very odd. Whatever forensic evidence was found or not found at the home of this couple is being withheld, most likely and with good reason. I think the girlfriend may have gotten pregnant before Laci and put alot of pressure on Scott to leave his wife. She is a mother of a 23 month old baby. So, he may have decided to go with the girlfriend. She may be involved, I don't know. Her statement sounded odd to me. She said she "could have" used the photos of herself and Scott to benefit financially, but she is not going to do that. Why mention it in that way? Like, hey, look at me and what I am NOT doing. I'm a suspicious person too in regards to her.

Who's to say this one girl who came forward as his mistress was the only one? How about the scenario where Scott was actually meeting up with a different woman on Christmas Eve, needed an alibi for THAT - got the reciepts for that purpose and is still not confessing to it. Maybe he's guilty of cheating on his wife and NOT of murder.. maybe he tried to break it off with one of them and she went after Laci?

There are lots of maybes up there but I'm still not totally convinced Scott did it himself.. I'm pretty sure however that he's involved.

Well...perhaps we all just have extremely suspicious minds, but whatever happened to Laci, the truth is that Scott is a Cad. No, a cheater does not a murderer make, but a desperate cheater could be driven to such a thing. Ironically, although one cannot judge from a distressed person doing a television interview....it is hard to imagine that Amber Frey would drive a man to desperation enough to kill his wife. Amber, although not homely by any means, seems to dim in comparison to the Laci everyone has projected as the bright, bubbly, cute little brunette. Well, one never knows!
I had a close friend who was married to a State Trooper. He and she had only been married for about 8 months when she got pregnant with his child. They had discussed having children and he seemed happy with the idea. He had two previous children from an earlier marriage. Anyway, unbeknownst to his wife, this man had met a woman while up hunting a few months earlier (at a bar) and begun an affair with her. During the course of the affair, and after my friend had found out about the woman, this State Trooper physically lashed out at his wife. Once he threw her across the garage when she was about 6 months along. He told her that he felt trapped and that she should not have gotten pregnant so soon. This man, who supposedly had adored this tiny, bubbly little gal (she resembles Laci a lot), became a monster. The baby was born 6 weeks early, and when they released my friend from the hospital, and the baby remained there, I was the one to pick her up and take her home. The moral of this story; Man who are asses and feel trapped and caught up in their ugly behavior, can and do become abusive and mean. My friend could have been killed also when she was thrown, and the cop who was her husband had no thought for her state-of-pregnancy or his unborn son. He just didn't want to be married any longer and wanted his freedom. Could be something like this with Scott and Laci, and he got rid of the body because he was frightened.

I just heard on the local news that during an interview with Dianne Sawyer, Scott claimed that he did NOT kill Laci, and that he had told her about the affair in early December. Now, that puts yet another different light on things. IF Scott told Laci about the affair, would she NOT have told her family about it? A pregnant woman, told by her husband that he had cheated on her, would have gone to those closest to her, especially her mother. So, I wonder about that. Wonder if he promised her that he wouldn't see Amber again. Wonder if he did anyway. Wonder what she thought as he left to "go fishing" that day? Nothing, because that is NOT the way it went down. A wife who has just found out that her husband is having an affair would want proof of where he was every time he was out of her sight, and most certainly a man who has just admitted three weeks earlier that he had been involved with another woman would not be trusted to take off on his own for hours. Laci would not have been confident enough in him to agree to that. So, now, instead of making it all sound MORE truthful, he seems even less convincing. Imagine that!

I, for one, do not buy his story at all. I do not believe he ever told Laci he was having an affair. What was the point of telling her in early December? He kept right on seeing Amber and even continued calling her acting as if he were on a business trip to Paris AFTER Laci was missing. I, too, believe if Scott had really told Laci she would have confided in someone. He's lying and trying to save his image. Laci is dead somewhere and i believe he knows exactly where she is.

If Laci were abducted by assailants unkown to the dog, I wonder why he (the dog) didn't intervene in any way during the attack? I think Scott let him out with his leash on to provide a distration and help substantiate an abduction alternative. Scott's concrete work may mean she may never surface! He's a creep. Reminds me of another Modesto native who had an affair!

Yes, Scott has that "creepy thing" about his whole demeanor. I only viewed a partial interview with him. He told Diane Sawyer that he told Laci about the affair and that she was not mad. What? I think he just needs a bigger shovel now.(This could be a newly found talent he can utilize once he is incarcerated) What Jeannie was saying about a seemingly perfect guy going bad is so true. I have seen it happen. Why can't these type of guys just commit to not ever being commited? It would save the world alot of trouble. Like I said before,,,,,if it were a crime to act like a complete and total jackass, Scott wouold be in jail right now!

To me, Scott Peterson is the consumate spoiled brat. As per normal (with spoiled children) his parents (mother on oxygen tank) were speaking out for him. His father was saying "those picutes don't prove a thing! could have been at a busness function, party, who knows...". Funny, haven't heard much from the old man for a while. I told everyone a few weeks ago it wouldn't be long before Laci's family turned on Snotty Scotty like a mongoose on a cobra! Didn't take long! Scott ..... you make me sick!

Yes, Jimmy, you did call it regarding Laci's family turning on him! According to the Modesto BEE newspaper, Scott claims he told the police about his affair right at the start on Christmas Eve. The police aren't saying he did or he didn't they just keep saying that Amber Frey came forward on December 30th. Do you really think he did tell the police the truth right from the start? Or is he bold face lying to everyone right to their face?

Lucky Scott doesn't find himself in a room alone with us, isn't it? He would be driven to confessing..........! I didn't know about his calling Amber after Laci was missing, pretending to be in Paris. A man who does THAT sure isn't worried about his wife. A distraught man would have felt SO GUILTY that he would want NOTHING to do with his girlfriend. He knows exactly what happened to Laci.

April .... He's lying! I know that is shocking news! This guy is unbelievable! I'm certain that Laci didn't have a real problem with his having an affair with some bimbo from Fresno. Right! At least Bimbo did the right thing...... She could be lying too, tho... She went to police to cover herself. It worked. They will leave her alone now, even if Scotty boy tries to implicate her. His credibility is fried by now! Hope Scotty enjoyed superbowl. He is such a good boy. So loving. So doggone good! And his Daddy says he lost so much weight (at least 15 lbs).... Where Daddy, in his left ear lobe? He's a pant load like his son!

Thanks Danny :-). I just can't picture lying so publicly is all, but then again, if my life was on the line i may be driven to things i never knew i was capable of...and i guess once i murdered lying would pale in comparison! And Jeannie, i've been watching Fox News avidly and that's where i learned that once Amber contacted the authorities she then allowed them to tape all her phone calls. She received several from Scott claiming to be calling from Europe on business. This guy is a real dope! Here his picture is all over the national news, all Amber had to do was turn on a TV for God's sake and she would see him (which she did!) and he continued with his "Europe" facade...which brings me back to Danny, you're totally right! He is LYING!

This case is way too similar to other cases of wives disappearing. Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald killed his wife and young daughters, Matthew Solomon on LI, NY killed his new bride Christmas Eve., Charles Stuart and so on. There's also the Gary Condit factor; he now lives back in Modesto. Point being, there's a bunch of creepy people out there who do kill their wivies and act like a-holes in their alt lifestyle. It has to be ego driven. Sadly a body will probably surface and then you'll have forensic evidence. I think this guy will dig himself deeper and eventually will be convicted. It just doesn't add up for him.

Manzier: Whatta name! Sounds like a Sienfeld episode! Unfortunately, it may take a long time (if ever) for the body to surface with the concrete boots he probably made for her as an Xmas and baby shower gift! Modesto really grows some good ones!

I saw Scott being interviewed claiming that he told Laci all about his affair. Yeah, yeah, yeah! He can claim he told her whatever he wants because he knows she's never coming back to dispute his tales. He even said "i wouldn't be surprised if they find blood in our cars because i'm always cutting my hands" (to Diane Sawyer). Given enough rope this guy may just hang himself publicly!

Someone just reported to police possibly having seen Laci with her "kidnapper" and didn't come forward until now because she "forgot" to report it...OK.......Most of the promising leads sound hokey. I really want to see some kind of lead actually come through and nail this clown. My money is still on this Scott creep. He looks smug.....I'd like to see that look wiped off his smug fat face! If he did do this and he does get caught, that will be the only remorse he shows, is that he got caught and not remorse for his crime.

How could someone 'forget" to report possibly seeing Laci with a possible kidnapper? With all of the media hoopla and everyone so worried about this person, who could "forget"? Perhaps this person is someone Scott knows and she is trying to throw police off. You know, I feel terrible being judgmental, but my gut tells me that either Scott himself did something, or he arranged it. The story line (affair...wife disappears) just sounds really suspicious.

So a clerk in Longview, WA had a pregnant woman that looked like Laci (I assume as no one on news said she even looked like Laci according to the clerk) came up to her and told her she was kidnapped. The clerk couldn't remember the no. for police (912?) so she waited to look it up, then forgot about it until just now! She either wants publicity or is more than a total pinhead. Brace yourself, we will see more of these I predict. But one thing is sure: Scotty boy is reveling in these "sightings"!

I understand that neighbors saw Scott loading a blue tarp wrapped around something into the boat the night before Xmas eve. He waid it was two large beach umbrellas? I thought they found the tarp next to an overpass next to a body of water. Sounds like they should investigate this much further. Beach umbrellas? Where are they? What about forensic evidence on blue tarp? What happened to anchors Scott made from cement. Is all the cement accounted for? Why two anchors? Has Scott laid any cement slabs, etc. lately? I think the police must know a heck of a lot they are not sharing and it probably doesn't look to good for Scotty!

I read more about the store clerk's story....now WHAT woman (sorry, but men tend to be less easily excited) who is approached by a PREGNANT woman ( in particular) who says that she was kidnapped, would not IMMEDIATELY call the police, or call someone else to have them do it? Couldn't remember the number...duh!!!!!!! Kids know to call 911 in an emergency! I would have been so frightened for the woman, and wanting to help, that I would have immediately put everything aside to call. Then forgetting all about it until now? Right. That woman is either a fake, a stoner or a drunk, or plain dumb, if that is the case that she truly forgot! Another thing I read today....Scott said that he had purchased the boat recently and wanted to take it out to try it out. When did he purchase the boat? Before or after he met Amber Frey? Perhaps he purchased the boat for the express purpose of disposing of his wife when he got the guts to do her in. And what nut in his right mind decided to go out in 30-40 degree, wet and bone-chilling weather, to try a NEW KIND of fishing that he had "read"about? On Christmas Eve?

And about the tarp covered "umbrellas"...WHY suddenly that day would he have been taking them to a warehouse and why wrap them in a tarp? That fact alone, with the curtains remaining closed, etc., etc., etc., would be enough to make me suspicious. It almost had to be Laci in that tarp. Otherwise, it is all so COOINCIDENTAL. Too pat.

Scott claims he can't talk about whether or not he took lie detector.... B.S.! The cops don't care about that.... I believe Laci is buried under concrete or encased in concrete under water somewhere. I hope she's not in Berkely Bay as it will be harder to find her! I think he just went there to create his alibi (get ticket, etc.) but he didn't buy bait (sturgeon takes shrip, mackeral, or some other live bait). He's for sure a dummy, tho..... If he would have taken her duck hunting in the boat, they could have just had an "accident" and he would have a body, death certificate, et al...

The reason Scott isn't talking about the lie detector test is because he flunked it. He most likely took one given to him by his lawyer and failed it. If he had passed it we'd be hearing all about that. According to some reporter (Fox News last night) Scott did tell Laci about his affair 3 days prior to her gone missing. Laci apparently told at least 3-4 of her friends that she had found pictures of Scott w/ Amber and that she was going to leave him once the holidays were over. Hmmmm, and now she's gone...

Scott Peterson has hired a "PR" firm now!!!

Why were the "umbrellas" at the house? Were they the type that you use with patio funiture? Did Scott & Laci have any of those umbrellas at their home when police searched it? If they did, then why would there be two more? It doesn't make sense that he would be bringing something like that back and forth from work... especially during December! And, if he was loading them into his truck why was there a need for the tarp at all? After all, IF they were only umbrellas why would they need to be covered?

And really, (I know its been said already) who goes through the trouble to tidy up the house (or garage), make a trip to the "office" AND go fishing on a busy day like Christmas Eve?
Are bait & tackle shops even open the day before Christmas?

I wonder if Scott had invited or even mentioned his fishing plans to any of his friends or family. Surely he would have rather had a companion along for company. RIGHT? Or, maybe not. Especially if he had to make those plans the night before to create an alibi for himself.

I think Scott is lieing way too much to be innocent. I also thought his explanation for the blood in his truck to be hilarious. It makes me wonder what the police thought when they were examining his truck...I mean there's the usual mess inside the cab (dust, hairs, soil, maybe even small amounts of blood) but the bed is spotless??? I hope we all get answers to these questions someday. But mostly, it would be nice if we were all wrong, and Laci could be found alive!

The one thing I am sure of is that Scott Peterson is a real JERK! What type of man goes to the Superbowl when his wife has gone missing?

Take special notice of what Scott says prior to being asked. He volunteered that he cuts himself all the time due to his work on farms (he's a salesman BTW). Laci may have taken a butcher knife to him the night prior to Xmas eve after finding out about Amber. The key will be if they find her blood in the cab, on tarp, or bed of boat. A good atty, however, will still be able to "explain" most of it away in that her forensics would be there anyway. They need to locate her body. She may have pulled hairs in truck or boat also which could be probative. Perhaps some more affairs will surface or someone saw something but aside from (or in addition to) that they need the body and some evidence thereon or him breaking down completely and cofessing. He actually looks close but then again he is a psycopath so he probably won't! Doesn't look good.

Well, Fox News recanted the news reporters story that Laci found pictures of Scott with Amber. According to the Modesto police chief there was only 1 set of photos which Amber gave to the police herself. They also said that Scott did not come forward about his affair with Amber they only got that info from Amber on Dec 30th. Soooo...now we're back to square one in wondering whether Laci ever really did know of Scott's infidelities!

I have a feeling that if Laci was murdered by Scott, he did it clean. Meaning he poisoned or drugged her. So most likely no forensice evidence would surface. Finding his wife's hair in, on or around the truck would be considered not unusual. He thinks he is so slick. So he may get a few good years out of this, but then, he is going down!!

I really think that Amber Frey has his baby and is lying about when she met him. Story goes something like this: Married man gets girlfriend pregnant, married man promises girlfriend he will leave his wife, he doesn't, then gets wife pregnant. Girlfriend throws a fit and pressures him to do something about he situation because he promised her he would leave his wife. Married man disposes of wife and goes back to girlfriend, trying to use her as an alibi.....Make sense? Even if Amber wasn't directly involved, I think she knows alot more about what happened to Laci than she is saying. She came forward way too late. She tried to come off as some brave woman...better late than never I guess, but it seemed suspicious to me. JILL

I just read on Bill Bickel's site that Scott sold the SUV (Land Rover) that was Laci's and purchased a new truck for himself. Also, that he tried putting the house on the market. The first he could do if it was only in HIS name, but if Laci's name was on the title, HOW did he do it? Also, the house....if the police are going to need to go back in or anything, he could not do that at this point...and was the house only in HIS name, because if it had Laci's name on it, without her being declared legally deceased, he COULD NOT do this. And if the vehicle and house are only in his name, how come? Sounds suspicious once again. What type of man sells his wife's car that she loved before he even knows (supposedly) that she is dead, and the house. Would you not want to keep both for when she came home????

I heard Scott is moving to San Diego. Guess he's not too popular in Modesto. Can't imagine why...... Selling all her stuff, going to super bowl, lying about lying about the masuesse, etc. ad nauseum. He and Gary C should run for governor of Calif. After re-electing Gumby we deserve them!

Scott will probably go "scott" free! No body, no real evidence! How long do you have to wait to get death cert? 3 years? 7 years? $250K tax free? He'll have to move but he's already working on that. I see a career for him in the Democratic party. Perhaps could work for Nancy Pelosi (if he wants to stay in Ba area) or Edwards (pres candidate?)....... Scott will win this one I guess in any case...... (he could work for Saddam.......)

The selling of the car and house is very disturbing. Scott actually traded the Land Rover in for a new Dodge truck. I have to say that my faith in good people has somewhat been restored by an act of good faith by the car dealer who accepted the Land Rover as a trade in. He immediately contacted Laci's family and donated it back to them so that she could have it when and if she came home. Cool, huh?

All this stuff looks so bad. I don't think he is going to get away with it. I think of Laci Petersen often and hope that whoever did this to her will pay. It is possible that Scott has a distorted way of thinking as far as how he is being viewed by the public. Also he goes to be interviewed on TV and then doesn't answer questions. He answered by saying that he didn't think the question was "appropriate for this forum." Ok buddy, I guess that depends on the what the definition of is.......is! JILL

Actually, Jill, there is (is) a lot of similarity between the phsyche's of our ex-pres (Billy Boy) and scotty boy.... They are both narcissicistic (sp?) personalities totally absorbed with themselves and their wants. Others are ancillary to their needs, and so if they get in the way, they can be discarded......

Yeah, but Bill Clinton does not seem psycho to me, not like Scott. I understand what you are saying though. It irritates me on a daily basis that Scott is not being looked at more closely. Maybe he is being watched. The police do not have to inform the public of everything. Nobody mentions Chandra Levy anymore. I guess that all got swept under the rug as well. JILL

Interesting that nude pics of Amber have turned up. Works at a massage parlor. Hmmm....... Amber previously tried to break up another marriage with a 7.5 month pregnant wife! Interesting...... Maybe Ms. Frey is not as innocent as she would like us to believe. She was smart tho..... police are on her side now. Maybe she will cause Scott to "flip"..... Thats the only way they'll get him, I'm afraid.

I have a question....... If she IS involved, will Amber Frey?????

If it isn't Scott...then who? What about the baby? Who's baby is it? Was it concieved naturally and easily or by a donor in a dish? Could a mad lab tech or donor be involved? Who would kidnap an 8 1/2 month pregnant woman unless they wanted a baby or didn't want that baby???? Was anyone else involved with the pregnancy?

By now I'm pretty sure a real A**hole was involved in the pregnancy! I'm not sure who is more slimey, Scott P or Mark Garragos or the other defense attys defending him!

I'm hoping the Modesto police have a lot more evidence on Scott then we are aware of. I'd hate to Scott get away with it. I'll just puke if he gets away with it!!

I'm hoping that the Modesto police have a lot more evidence against Scott that we are unaware of. I'll just puke if he gets away with it!

I'm hoping the Modesto police have a lot more evidence against Scott then we are aware of. I am so convinced he did it - by now we should have heard some other theories - right? I'll just puke if he gets away with it.

OK, OK, April...... We know you're going to puke (3 times?)..... You better go help them find the body or he might just get away with it!

Jimmy, i apologize for my redundancy (frozen computer!), however, i just may puke 3 times if he does gets away with it! I wish i had a clue as to where to find her...i've spent lots of time wondering where she is and hoping that she didn't suffer too much in the end. I saw Laci's family on the news last night and they sure do have a lot of reserve (much more then any of us have!). While they calmly (too calmly) state that they just want Scott to talk to the police and tell them everything he knows you can see them physically holding back their desire to scream "HE DID IT".

Jill and others,

I assure you, Scott is being watched like a hawk by both local police and the FBI. He can't fart without their knowledge. Meanwhile, there is a little leak in the story, as a Modesto native has been keeping me posted on the inside skinny.

They have a lot on him. The locals and MPD are pretty much 100% certain he did it. They are not telling you where they are searching, for obvious reasons. Lots of stuff going on behind the scenes.

Brent Rocha is a key player here. Keep an eye on him and listen carefully to what he does (and doesn't) say.

There is also a big hullabaloo about the laci peterson website. Feel free to e-mail me if you want the scoop.

Saw Laci's parents and siblings on TV (Donahue). Boy, they are a class act! They are so reserved! Hard to believe. I think the step dad would like to throttle Scotty boy (while he's asking his questions)....

Loretta and all,

Scott being in the fertilizer business would certainly know about decomposition. I researched your suggestion of the tanks. My heart sank with the idea of mother and baby being dumped in such a place. I still had hopes of her being held somewhere until this idea sprang up. If so...this had to be a planned act. Scott would have to know the distance and the security at such a site. Not saying it couldn't be done.
Hope your contact from Modesto is correct about the FBI and the police. This process needs to end now.

The hullabaloo I referred to about the laci peterson website has to do with the web master there. He asked a web detective forum to take down a "baby book" they had posted in honor of the due date this past monday. Then he asked that they (and another forum) not post their theories and speculation on their site, but to send all such ideas to his website. He hasn't contacted me to do any such thing, and I would just laugh if he did.

Scott was videotaped at a sporting goods store buying scuba weights. This is not public knowledge. He was bleaching the floor of the kitchen when the cops arrived on the 24th. He wouldn't let them in the house. They found a blue tarp with bleach on it. There's lots more.

Last night on CNN (Nancy Grace) they indicated the MPD would be making an arrest within weeks. When Nancy pinned reporter down if there were any other suspects at all, he bascially indicated there were none. I thought it interesting that when he called Scott, he said words to the effect: " they can't arrest me without having something on me....". Seems to me if you're innocent your response would be more along the lines of: "I'm innocent, I don't know how they could have evidence enough to do that..."

Get this, my friend took her mother to the beauty parlor in Modesto last week. (Under the hair dryers women do talk!) A MPD detective's wife let the cat out of the bag...Scott poured a cement slab in his backyard prior to his wife going missing. I think they will find Laci under this slab. Good reason for him to want to sell the house, eh?

Well, i'm greatly relieved that to hear that we may be seeing Scott in hand cuffs sooner rather then later (or never!). Loretta, it's exciting to read your scoops!

If Scott poured the cement prior, how can Laci be under it? And if he killed her the night before and poured the cement the same night, the police would be able to recognize the fresh cement 2 days later. I don't buy that beauty parlor theory.

Why is this new search on Sat. being done so far from home? Is the family conducting the search or is this a police conducted search? And where is Scotty??????

What I meant was, prior to her being announced as missing. There was a fresh slab of cement in the backyard on Covena.

Well....they should have jack hammered that puppy up the very next day....what are they waiting for!!!! Hope you're right, so there can be and end to this for the family's sake.

According to the Modesto Bee, the search is being held by Laci's family.

Wow. Haven't been at this site for a while, and although a lot of your info here is same as at other sites, the story about the cement slab being new hasn't been mentioned yet. Actually, that Detective's wife should keep her mouth shut. As the former wife of a former long-time cop (retired now), I was privvy to some information, but would have gotten my husband into BIG trouble if my blabbing had messed up a case. I would suggest that cops should keep their info at the station and between them only! And if this was true, don't you think that the police would have gotten a warrant for "probable cause" and broken open that slab, instead of putting the family through such misery for so long? Even without openly naming Scott as a suspect, BECAUSE the police don't know where Laci was "snatched" from, they would have probable cause to get a warrant to search the house and all of the property, in case SOMEONE ELSE did something with Laci. Obviously...it was almost certainly Scott, but they would have been smart to cajole him into letting his guard down by pretending that they were searching for clues about someone else possibly doing something with Laci. Scott, taken off guard (instead of being put ON GUARD as he is now) may have been a lot more cooperative. Obviously, his demanding a search warrant, his refusal to take a lie detector test, his very actions in the past almost two months are all indicative of a man who has something to hide. He is NOT pleading for someone to let him know what they did with Laci, and he is supposedly "searching" for Laci (per his Mom's information) in Modesto, but does anyone see him out searching? Also, one more thing.......WHY DOES HIS FATHER NEVER SPEAK OUT? It is always the sister, or the sister-in-law, or the mother (who is supposedly ill) but I never hear his father speak. I THINK that Scott might have enlisted his father in whatever happened, after it happened. A parent will quite often cover for their child, and then of course they would suggest that he NOT take a lie detector test. This is just a suggestion, because I feel that the father not speaking out is just as guilty looking as Scott not speaking out. Dad's usually will stick up and speak out for their kids.

Yes, well, Scott's extreme effort is shown by having the Laci flyers and buttons on his lawn in boxes with a sign that says "take one." Wow, I'm impressed by his participation! Jeannie, I appreciate your comment about the detective and his wife. A case can get ruined by such gossip or leaks. Some people don't understand that and can't help themselves when it comes to keeping secrets. Let's all pray for Scott in handcuffs in the meantime. By the way, what ever happened to DNA testing? Why have they not tested this tarp for Laci's blood and luminol the kitchen of the Petersen house and wherever else is necessary? JILL

They have tested blood, DNA, etc. It supposedly can take 2-3 months to get results for these tests.

They said on CNN that the reason blood DNA testing is taking so long is that they will be comparing hormone levels in blood to tests Laci had to further pin down time blood was left in truck or in kitchen, etc. The fact she is pregnant gives them more alternatives in "dating" blood left by her.

Agree that the cops would have dug slab up "poste haste" had that been a viable lead. Funny that Scotts family is looking in San Diego for Laci. What do they know that no one else does. BTW, Scotts Dad used to talk. Said affair was bogus idea and that pictures don't prove anything - could be just a business function, etc. Don't hear much from him now. Guess why?

Well Jimmy, Dad knows more than he should. That is what I think. Scott is not a celebrity, so what is really stopping the police? In alot of other cases, he would already have been arrested. I suppose his is a flight risk. After all, he was in France recently..........JILL

Ha! Ha! I just read in the Modesto Bee that Scott's new truck has been confiscated by the police and a second search warrant was served to search his house! How funny is that??

Looks like Loretta's theory of a move on Scott is playing out before us....in SLOW MO! Sure hope the MPD/FBI doesn't mess this up.

Sacramento Bee reported 2-19-03 that Scott grew frustrated, throwing up his hands as police were speaking with him. This conversation ended with Scott and police going to the back yard.

What's with Scotty's go-tee and mustache???? The villain look speaks volumes!

I think police took new truck to check for trace evidence from clothes, etc. Scott may have removed from house. Also could have attached tracking device. Mostly took clothes of hers from house I think. Police were seen looking in crawl space below house. I think Amy was there to ID clothes she might have been wearing. Also think they used search to "seat" Scotty some more (I know they don't do that legally). Also think they will inspect tires and undercarriage for soil, etc. from places he may have visited to ensure body is still outa sight.... Perhaps when he leased new truck there was device already installed?

Jean: You mean if you have a goatee and moustache you are a villian? Wow! Guess I better shave!

In order to get the second search warrant must some new information now be available that wasn't available when the first search warrant was issued?

No, I don't believe that I said if you have a goatee and a mustache you are a villian. It is however, known in theactrics that the part of a lecherous man is most commonly portrayed by a man with a goatee and mustache. The mere word "goat" refers to a horned and bearded animal.

It's not the facial hair that bothers me, it's the cockiness and the audacity to grow this villian look that makes me believe he is now flaunting his deed. He thinks he has gotten away with murder.

I had been holding out hope that Laci was still alive somewhere and perhaps Scott was not guilty. This one act of brashness, at this point in the case, has me convinced that he did it. He screwed up.

Everybody changes their facial appearances for a reason. Perhaps he thinks he is developing a diguise....I think he is starting to show his horns!

Perhaps the phrase "hiding behind your beard" really fits for Scott! Maybe growing his goatee and mustache is really his sub- conscious way of hiding his guilt? Very interesting observation, Jean. The police removed 95 bags of stuff (evidence?) from his house yesterday - God, i hope they find something concrete.

Scott growng a goatee is the least of his suspicious actions! Would be interesting to know if Amy ID'd clothes she was wearing when she cut Scott's hair the night of the murder (alleged). Also if any "modifications" made to house, extensive cleaning, if she kept some kind of diary, "business" records for concrete, phone calls, etc.

April, get the puke pan ready. I have this sinking feeling that Jimmy's prediction will come true. This guy is going to walk.

Cement residue in the boat? Wasn't there before boat sold to Scott accoring to former owners. What the heck do you use cement in a boat for? Mixed an anchor right in the boat the night of the 23rd and put her feet in it to harden up for the next day (all done at warehouse where it is more private?). Then dumped body with cement filled bbl over board in some body of water (her feet and legs in the cement. after it started to harden up he could have laid the whole thing horizontal without the cement "running out into boat". put tarp over whole thing and won't be seen over side of boat while driving to area of body dump.

Boy Jimmy, you sure do paint a pretty picture! I just read online in the Modesto Bee that several neighbors reported seeing Laci walking the dog on Christmas Eve between 1015A-1030A. I wonder why we haven't heard about that until now?

Saw the neighbors stories on Greta also. Police "ignored"? nieghbor's sighting. Must be a reason for that. Turns out it is reported by Scott's sister-in-law from thier "hotline". Then turns out husband only saw dog...... Maybe not too credible a "sighting"? Seems this would be major "timeline" info.... Funny only reported on Scott's "hotline"..... Think I trust the cops on this one! BTW, O'Riley should never have denigrated CNN for running full hour of Laci discussions (exploitation).... now poor Greta has to "tease" with Laci info (cement, etc.) so you can see 20 seconds of update at tail end of her show (only reason some may watch the whole thing).....Hmmmm....

That O'Riley is so full of himself! I must admit, though, that one of the only reasons i watch Greta is to catch some Laci news. I was also wondering about the neighbor's credibility. If what they saw was accurate this would not only be big news but extremely critical for the timeline as well as for Scott's "perfect" cover story (gag...gag)

Any forensic follow up info from the search of Petersen's house yet? This story has suddenly dropped from the news lately and I don't like that at all. I hope it doesn't just get swept under the rug. JILL

What about someone posing as Laci walking the dog? Maybe that is why the police dogs kept returning to the driveway. Also, Scott explained away the blue tarp he was carrying. Umbrellas? Taking them to his storage because it was raining? Was the blue tarp still there with the umbrellas? So many questions......

One more thought... are there cameras at the marina?

In regard to the witnesses who saw Laci walking her dog. Laci was BIG PREGNANT. Look at the pictures that were taken of her recently and notice how she showed and those pictures may have been taken a month before. When you're pregnant even two weeks can make a big difference in the buldge. Now my point is this. When they were asked point blank "are you 100% sure that it was Laci Peterson?" the witnesses stated, hesitantly, mmmhuh, we're sure it was her. If it was me, I would know for sure and I would be saying it like this "I know for sure it was Laci Peterson, big belly and all! The woman that I saw was big pregnant plus I saw her face! It was definately Laci Peterson!" I just get the feeling that the witnesses (husband and wife) may have seen a woman walking a yellow dog (how many yellow dogs are there? Many, many, many) and they may think in their mind that it was Laci. But I don't think that who they saw was Laci Peterson, they described the person that they saw as a young woman, kind of short, with dark hair and but no mention to the fact of the woman whom they saw having a big pregnant abdomen. Why would they leave that out? It is a key description.

I have been thinking exactly the same as Nockiedo. Every other dog is a golden in California AND the woman wasn't very convincing about actually seeing Laci. If she wasn't a personal friend of Laci's I doubt if she knew who it was that she saw...could've been any pregnant woman and a yellow dog.

And....wasn't the couple's home about 10 blocks out of Laci's normal walk pattern? And what about the description of the dog besides YELLOW?? Did they see a big dog like a lab or medium or small? Maybe for all these reasons everyone has mentioned, the police disregarded the couple's observation.

A private detective, Bill Garcia, is now working on the case by himself, donating his time....he was not hired by the family. He has no help from the family or the police, understandably. This guy goes out and finds cement in the country near some water and it makes the news. What is going on???

First of all, if my daughter was missing, I would hire the best I could afford to find her. Why didn't innocent Scott or her family do this in the first place? Are families told not to hire help??

I hope Garcia doesn't mess up and do something to destroy this case. Well, maybe there is really nothing to destroy. This case is cold.

Unfortunately I don't think there is much Garcia can "mess up". I say more power to him..... hope he comes up with something and gets at least part of the half million!

going on a fishing trip on christmas eve when your wife is 8 1/2 months pregnate covering unbrellas with a tarp ..hmm sounds kinda stupid seens how thats what they are intended for (getting wet from rain ) i think he carried laci body out of the house in that tarp .and why wouldnt the witness go and check once scott left it would of been the smart thing to do after seeing something so big being carried out at night wouldnt you be saspiciuos i sure would be ..nothing adds up ..and as for the cement to make ancors with the kind of money he made why on earth would you make ancors and beside most boats already have them ..com on now ..i really wish the people who specilize in this would open there eyes and relize they are looking at the killer everytime they speak with good ole scotty......i belive with all my heart this man is guilty and should be castrated and put in the gas chaimber ..it sure would make the world a better place with one less child/mother killer out there ..

one more thought ..why on earth would laci's parents be sticking up for scott after all laci was there doughter they should be against him atleast till he is cleared of her dissaperance ..i know if i were her parents he would be the first person i suspected.

I’ll be glad when they finally nail Scott’s balls to the wall. You see him on TV with that “I just killed my wife and there’s nothing you can do about it” smug look on his face … makes you want to slap the crap out of him.

Well, now it's officially a homicide investigation. Surprise, surprise!

Yeh, too bad the MPD didn't jump to conclusions like we did...maybe the case would be solved. Next they'll probably tell us that (drum rolllllllll) Scott is the murderer!
Now, won't that be a huge surprise?

If Scott is a fertilizer salesman, doesn't he have access to acids used in the production? Also, he purchased a boat 2 weeks before Laci disappeared, kept it in his storage unit and never told Laci about it. Hmmmm........

Annalee, Scott has access to alot more than that. Digestive tanks have been suggested. It would have been an ideal way to get rid of the body.

The boat that no one knew about, is just one more item on a long list of weird behavior that points to guilt.

I heard he has not returned to the house since the police searched it the second time. Where does Scotty lay his head at night? Maybe with a new girl friend?

This trail is cold and Laci is gone.

Maybe this is me putting on my rose colored glasses, but i'd like to believe that the police have a lot of evidence that we don't know about. I'm still optimistic that Scott isn't going to get away with it...i sure hope i'm right.

Interesting place to check out. Thousands of comments re: Laci's disappearance.


Evidence already has been found to implicate Scott. They are making sure it is an air tight case before arresting him.


Can't make contact with the http address you gave. I will try another way.

got it, ..alot to read there.

Jean, Good, I'm glad you found it. I was trying to find a different way for you. It does have interesting read, pro and con. What the heck is a "digestive tank" anyway?

Annalee, the digestive tank, is just another theory. Scott had specialized training at Cal Poly and would have knowledge of an agriculture and waste management process called,"Anaerobic Digestion of Phased Solids,"...digestive lagoons. They are like big stomachs maintained at a certain level of Ph with digestive enzymes. They can digest material including bones in 1-3 days. One such digester was being built at Cal Poly 1995-1997, the same time Scott was at the school. There are 3 large cell lagoons in the Tulare area. Not an area of high security, often the lagoon is open with no top, and in the middle of no where. Scott, a traveling salesperson, in the fertilizer/ag business could have knowledge of the locations. Theory is...he diverted the police attention to the Marina giving the digester time to"digest".

This is just a theory...and the thought of it turns my stomach acid to HI. In my book, he's already a low life for having an affair...if he killed his wife and child... he isn't even human. Just my opinion.

The part that is really hardest for me to understand, not that killing your spouse alone isn't terrible enough, but killing your VIABLE unborn child too. That baby would have easily survived had he been born 6 weeks early. Why did he wait until Laci was nearly due to deliver to kill her? Soooo puzzling!

Well, the war is keeping the "superflous" updates off LKL, etc.... Actually, I kinda miss 'em... Wonder what Scotty is thinking about right now? Think he is "for" the war in Iraq? It sure is taking the "pressure" off of him!

Saw the girlfriend on TV last night. She was offered $100,000.00 for photos but turned it down.
I wonder where Scotty is. Where ever he is, I bet he is for war or anything that keeps the news off him.

Well, this nation may be headed for war but hopefully the Modesto police have smaller fish to fry! I'm sure Scott isn't missing all the national attention though (like we all are!) - actually on second thought, he is just sick enough to miss all "glamour"! Hats off to Amber for saying no to 100K, that's a lot of money! I'm not sure i'd be that noble!

Jean, thanks for the info re: the digestive tank. That is lousy! Scott is pretty smug these days. I also heard that Amber said Scott told her his wife was dead, or he had "lost" his wife the previous year. More things will be crawling out of the woodwork, I am sure. Maybe the police are counting on Scott to let his guard down. He's GOT to get his just due!

I know you're not supposed to "judge a book by its cover" but Amber Frey is not good looking - Laci is a beautiful woman. What was Scott thinking?

If I were a man I wouldn't pay .02 cents for nude photos of Amber! I can't believe someone would pay her $100K.

I didn't hear all the report. I'm assumed the photos were of her and Scott. The nude photos of her were on the news weeks ago. Did anyone see the full news coverage of her and her dad and the media about 2 days ago?

Anyone hear about the Marina being searched again? I wasn't able to catch why.

I did not hear of another Marina search, but will listen tonight. Did you hear the teen Elizabeth Smart who went missing 9 months ago (kidnapped) was found today in Utah? Wouldn't it be equally wonderful if Laci appeared one day. Almost gives me hope... almost.

Annalee, I just heard the local news. Police stated they have been searching all along but just not telling anyone. They are looking in the bay, Point Richmond, a few miles from the Marina. They are following tips. Dogs, Divers, and sonar are being used. So...there is no new search just the same search in hopes of at least finding evidence of a body. This just tells me the police have absolutely nothing. Without a body...they have nothing that will stand up in court. So sad.

Jean, Thanks... I also heard they have more sensitive sonar equipment. Yes! I am overjoyed about Elizabeth Smart's return!! It does give hope to many people.
I also heard the same "psycic" that told authorities Elizabeth was still alive, gave the Modesto police info about where to look for Laci's body, somewhere near the 5th buoy, or something like that. I will see if I can find more on it and post it here.

This is what I found. This does not reflect my opinion in any way. It is strictly info re: what a "psycic" said.

The following are the emails...all date stamped...that I received from Sandra. They are all in chronological order of receipt. --Jeff Rense

1/08/03 I begin to write to Jeff Rense about the details of the case in emails. I also send several wav files which he listens to and hears the same things as I have.

1/09/03 I drive to Modesto to try to explain to the police what I know and how I know it. I am told to call the tip line from the lobby and do not get to speak to anyone. I drive home concerned, but become hopeful when I arrive home to find that they have located something in Berkeley Marina. First, I think they are in the right place from the TV shots, but find that they are by the fishing pier, which is on the opposite side of the marina from her body. I wait until Saturday, but know that they haven't found her.

1/13/03 I go out to the Berkeley Marina and while looking out over the spot where Laci's body is located I make a promise that I will find some way to get the authorities to listen to me.

1/16/03 I am able to finally find the exact location of Laci Peterson's remains as indicated in the session from 1/07/03. I am told that Laci's body is tethered to the fifth marker buoy off of the Berkeley Marina north, toward the Albany Bulb. Almost exactly in the center of the channel between the marina and the bulb. I find this at approximately 9pm. I send emails to Jeff Rense.

1/17/03 9:00 am I call the Modesto Police tip line and give them this information as well as the location of the murder weapon and Scott's bloody clothes and the details of the murder. They take it down. I forward the information to Jeff to create a news story for his site in the hope that this will inspire someone with the authority to go and recover Laci.

That last e-mail was two months ago. I wonder if the police took this person seriously (i'm not sure i do, there are so many nuts out there). Hopefully the police did check it out simply because it would be very easy to do so...but Scott still roams free as a bird.

Thanks for your post Annalee. Ya, 3 months is a long time to be searching the same body of water. By now they should have searched the entire area, including the spot where the psycic points out. It looks like the police know she is there somewhere... but time and conditions have eliminated any evidence. Is it possible that the fish in the bay could have completely disposed of Laci? Should there be something left???
I know Jimmy (above) described how it could have happened, but I just don't know how he did it without being seen.
Think about it...in order to launch the boat he would have to back into the water, release the boat and secure it, then leave it alone while he parked his truck. This small boat with a 8 month pregnant woman wrapped in a tarp laid horizontal in the bottom. And then to push the body overboard into the water and NO ONE saw this??? I've never been to this marina, is it rarely used?

Jean, The marina was almost deserted the day Scott was there because it was a foggy, "choppy" day. If the cement residue found in the boat is any indication, he must have anchored her to the buoy, or a buoy? Sure there are fish in the water, but surely there will be some evidence left..... please. If Laci cannot be found safe, please, please let the person responsible for her death be convicted.

That parking ticket that Scott showed to the police was from a metered box. Such a machine would be able to show evidence of how many tickets were used that day. So maybe the box only ejected 4 tickets all day and there was no one else around. Why would Scott so proudly hand over a ticket to the spot where he dumped his wife's body? I would not even admit I was there !!!

Me too, Jean. Either he did dump the body in the opposite direction or, thinking he was really clever, figured the police would stay looking where the dog was found wandering with the leash. Thus he had the marina ticket proving he was way far away when Laci was "abducted". The police MUST know more and are biding their time. What's your take on the envelope they retrieved from the glovebox?

What envelope? Fill me in please.

Jean, here is some of the info re: the envelope. I will see if I can find more for you.
Another court document shows that police obtained a search warrant for an envelope recovered in one of Scott Peterson's vehicles.

Before he acquired the Dodge pickup, he had a Ford F-150 truck -- which is still in police possession. His wife drove a Land Rover, which police took and then returned to her husband. He then traded it in for the Dodge.

The court document does not specify in which vehicle the envelope was found.

Detective Doug Ridenour, police spokesman, declined to comment on the warrants.

"Those are areas of the investigation we just can't talk about," Ridenour said Friday.

Thanks Annalee for your reply. Any ideas on what the importance was for the envelope?

Jean, Here is more info I found. Of course my head is reeling with speculation. I really want to know what is in there! It must be something of significance.

Police found the envelope addressed to Modesto attorney Kirk McAllister while serving a search warrant at Peterson's Covena Avenue home.The McAllister envelope held confidential communication between client and attorney

Court records show that at least three items were in the envelope.

After police found the envelope, they asked the court to appoint a special master to examine its contents, according to a court document.

State law requires a special master when the gathering of evidence might violate four legally protected relationships: between an individual and his or her lawyer, psychologist or psychiatrist, priest and doctor.

"According to the Modesto Bee, Modesto police officers arrived with a search warrant at 7:45 p.m. at the Peterson's house in the La Loma neighborhood. Yellow tape gives the ominous vision of a crime scene.

Authorities were forced to obtain a warrant when Scott Peterson would not voluntarily allow them to search the home. "

Let's see, he was so worried that he wasted precious time for the police to get a search warrant...unless he was selling drugs from his home, why not fling open the doors and say "look...find anything necessary to help..."

Again, he gives the marina ticket right away as his alibi, but the police have to get a search warrant for his house????

One more thought... why in the world did Scott scrub the floor and shower before making a phone call or looking for Laci? Wasn't he worried that she had gone into labor? Or maybe he already knew where she was....

Most certainly, if one had nothing to hide he would open his doors and offer to help.
She's gone and he's going to walk.

I'm afraid you're right Jean. I was hoping the war, Liz Smart, etc. was keeping Scotty off front page but, you know what? I'm thinking they don't have much on the boy. He very well could walk.....

Went to the bathroom sink last night to prepare for bed....out of no where I suddenly I see Laci's face, her big brown eyes, dimple, shiny dark hair, as if she was standing in front of me. Brought me straight to tears. It seems as if the war has dominated the air...as it should, but I feel for Laci's Mom. I'm sure each day is torture for her. How a parent can survice this is beyond me. I wish her strength and courage... everyday.

Police found the body of a woman and baby washed up on shore in Richmond (80 miles from Modesto) today. The woman's remains are said to be "skeletal" and the umbilical cord was still attached to the baby, so it was probably unborn. They are working to identify it.

Ok, so I will be seriously shocked if it isn't her. I can't fathom how hard this is for her family right now with all of this not knowing crap going on. Interesting the body found was missing the single most important way to identify a corpse. I wonder how long they are going to keep the media in the dark regarding the identity of the woman and child. It seems that they would at least be able to tell us if the child belongs to the woman or not...


Oh my God...it's all i can think to say right now. I don't know what to hope for...if it's some other poor woman and her baby or if it's Laci. At least if it's Laci there will be closure for the family (and us) , but i feel really weird hoping it is Laci - who else could it be? A woman and an unborn baby boy found in the same marina Scott went "fishing" in? What are the odds??

I just watched Greta and she had a forsenic doc on who speculates that the woman' s body parts are missing because they were tied together (the hands) and the torso was tied to some sort of anchor and weighted down. I then remembered what Annalee had posted from that pyschic...i wonder if she was weighted down and tethered to a buoy all this time, until she finally decomposed enough to float freely. The forsenic doc also said it would be possible for the fetus to have remained inside of Laci until as recently as a week ago. He points out that the fact that they knew it was a male upon finding the infant which indicates that the baby still had its genitals and genitals are one of the first things to decompose. Do ya think Scott is freaking out right about now???

The legal consultant for Fox last night said there was a police leak that Scott's PC indicated he was doing a lot of study re the tides and currents around Berkeley Marina. He made a big deal out of ensuring his alibi tied him to that area. I'm sure he never thought the body(s) would surface. I still think he encased her feet in concrete and probably weighted her head (around the neck) as well. The back and forth currents finally tore the torso away and the unusual storm activity in that area finally freed the torso from their tetherings. Methinks he premeditated this one a bit too much ! Best laid plans .........

During an interview on tv I heard that the police found on Scot's computer a record of a deed to a very small island out in the bay area. As of yet....they had not released if a title search proved such a deed. Perhaps there was a boat ride first to the island where cement mixing was done.

Can't believe that I had such strong thoughts about her, as I mentioned above, just days before she was found.

Can't imagine the pain her family is in.

Has anybody seen our old friend Scott?

I think the most important "clue" or piece of evidence in this case may turn out to be the black tarp mentioned by the "Chief of Police" (Park Police?) from the area where the bodies were found. I can't believe he talked about it that much as, for example, if it were part of a tarp, etc. the perpetrator could dispose of the other part, etc. Anyway, it may be the key that really links the killer with Laci. All the other "stuff" so far is pretty circumstantial. I think killer may have wrapped her in tarp with concrete "anchors" around her feet and neck (explains why torso seperated) taped up the tarp rolled around her body and dumped it from the boat out in the bay. Tarp came apart, gases expelled fetus, body rose, and decayed enough that weighted parts seperated. Torso and fetus wash up on shore. Whaddya think?

Jimmy, "the killer"? Are you suddenly thinking Scott didn't do it?? Other then not referring to Scott directly i think you're probably right on the money :-)!

I hope the police have the evidence to convict Scott Petersen. If they do not, I know that we do, and I find it disgusting that he is out running around while 2 corpses are coming home to rest after months in the water. This story could not be any sadder.

I completely agree with you. I read that every one in three murdered women worldwide are killed by their husbands!!! Its a sick world out there.

Jimmy, the tarp maybe a part of this or just incidental, you know trash. Even if it is apart of the scene...unless there is evidence of the "killer" prints, etc. it's useless. However, if it can be tied to the killer...along with cement residue in his boat...perhaps there would be enough to convict. I'm just hoping the police have a little more than that and were waiting for a body to appear. Still....the court needs motive. If the killer anchored her so well that he did not want the body to appear then the motive of MONEY is out. What are other possible motives? OK..he was cheating on her...there is something deeper. If it was Scott...for some reason he could not divorce Laci, either due to family pressure or settlement issues. If there are NO issues, then he is just a cold blooded killer. So, we're down to tarp and motive. Method of killing may not even be found.
How he was not seen transporting the body and putting her into the boat and then dumping her, is beyond me. Where was America and the video camera?? Was it all done at night? Is the marina even open at night?
Jimmy, I do think you're right on the scenario.

Jean, wasn't Scott seen placing a large bulky item covered by a tarp into his truck at home? And then he claimed he was transporting golf umbrellas...i wonder if this could be the same tarp. Do you think the Modesto police are just playing a game when they say they have no idea of where Scott is? I find that very hard to believe. If he runs that would be a terrible shame.

Your right April, I do recall some neighbor saying they saw him loading his truck at night and Scott did reply,(at least he didn't deny it). I never heard anything about the warehouse or his boss speaking on Scott's behalf. You'd think a boss would come forward and tell that his employee is often required to transport umbrellas in the dead of winter,at night, 2 days before Christmas. No one has come forward to speak on his behalf except for his mother and sister...mothers don't count.

Sometimes ,I think the police know where he is. The police said," even if they knew they wouln't tell"...so it's easier to say they don't know. Of course, I use to think that our own CIA knew where Ben and Saddam were too. Loosing confidence I fear. Scott is not at mom's and not in Modesto. I figure he is real close to the border. Because he is not officially a suspect he is not required to stay put. If he does run...perhaps Laci's family will hire someone to find him. If he runs...the police are going to look pretty foolish. Unfortunately, the police will take the blunt when it's really attorneys and the court system of today. Without hard evidence he walks. What do you think his motive was? Must close to watch CSI. It's more rewarding because it has closure within 60 mins.

I have really tried to figure out why Scott would brutally kill Laci (the fact that he did it so close to Christmas makes it even worse in my mind) and so close to the end of "their" pregnancy rather then just divorcing her. I can't come up with any reasonable motive that makes any sense therefore, right now, I am leaning towards him being a stone cold blooded killer. Hopefully he'll confess out of guilt once they positively ID the body and baby as being Laci's. I wonder how he even sleeps at night now that her body and the baby has surfaced. I'd crack, that's for sure. This whole week has been like a cliche horror flick with the exception being that Laci and baby are really dead instead of gruesomely walking out of the water with their arms sticking straight out looking for revenge. With that being said, Scott, the dead bodies will still speak loudly and be able to "reach" out and catch you!

Jean: Not necessarily.... (the need for prints on the tarp to make it useful as evidence that is.) There can be fibers, material, etc. from Scott's boat, truck, home, etc. that will make a link to him wrapping her in tarp. This may be the one key item of evidence that definitively ties him to her being in the bay. The rest is mostly circumstancial.

BTW Jean, I hate to tell you but CSI is a load. TI's (tech Investigators) ordering around sworn Sgts, etc.? No way! The only civilians ordering around sworn members are Board of Supes or mayor, etc.

Oh I agree, Jimmy. Same with NYPD and even Third Watch...it's a crock! Guess i like the fact that we know who killed who at the end of the 60 min program. This Laci case is taking forever and we may never have the answers we want.


Scott Peterson has actually been arrested! Thank God! I was so afraid he was going to flee!

April, the police also thought he was going to run. Did you see his blond hair job?

There's more to this guy then we know, that's for sure.

Has anyone heard of another woman who was A friend of Scott's, who went missing and was never seen again? Just caught the soundbite on Greta or MSNBC.Anyone see the full story?

Scott Peterson went to collge at Cal Poly. During the time he was at school a girl named Kristin Smart went missing and to date she has not been found. When Laci first went missing they looked into the Kristin Smart case to see if Scott had any ties to her while he was in college. They had ruled him out but now it is the opinions of some attorneys that Scott's only way out of the death penalty is to give up solid info on any other major crimes he has committed in the past. I think it's just speculation though on the Kristin Smart case based on how cold and egotistical Scott's been acting all this time. I can't wait until the trial starts and we begin to learn what happened on December 23rd.

Jean, I have such a sense of relief now that Scott is behind bars, and even more so when I heard the chief of police state that their case against Scott is a "slam dunk". I still can't get over the fact that Laci and the baby surfaced...Scott must have been freaking out when he first heard that.

He was freaking out alright!!! Coloring his hair, stashing $10,000.00 in is wallet and driving his Mercedes to the border with his brother's ID.
I don't think he should get the chair though. I think he should have cement tied around his neck and feet and then be shoved into the sea.
Didn't know that tarp was so big! It must be connected to the case.
April, have you heard if there will be a second arrest? His dad or brother?

Jean, I'm with you regarding Scott's punishment...make that shoving him into the icy cold sea! I continue to shake my head in wonder at how he could have done it. Last night at the press conference a reporter did say she had heard that there was going to be a second arrest and asked if that was true. The chief said the only person that had been arrested was Scott...now who knows if he meant for that night or for the entire case.

April, I guess things won't be clear for a long time. I couldn't get over the crowd and the reception that they gave Scott last night when he arrive in Modesto. He deserved every boo and remark made..it just caught me off guard.
Hope they move right along with this case. OJ Simpson's attorney stated that no case is "slam dunk"...all Scott has to do is raise doubt.
Scott was saying he needed to sell the house and the car because he couldn't make the payments and then he's off living high while his wife's body is being washed ashore!!!
At least one question was answered yesterday. Laci's baby was Scott's. Glad that was cleared up.
Oh...what was his story about the quarter of a million dollar life insurance policy? He had to take out two policies because of the loan on the house? Do you remember?

I also was thinking about Matthew Soloman these past few days,after reading about Scptt Peterson being arrested for killing his pregnant wife.So ,Michelle,January 5,2003 was right on the money(correct).I wasn't following this story too much,because I was engrossed in the terror war,the war in Iraq and the weapons inspections. Don't these people know they can't get away with these murders;even if they get away with it for some amount of years;perhaps they can get drunk in a bar or when their out with friends-they will slip up and let something out;so many people have been caught this way. Sometimes,their conscious catches up with them;for the cold blooded killers who havw no remorse;whether they are religious or not;they will meet their fate,perhaps too early sometimes. Anybody recall " Shavod Buddah Jones", who shoot the NY city cop and the cop was paralyzed?Remember this story? Well,some years later;I read in the Daily News that Shavod was in a motorcycle accident and was killed.So,sometimes the wrong doer meets his or her fate too early.If Scott Peterson didn't want kids,or if he didn't want to be married all he had to do was get a divorce or put the child up for adoption.If Lacy didn't want to put the child up for adoption,then all he had do do was deal with the situation,I'm sure his wife would've helped him out.Even if all this was a hard ship for him;he still would be free,he would maybe have more expenses(but thats what happens when you have childern-you have to provide for them).With patience,perhaps he would've learned to adjust and live a good life with his wife.if there was no hope for the marriage,they could've still got a divorce. Now this idiot may spend the rest of his life in prison,or he may get the death penalty-I guess he must know by now,his problems have increased tenfold. John B

It's me again,John B;in my above letter I spelled "have" the wrong way,and I meant to say "Scott".not "Scptt" And I should've said "shot the cop",not " shoot the cop" John B

No doubt, Scott is a self centered spoiled brat who has an ego the size of the world. Things took a turn for him long ago. The lying and extramarital affair (s) proves that he had already severed from his marriage. Most likely, even the wedding was just a showy party for him.
He premeditated his wife's murder. I think the child was most likely the final straw. NO-Way was he going to be tied down. To him the baby was a threat. The combo package, Laci and baby, was preventing him from having a good time. He wasn't going to go through the hassel of a divorce, her family, his family, alimony, child support, visitation, etc. That would crimp his style. He's not too bright. He obviously has no normal coping skills or common sense.He's not insane either. He and Matthew Soloman just think differently from the rest of us. They think the rules don't pertain to them. Killing and covering up are just the steps to the golden ring. They are emotionally empty. No love, no tears, no fear, no pain...Scott is already planning how to beat this. After all...OJ did.

Yes, Sickening as it is, OJ did get away with it - but he did have the "dream team" afterall, and Scott will not. Infact, I was just reading the Modesto Bee (online) and the article stated that it wasn't certain that Kirk McAllister (Scott's Defense Atty) had actually been retained or if Scott was going to be assigned a public defender. Jean, I don't remember learning anything about the life insurance policies. There is going to be a press conference at 4P (I'm uncertain as to what time zone) held by Laci's family.

I don't think Scott will have the money for a dream team or McAllister. Maybe someone will step up to make a name for himself by attemping to get Scott off...donate his time for the glory.
Scott's parents are on TV...showing alot of anger...they're afraid. I feel sorry for all...except the guilty one.
Will be watching the press release that you mentioned. I wonder if we'll still be talking about this case next Easter.

I, too, felt sorry for Mr. and Mrs. Peterson, it has to be very difficult to see one of your children in such trouble. And it must be an automatic parental response to defend your kid no matter what the evidence says. I mean, come on, logic alone has to make you at least question Scott's "fishing" story! I wonder how they explain away the fact that Laci and the baby washed up 90 miiles away from home right where there "innocent" son went fishing! Well, God love them for standing by their son - that's what parents are supposed to do :-)!

I think Scott Peterson is a heartless pig and I hope he burns in hell for what he has done. I have never in my life had a story touch my heart like this one has. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Laci and Conner Peterson. I can't stop thinking about her and that baby. It just breaks my heart and brings tears to my eyes. That poor helpless baby never even got a chance to live in this world. And poor Laci never got a chance to experience one of the most beautiful things in the world...giving birth. What kind of of disgusting pig could do that to his wife and unborn baby? Like I said, I hope he burns for this one!!!

Scott's parents are in denial pure and simple.
Scott's personality reminds me of my ex-husband to the tee - at least he didn't murder me...

Everyone, do ya think he'll make bail????
Hey Jimmy....did you notice... the very first thing that happened after a jail visit from the attorney, was that the goatee came off? That's because it is villian like!!!! You still have yours ?
His parents are supporting him but I think they are doing him more harm by saying some off things. Better to just stand and say that they love him and nothing else. I noticed they have put a lid on it today also. The attorney on retainer must have advised them too.

According to the offical complaint, no bail has been set. I doubt they will let him out due to flight risk.

Right,...bail hearing is May 6. All apart of due process...it's just the idea of it ...is scary!

That news conference was hard to watch. What a nightmare they have been living through. Once again, they all handled themselves with the utmost class and dignity. Sharon Rocha is one tough lady with a vengenance. They should let Sharon interrogate Scott - I have a strong feeling that he'd confess in a heart beat.

Yep, it brought me to tears. And Laci's poor Dad!

Good thought April, maybe all mother's of murdered children should be allowed to question!

Did you catch the new lie???? His hair is blonde because he went swimming in a pool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jean: Yeah I still have it. But I'm not in jail either. Laci's step dad has one too. They are a class family, unlike Scott's. I still say the tarp wil be a key to link everything together. I would like to see what Scott's brother looks like (DMV photo). Goatee and "blond" hair? Wonder why Scott was at Torrey Pines (looking for Tiger?)...... They only found 2 of the 5 anchors Scott had fashioned. One around neck and one or two around feet (one at least, other leg was attached?)... DA is backing off a bit on the house being crime scene. That was just put as probable address on arrest report. They better be able to forensically tie the cement dust to tarp to body, etc. Scott's parents decided they didn't want to lose everything over a guilty son's defense so they opted for the PD. Now we taxpayers can pay for all of it.

Scott's parents state the boy has not had time to grieve, yet he has time to go to the Superbowl and to be at Torrey Pines. And where did he get that Mercedes??? He knew he was being tracked. I too, would like to see his brother's ID.
Perhps the crime scene was the warehouse. Maybe she was just drugged and actually dumped into the sea without being strangled or cut. Jimmy, I sure hope your tarp wraps things up neatly.
There is not much money in this tax payer's budget to have a long trial. I believe we should cut back our budget and have a noon hanging instead. At least that's how angry I am about this horrific tragedy.

I was just watching Chris Matthews and I believe he said that Scott was now saying that he had no idea his wife was pregnant. Am I understanding this correctly? Jeff Fieger (some famous defense atty) said it was the most idiotic defense he has ever heard of and is sure this is coming from the public defender's office. Has anyone else heard this yet? Or am I nuts?

I was just debating with someone at work whether or not Scott was guilty. She wasn't so ready to believe it, even thought they had made the arrest, etc. Then I came across this site and found out so much more information and details than any of the news stations had put out in the last few months. After reading everything, there's no doubt in my mind about him and I hope he get what he deserves...(and I gave this site to my co-worker to see).

April...haven't heard that. Can't imagine that being true. I'm worried now about the rumors of there not being enough evidence. Then again...the police are not going to show their hand now.
Jody, it's easy to be an armchair jury person. But from our easy chairs, it seems that between us we pick up more info from various talk shows and scheduled interviews. We have a lot of speculation but on the other hand, it seems so obvious that he is the one. Who else? Who else bought cement, a boat, made anchors, had an affair, lied, tried to sell the car and house...his behavior is really bad. He is giving an interview..I think tonight. This will be his chance to pull sympathy from us. Should be interesting.
Bottom line...this site is merely people voicing their opinions and asking questions in a comfortable setting. Stay tuned.

Well, I just watched Greta and no mention of this laim PD saying he didn't know Laci was pregnant. I don't know what Chris Matthews was talking about though I am not the only one who heard it. There was a huge posting on today's Hard Ball show in the CourtTV's Laci page. But if there was any more to the statement, even as ridiculous as it is or was, it were surely be on Greta or some other forum. Did Scott give an interview? I hadn't heard that. If he did, fill us in Jean.

Yes, last night on either the news or ET, it said that there would be an exclusive with Scott Peterson. Now they are replaying old interviews and picking them apart. I haven't heard any new interview with him since his arrest.
I haven't heard the news you're talking about either April. By the way...fill me in, who is Greta..cable? Where do I find her?
I guess using the motive of another woman is good enough. I don't think he cared so much for the other woman... as much as he felt Laci and the little one would crimp his style. He obviously was not in love with his wife anymore and preferred to play.
I'll let you know if I hear anything about an exclusive. Because he has just been assigned 3 PDs, they may have advised him not to talk.

Hey Jean, I watch Greta Van Susteren on Fox News (FNC) She is on at 9P CDT and then the show repeats at 2A (incase you want to tape it). She generally has live updates from Modesto and then a panel of Defense Attys discussing various aspects of the case. I can't wait we get to hear Scott's defense! Did you hear that the case may not be tried for TWO years! So we most likely will be talking about this next Easter and the one after that as well!!

Thanks April...I'll try to catch Greta. Was thinking the very same thing. TWO YEARS!!! Don't know if I can wait that long!..His mother thinks Scott was "set up". His father thinks there is no case, just one bad police investigator. Scott will probably say, "Laci who"?

FYI: The John Walsh show is going to be about the Laci Peterson case and will be broadcast from Modesto County on Thursday; April 24. Here's the website for local info.


You all apparently frgotten the old innocent until proven guity theory, however these days seems this theory went out the window just like the rest of humanity the the ability to not judge and throw stones. I find this amazing since 90 percent of humans believe in jesus or some sorts and these teachings ask us not to do thses things. Laci and her baby are gone and so are they souls. However Sott remains conscious on earth. Lets try to remember that he is a child of God with emotions and feeling just like any of us and truly only he knows his guilt or innocent.
Please stop all the madden judgement and let whatever jury selected decided his fate.

You'd be a great juror - and hopefully they will be able to find at least 11 more of you with similar thinking. But since none of us, who discuss this case on this website, live in Modesto or the surrounding counties I guess we're pretty safe in sounding off to each other what we believe. I, for one, can't wait to hear all the facts and would love nothing better then to find out Scott is innocent.

Hey there Jo...you're right...in a court of law the accused is innocent until proven quilty. You see the difference here, is that this is not a court of law. This is merely a net site where people have come to write their opinion. And, last I looked..I lived in the USA...I believe we can think freely and even voice our opinion in this country that my relatives fought and died for.

And... Scott is safe. I mean, no one has thrown stones at him or punished him prematurely that I'm aware of. He'll get his trial by jury.. that we working folks will pay for.

I believe you're passing judgement on us... and acting like a judge too, telling people what to think and how to behave.

April, I did catch the Walsh program today. Thanks for the heads up. More than anything, I believe it was a nice tribute to Laci and an acknowledgment to the Modesto folks for trying so hard to locate her.

I learned nothing new today except that the police reported he had his trunk filled with clothes and had just bought the mercedes for $5,000.00 cash. Also saw two photos on the local news of Scott and the other woman. That will be the motive, I guess.

Hey Jean, i hadn't heard about the trunk full of clothes and that he had actually bought that spiffy car (gee, Scott has an odd way of mourning!). I did see the other pictures with Amber though and Scott looked awful happy and content in them. Every time i see a news byte of Scott's parents stating how happily married the two were i want to scream at the them to please explain the affair, the pictures, and the "coincidence" of the dead bodies turning up where Scott went FISHING! What? Do they really think Scott was framed? Who on earth would want to kill a pregnant woman at Christmas time and then dump her in the same body of water that her husband happens to be fishing in - JUST to frame Scott? That is so more outlandish then what has to be the truth! Hey, i agree completely with what you wrote to Jo...i don't believe we are being judgmental at all either. I think we are simply putting 2 and 2 together according to the facts as we have them and discussing it with whomever wants to join in. So far we haven't heard anything solid or believeable to dispute what little we do know. And apparently neither did the Modesto police as they have arrested the person every lead took them to. Like i said, i can't wait to hear all the facts but i think if there was anything substantial to clear Scott we would be hearing about it loudly and frequently. I'd like to believe Scott didn't brutally kill his pregnant wife because somehow killing your pregnant wife seems so much worse then a stranger coming into your home and doing it.

Oh I know...when I saw Scott's picture with the other woman, Amber, I thought the very same thing. How comfortable and happy he looked. Like he was dating and in love kind of happy. Obviously, he removed his wedding ring and was living a double life. Many men have had double lives and no one ever suspected. Maybe it was too taxing on him and he just needed to eliminate one. Tension between a married couple can be strained when a child is expected. Mommy is running on hormones, dreams and high expectations .Daddy is seeing dollar signs and feeling totally left out.

At times, Scott seems a bit spaced out in the interviews. Maybe he was on medication to make him relax but he appears slow and non emotional. Maybe that's his personality?

April have you heard which health problem Scott's mom has that requires oxygen?

look Jean and your forever speculating buddy, I am not saying that you dont have a right to post your opinion on this site or any other public form. I just wanted to say thart until all of the legal facts come out through by way of the trial, Scott is as innocent as you are the only diffence is that he has been arrested by the police and held in protective custody. Have you not ever been accused or lied on and been innocent? I have and that is why I dont beleive in ferious tabloid gossip as truth. God bless you and lets pray that you are nver a victim of a witchunt.

oh by that way Jean that last comment was from me.

I DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT think Scott Peterson should get the death penalty! I think he should do life in a prison cell. Plastered on every available inch of wall, photos of Laci! Either that or just turn him loose into the general prison population and let him feel the fear Laci felt when she knew she was going to die.....JILL

Jill...is that you? Been awhile. I'm still voting for the anchor around the neck and a dump in the bay. Jimmy had mentioned 5 anchors that Scott had made with his cement. The police confirmed today that they could only find a few of them. I know alot of people who fish but I never knew anyone who made their own anchors. I wonder how common this practice is.

A small handfull of Peterson aquaintances said that he didn't want a baby,was very afraid of getting old when he turned 30,hated his job and considered himself a terrible salesman and the couples financial circumstances were 'shaky'.Add this to failed golf career and the fact he had a sexy girlfriend and that he was a Scorpio and it total smurder!

I watched Greta last night and apparently one of the reasons the prosecution wants the death penalty is because they will then get a more conservative jury. In order to be a juror for a death penalty case you have to be "death qualified" which means that they point blank ask you if you'd be able to give someone the death penalty. If you answer "No" you are immediately disqualified no matter how open minded you may be towards the case. They were saying had OJ been up for the death penalty he would have had an entirely different jury which may have resulted in an entirely different outcome (pure speculation of course!). On Greta last night they also mentioned that both blood and vomit were found in the kitchen. I wonder whose vomit? Scott's or Laci's? Maybe after he killed her he got sick? Or was she so frightened and upset that she got sick? Where did you guys hear about Scott making anchors? That sounds very strange doesn't it?

A long time back when the police were searching the house the cement issue came up. He had receipts for cement. I guess it's automatic for police to tie water, boat and cement together. But remember even the speculation of the cement slab in the back yard with Laci under it? Anyway, Scott was asked about the cement and he replied that he made he had done yard projects with it. Sometime around then, the anchors were talked about. Then the police found cement residue in the boat and the original owners of the boat had to inspect it.They reported to the police that there was none of that residue in the boat when they sold it to Scott. Later, Jimmy mentioned the anchors, in eary April and then it was spoken of by the police just a day or so ago while the reporter was standing infront of Scott's rental storage unit. Like I said, I know alot of people who fish and they don't make their own achors. Obviously, the theory here, is that he used them to keep her body down. So if he said he made about 5 anchors.. and the police have found 2, where are the others?
It seems that premeditation wouldn't be hard to prove. If he just bought the boat 2 weeks prior and the cement, studied the bay current on the computer,...to me that sounds like a plan but maybe not to others. No one in the family knew of the storage unit or the boat either.
Well, I misssed Greta, but now I understand about the jury pick. I hadn't heard of the vomit. Morning sickness could almost be ruled out, as that usually happens in the first 3 months. Vomiting however, can be a sign of a nervous stomach, or a reaction to fear, or a gruesome sight. I was hoping that whatever happened to Laci, happened so fast that she never saw it coming. Thanks for the info April

I was watching Fox News again and they did report that the blood and vomit were both Laci's found on the mop Scott was using to clean the kitchen floor with. They also mentioned the missing anchors and the missing 55 gallon drum that Scott has a receipt for but can't seem to remember where the drum might be. At the very least, Scott has a lot of explaining to do.

And the 55 gallon drum would be used for??? I'm sorry that the vomit belonged to Laci..that could mean that they were arguing and she was upset or she was scared. I guess they might be able to put a time line that too? On the mop? I've never tossed my cookies on the floor...always made it to a safe place. I wonder if once a person is dead, if food can be regurgitated while pushing and pulling the body around. if so, it doesn't necessarily mean that she actually up- chucked, does it?

Heads up for everyone, Larry King will be hosting a debate tonight regarding the Peterson case at 9pm . Nancy Grace and Mark Geragos (Wynona Rider's attorney) will be on the panel.

Yes, well I have a theory that Scott may have owed big money to someone....He strikes me as a guy with a crack habit. Don't ask me how I would know, but if he did not kill his wife then he allowed someone else to do so. There is something under this besides his own fears of fatherhood and such. Or possibly a gambling debt.....debt of some kind..to people you should never owe money to. I could just be out there, but these things have crossed my mind.

Hhmm....maybe he should just go live with OJ. They must have been twins in a past lifetime! Hi Jean, yes it's me again..JILL

Sexy girlfriend? On what planetoid? She is the main reason I thought he might have a crack habit. She looks like a crack whore, not to mention, doesn't she work at a "massage parlor?" Pardon me, I hope I didn't break the rulebook with this one.
Being a Scorpio has no bearing on being faithful. Excuses excuses. He reminds me of the idiot who thought he was slick by telling the teacher that the dog ate his homework! Ok innocent until proven guilty and all...I know.JILL

Good Grief, what did I miss? Jill did you watch the Larry King show? I didn't have the majority vote on what to watch tonight, so I missed it.

I take it that the discussion was about Amber. News said tonight that she may be the number one star at the trial, against Scott. Guess they said alot more on the show. I gotta get control over the remote!

No Larry King show. I think I fell asleep. I was just responding to some of the other stuff on the board. It seemed out of context? Yep, sounds like me.

Anyway, I still do not think highly of Amber Frey. Maybe I will change my mind. JILL

Hi! I just want to go back a bit and mention that when I was 7 months pregnant and found a "flirtatious" letter between my husband and a co-worker, I embarrassed the hell out of them both! Laci seemed to be vey close to her family and tight knit group of friends.....I can't imagine her NOT spilling something about Scott & Amber if she knew something or at least suspected.
I really wonder what Amber is thinking about all this now? What if this creep did kill his beautiful wife because of her? I'm sorry, but Amber is not sexy or even very attactive. She looks anorexic and trashy.

I totally agree CJ. Deep inside I question whether the homewrecker in fact knew that Scott was married? And how could she continue to speak to him up through Arpil??

So....Scott now has a Hollywood attorney. What hell Laci's family must be going through. His new attorney wants to make sure he is getting a fair trial by first requesting that Scott be allowed to wear his own clothing during proceedings and not be shackled. Hey, that is our justice system at work for us. I think now more than ever anything can be bought. Even if he did get the death penalty, he would not be put to death more than likely. It is funny how his case sort of paralels OJ Simpson's a little. Wouldn't it be interesting if Scott got the same type of sentence? That would be he was just responsible monetarily for the deaths and never has to pay? Hhhmmmmmmmm............JILL

I was so mad when I heard that the tax payers will be asked to share or pick up most the 5 million dollar trial. I don't understand...in my book, we taxpayers pay for the prosecution and Scott pays to defend himself. If he cannot afford an attorney then one is appointed. In this case he got three...that we would pay for. But now, he has Mr . Hollywood attorney...Scott can't afford him...is this why the total went to 5 million and are we stuck paying for Mr. Hollywood??? I don't get it!!! We pay for public defenders only, right?
Felt so bad for Laci's mom in court today. I think she has a mission now and maybe can focus on that.

You know, even if Scott does get off because of his high profile scum lawyer, chances are someone else will take care of Scott. It happend to Dahmer, and probably others. Someone out there would love to get their 15 minutes.....
And yeah..I have to wonder about Amber. Did they really just meet in November? They got romantic awfully fast then in my opinion.

Amber Frey IS TRASH. She knew. WOmen know unless they are simply uterly retarded. I think she "came forward" because she was involved and getting nervous. She was/is a woman lovesick> SHE MAKES ME AS SICK AS HE DOES!!! Maybe worse...being that she is supposedly a "MOTHER"

I need clarification please. Has Geragos assumed the position of a public defender whereas the taxpayers are footing the bill, or has he relieved the public defenders and has volunteered his time in hopes to be the next Johnny Cochran?
I was quite sickened when he declared that not only will he see that Scott walks, but he will "find" those responsible for Laci and Conner. Tell it to O.J.

That statement makes me sick too! Didn't OJ say something similar?? Scott Peterson murdered his pregnant wife and i pray he pays for it. I saw something where Mark Geragos declined to comment on how much he was being paid! I think he's either defending him for free (considering the publicity payment enough - barf) or a doing it for a greatly reduced fee. He did say that the "Peterson" family is footing the bill though.

April...you're back! I don't know who is paying for what but the hollywood star is pretty good. He has been blabbing to anyone who will listen about how innocent Scott is. And to say that the police use VOODOO is nuts!!! The government used all the same tools looking for Bin and Saddam. Body language, voice interpretation etc. This guy is going to be hard to take!

Im not so sure scott is guilty of killing his wife....can anyone tell me if they ever checked out laci's sister amy?

I have never heard that the police suspected her. I do believe the police takes a hard look at all family members in the beginning.

Does anyone's behavior look as quilty as Scott's? Life insurance policy, another woman, a boat that he hides in storage and tells no one about, trying to sell the house, moving near the border, dropping weight, coloring his hair, growing a goatee, etc.etc......

This is a want-a-be pro golfer who ended up selling fertilizer. He admitted to his friends that he is not even a good salesman and he wasn't interested in having children. He's nearing his 30th birthday, involved with another woman and wants out. MOTIVE is everywhere. Opportunity is everywhere. Means is available.(boat ,cement and a whole ocean) All he needs is a slick lawyer and one doubtful jury member before he can sell the house, collect the insurance, pick up with Amber and play golf ! We've seen it all happen before.

The real sad thing is that all it takes is "beyond a reasonable doubt" to set this guy free. There has been nothing publicized (that I have read) that contains definitive proof that it was Scott. Everything's circumstantial.

I think it was him, but according to the letter of the law, there better be more evidence or another killer will be set free (think OJ).

I think that this case has touched people all over the world and he can have the trail moved anywhere. It would not make a difference. Why would Laci's sister be involved? I heard Laci's mother call Laci her "only daughter." Is this a half sister of something? Maybe Scott didn't want to be a pro golfer or a bad salesman, maybe he just wanted to be OJ. JILL

Jill, you're right. Come to think of it, Mom did say Laci is my only daughter. Maybe sister is a half sister? This only dissolves the above theory of sisterly hatred or jealously leading to murder.
Evidence is not even evident yet. Hopefully, the police can hold on to their evidence and use it at trial time. I didn't expect to hear of any hard evidence until then.
At one point in the investigation, a judge issued a search warrant even for Scott's parents house. It was not served, but it was issued which means there was evidence enough for a judge to believe that Scott was hiding something there.
Police were listening to phone conversations between lady lover Amber and him, long after Laci went missing. Amber had agreed to the phone tap. Remember Amber told police that Scott said his wife was dead a year? I guess she couldn't see the tan line of the wedding ring. He always wore it in public. Being in the California sunny ag business, it was Oct. when Amber and Scott met ...the tan line would have still been there. Scot is filled with lies and deceit.

Jean, I bet you're right about the wedding ring tan line! I just watched last night's Greta and it appears that Amber was quite an asset to the prosecution. It is also the "panel's" opinion that Mark Gregaros (and now Kirk McAllister is back in Scott's corner) will try this case within a year. They feel strongly that these high profile lawyers didn't take the case to try it in 3-5 years but to try it sooner for all the publicity. I hope they are right on this one!

Amber, Amber, Amber....The dirt will come up on her after the trial is over I bet. She had to know something. How can she not? Ok, let's look at one issue: cheating men are stupid. They don't lie well enough. Something clued her in to what was going on, I'm sure of it. When all else fails, save your own ass; which shows that Scott's presumably was not all that good to begin with. I guess she would have to know how to untangle really well if she wanted to tangle in the first place. JILL

Saw more photos last night. Scott all dressed up... looked like a tux. And more photos of them looking a bit tipsy. That cheat was out having a good time.
Amber acts scared and I just don't know if she and Scott shared info. If so, maybe that's why she is helping the police.
I can't find Greta....is this cable, dish or a local program for you??? Is she on a talk program, a news program?..help!

It was stated that Amy is Laci's half sister. They share the same father but not the same mother.
Has anyone noticed how distraught Laci's birth father has acted? He's made no secret of his "dislike" for Scott. In fact, he never showed up on their wedding day to walk her down the aisle. I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that he either never liked Scott to begin with or that he was just a lousy father to her growing up.
One thing's for sure, there are a few cards that the defense is holding onto that will attempt to put doubt in the jurors' minds.
On the other hand, I'm sure there is definately some info Amber is aware of that will stop us all in our tracks once it's revealed at trial.

Jean, Greta Van Susteren is on cable on the FOX News Chanel ("On the Record").

I have always noticed how distraught Laci's birth father is. I assumed he was not in her life much...hense, another reason for all the distraught now...no time to make it up. Her step dad seems to be a wonderful person.
Oh, just got the Greta info. I don't have cable. I have low bottom dollar dish! There is a Fox channel but it seems to be movies. I'll check it out more. Thanks for the information.
Guess the public is going to help Scott's attorney catch the REAL killer. Can't wait.

Scott dating a woman (who looks) like Amber Frey is really quite classic. The first time I saw her at the press conference back in January my thought was, "Why didn't she groom herself for this?" She had her hair up & messy, ears sticking out everywhere - she looked frightful. I think he figured he could "get" a woman like that to believe anything: she's unattractive, a single mother, and probably desperate. Scott felt like a "knight in shining armor". I feel sorry for Amber because she was duped but at least she wasn't murdered.

I always have wondered, Amber Frey stated at the press conference that she is a single mother. I wonder if that child might possibly be Scott's. I dont' know why I would think that, but I do. Maybe that had something to do with the whole thing about Scott not wanting to be a father. Maybe he didn't want to be a father again? JILL

Scott has all of the traits of a narcissist. To a narcissist, is all about appearances, what people think of him, and impressing others. A narcissist is defined by what he thinks others think of him, how impressed they are. Before his wife's death, Scott had a country club membership, nice clothing, pretty wife, etc. Later, he had his Mercedes, golf outings, trips to the Super Bowl etc. Before his wife was pregnant, it appears that he was proud to be seen with her, maybe because she made him look good. Then, his wife becomes pregnant, and with pregnancy comes the (welcome) realization for mature couples that the "single life" is over, to be replaced with the big "R"- Responsibility. For a narcisssist, this may threaten his narcissistic supply: Laci's focus would shift from him to the child. Enter Amber- a new source for his narcissistic supply. Another trait of the narcissist is a overweening sense of entitlement, and a total lack of empathy for others' feelings or thoughts. My theory- Laci got in the way of his new narcissistic supply, Amber, and of course Scott felt "entitled" to his own happiness, so disposed of that which threatened it. After all, if it wasn't for Laci, he would then be happy.

Mark Garragos talks out of both ends of his mouth. Wasn't it Mark Garragos who initially implied Scott Peterson was guilty. Perhaps if you are a criminal attorney you start to think and act as your client.

One comment, Amber went a bit overboard with the "Miss Clairol" makeover.

Yes, she did. Seriously bad dye job, but anyway...Gloria Allred is her attorney and she is the star witness? Sounds like she got a sweet deal. JILL

She should've thought of the make-over before her first (Jan.) press conference. However, maybe she didn't want to look like a serious homewrecker!

Very true. Good point.

No matter how hard she tried, she could not look like a "homewrecker." She looks more like a broomstick than anything. JILL

Right now, I don't care what she looks like as long as she nails Scott to the wall. Horrible, how "looks" is attached to everything....but we all know it plays a role in the court room. First impressions and personality protrayal are important. She can't come off too blonde or too made up then the jury won't take her seriously...just as she can't look too wimpy. I think the news brief was to test the waters. (no pun intended) The DA has people reading our opinions all over the net...I think they will adjust her looks as needed for court. It's all such a stage...makes me sick!
I don't know if Amber is a home wrecker as mentioned above. I think "the other woman" has a part in it, but married men who cheat are at 100% fault. Ambers are everywhere, but husbands who make the decision to risk it all, for a roll in the hay, are scum!
When Laci's family learned of Scott's other life, the tides turned and all trust in him vanished. He is not bright.
Amber has a long road ahead of her. Scott's attorney will try to discredit her in the worse way...I hope beyond any "look" that she has, she will have the guts to take the battering and sink Scott. If she sells photos and a story later and makes a million...well, that's what this world has become...sick.

Scott Peterson is a Nigger!!!

What exactly does that mean??

Jean, i'm totally with you on your Amber Frey theory. I, personally, believe she is more a victim of Scott Petersen then anything else. I believe she did the right thing by coming forward once she discovered what she was actually involved in. I hope her testimony is one of the many nails in Scott's coffin. I can't wait to hear all the evidence the prosecution has against Scott and i pray it's solid. It seems to me that unless someone actually sees you kill somebody you just might be able to get away with murder.

First, I believe the statement made my Marie is totally wrong and I was going to ignore it....except it now occures to me that someone is using Marie's name. The 6 previous comments made by "Marie" have all been polite, informative and and just average conversation. Enough said.

April, my concern about Amber on the stand is that, although I believe her testimony will be very helpful, I fear the defence will tear her down and discredit her. I hope the new equipment in the bay worked well for the police and there is tons of evidence.

And you're right, without an eye witness, you can get away with murder. I guess the bail hearing will come up again. I think the defense cancelled the May 6 hearing because they knew if Scott walked out of jail someone would get him....he's safer in jail!

Ok, Marie's comment is odd. The meaning of the word is basically a dirty unworthy person, but that word is not worth mentioning again as far as I'm concerned. Some people tie the word in with color of skin, but I don't.

Anyway, it does not matter what Amber Frey looks like really. After all she has one of the best attorneys.

By the way, Geragos is now claiming that the murder was part of some Satanic Cult? I thought he would come up with a better one than that as far as the "real killer." JILL

How did that cult stuff start? I mean, was it because the body gases forced the child from her abdomen and she appeared to be gashed open? Without her head and other body parts...perhaps that's why he's making the reference of satanic cult?
I believe this is what Geragos thinks his job is...to present scenarios to create doubt. Of course, I'm still waiting for him to drag in the "real" killer like he claimed he would do. Geragos is quiet an act to watch.

I remember hearing that some cult murder took place last year in the same manner (the body was mutilated and dumped in the same vicinity as Laci's). I'm presuming that Geragos has grabbed hold of that theory with both hands to instill resonable doubt.

In this world I suppose anything is possible. But probable? One thing I see that is very sad is that the TRUTH is no longer the truth. People take what it is they want to be real and twist it until they've convinced themselves. I'm referring to Scott. If he has indeed done this horrid crime, he must believe that he is innocent? I just have such difficulty with his behavior-how can someone behave the way he has been behaving after his wife's death, endure the treatment that he has taken from everyone and not finally break down from the pressure and say "Yes! I did it!"
I guess what I'm trying to say is that I can't get over how some people have such lack of conscience. Yes, it sounds naive even to me because that 's exactly what this world consists of : good and evil.

And yes-looks should most definately not matter. Unforfunately, presentation plays a large role in how people form their opinions. As I previously said, I am very interested to hear exactly what light Amber will shed.

Except for the fact that Amber can prove with photos, that Scott was cheating on his wife, she really has no other benefits to this case. Now I'm thinking the defence can rattle her good and bash her life style but the proof is in the photos. So Amber will only establish the fact that Scott committed adultery. The police had her phone conversations with Scott recorded but he did not admitt anything.

Geragos will try any antic and will attempt to involve Amber in the actual murder...that is why Amber went for a very good attorney. Geragos will use her to muddle up the case and plant one more crazy theory for the jury to argue over.

The real evidence is proving how Laci was killed. With her right and left arms severed at the elbow and her right leg severed at the knee, the left foot severed at the ankle...head and neck missing any really good CSI will be able to determine if these limbs were severed with saws, knives, blades, chains etc. They have to establish what damage was done during the killing, what damage was done to help dispose of the body, and how much was done by the bay creatures...plus the possibility of the barge hitting her and the cement weight damage and the tides!

Oh my! I just read that there are other women coming forward to say that they too had affairs with Scott. On CNN the other night they discussed the defense having one possible theory. A motive for Scott to kill his wife would be to be free to be with Amber. Yet if many woman started coming forth then that would only prove that he was a merely a cad not a killer.
Also, how does the defense plan on producing the "real killer?" The police are surely not searching for this person(s). Either they (the defense) have enlisted private investigators, or this is just another bluff.

Where did JIMMY get to. He had such compelling theories - almost a 6th sense - and seems to be the one who has fueled the more intelligible discussions I have seen at other web logs too even though he didn't post there (others have adopted his ideas and taken them as their own).

JIMMY - what is your profession???

VERY intrigued!!!

I read this entire forum and must say you guys really have great thoughts as to what happen, especially anabelle with the digestiob chamber mention.... I personally think YES he did do this horiffic act and he will be found... My thoughts on the whole satanic worship thing is 1 -either Scumbag Peterson read about it on the net and knew it was a big thing in his location, perfect for his lil act of horror or Geragos being the loser that he is , lol couldn't even help poor winona... he decided to go wit this angle.. I think after they convict Scumbag Peterson they should investigate this loser attorney... Nevermind how does Scott sleep at night.. Hell he has zero concience.. But how does loser Geragos sleep at night.. That guy will look to free Sadamm Wacko if they were to actually find this guy and bring him to justice, like that would happen... Sorry Peeps for the language , I just think of poor Laci and the lil unborn Kid.. A DAMN SHAME....

I bet you any money that this guys hard drive is loaded with all kinds of info...my guess is he most likely tried to wash it, however, I hope the cops and investigators on this case know that this can still be reversed...also I'm guessing they did this, if they didn't contact the ISP service he used, get records of IP's addies, Instant Messenger Chats, I bet you will find when all is said and done this guy actually calculated this whole plan very scientifically, STEO BY STEP... I bet he visited Satanic BS Websites, especially in his area and learned of things they do and then tried to actually copy it to a T and stuff..

To who owns this site..
GOOD WORK, nice to see peoples ideas...

It doen't matter whether Amber Frey is a Skank in peoples eyes, shes not the killer, we are investigating this trash bag SCUMBAG PETERSON...So she slept around , BIG DEAL, She posed in a skin Mag, Big Deal.... She is not a person who commited murder of 2 people... That's what I care about...That's what we are investigating.....

Watch how Geragos tries to use this as ammo against Amber... He hopefully will be sharing a cell with Scumbag...

Also amazing how this so called guy comes forward, OH I got pictures... Perhaps... Geragos got this info and the snake he is contacted this guy, don't put it past geragos or Scumbag....

Geragos is probably looking at a possible movie on this ,soaking up royalties on it...WHAT A FREAKIN SNAKE... LOCK HIS ASS UP TO...

Did anybody see if Amber had anything to say to the pictures...? I'm wondering...


A small handfull of Peterson aquaintances said that he didn't want a baby,was very afraid of getting old when he turned 30,hated his job and considered himself a terrible salesman and the couples financial circumstances were 'shaky'.Add this to failed golf career and the fact he had a sexy girlfriend and that he was a Scorpio and it total smurder!

Posted by: J.jones on April 26, 2003 03:03 AM


I'D like to add this.... How in the world as we know this is very true... Can this so called Oh The Prisoners are treating him like a celebrity and don't really care much about it, there intrigued of whats being said... UH.... O.K I never did time..but unless Scott is in the same population of prisoners ( YOU KNOW the other scum bags like himself ) then this is false... Prisoners , especially in a California jail would not respect this lower then crap on my shoe vermon in the least...

Just my thoughts...
WHAT ya guys think?


A small handfull of Peterson aquaintances said that he didn't want a baby,was very afraid of getting old when he turned 30,hated his job and considered himself a terrible salesman and the couples financial circumstances were 'shaky'.Add this to failed golf career and the fact he had a sexy girlfriend and that he was a Scorpio and it total smurder!

Posted by: J.jones on April 26, 2003 03:03 AM

I like Anabelles theory... the Digestive Chamber...horrific... Oh My.. but let's have that investigated...


The fact that nude pics of Amber Frey exist, and have made her money, means nothing except that Amber Frey saw an opportunity and likes money as much as you do. To think it means she is guilty is to be a damn nitwit.

He was freaking out alright!!! Coloring his hair, stashing $10,000.00 in is wallet and driving his Mercedes to the border with his brother's ID.
I don't think he should get the chair though. I think he should have cement tied around his neck and feet and then be shoved into the sea.
Didn't know that tarp was so big! It must be connected to the case.
April, have you heard if there will be a second arrest? His dad or brother?

Posted by: Jean on April 19, 2003 10:43 PM

I Agree....

Let him meet the same horrific end as his beautiful wife and unborn child did.. I don't want to see the state of California covering the rent for this guys lifetime prison stay... BURN HIM AT THE STAKE..

Personally if it was me I would drive him out with chains tied to him and raw steak and drive him out to the ocean... and let the sharks have him... PERSONALLY THE GREAT LORD WILL TAKE CARE THIS DIRT BAG... HE'LL GET HIS DESSERTS, SOON ENOUGH..


One more thought... why in the world did Scott scrub the floor and shower before making a phone call or looking for Laci? Wasn't he worried that she had gone into labor? Or maybe he already knew where she was....

Posted by: annalee on March 15, 2003 10:42 PM

Oh I'm sorry I been calling you Annabelle, I apologize, you have alot of good theories. Hey wasn't OJ supposively getting out of the shower when the door bell was being rung by the cheauffer? Same scenario,. I believe as this guy will undoubtly be brought to justice for the crime he has commited on his wife and unborn kid...God for bid should he not, he should be put away for being the stuppidest person alive, nothing he does or says adds up, reminds me of someone who should be on the most stupest criminal show, like the guy who ties his car to an atm machine an rides away with it following in tow...

Please let this guy get his Just Deseerts Lord...


You People that allow the main stream media to control your thoughts, are the definition of Morons.!!!
It never fails to amaze me the shear number of idiots willing to destroy a person whom our constitutions guarantees is “innocent until proven guilty” This feeding frenzy on Scott Peterson is a disgrace to our country

It to bad the average intelligence level of an American has diminished to the point that they can’t even tell when they are being played by the media. The news Media is great at starting and spreading rumors but are very ineffective at Investigative Reporting. You morons buy everything they dish out hook Line and sinker.

What evidence do we have ??None !!!! its all crap!!! none of it has enough credibility to convict a man of J-walking let alone murder maybe that’s why the Police utilized the Media to Create a Feeding frenzy a lynch mob to convict a man that they could not other wise convict !!!

With regard to Scott Peterson I personally have not taken a stand either way. I really believe that we will never know the truth.. you people have allowed the police and the media to control your opinions by allowing them to control your emotions.. just think about it Imagine what a good photographer can do, now combine that with a good audio tech and a skillful editor and they can make the Pope look like a psychopath

You people make me ashamed to be an American !! you make me SICK You pretend to have put thought into this matter. When in reality by the looks of your posts you have put no more thought into it then you would deciding what pair of jeans to wear.. This is a mans Life and Reputation and it deserves what we where all promised (“Innocent until proven guilty” >>>>In a court of law by a Jury of our peers) You morons have convicted him without ever seeing a shred evidence SHAME ON YOU I hope everyone of you suffer the same type of justice

Where was Amber on December 24th? I don't think she was involved directly in Laci's murder in ANY way. However, if she was not out of town for the holidays, then I am almost certain that Scott is guilty by that fact alone. Here's why. If he was so in love of Amber (new love you know) and he had only one decent shot at seeing her during the Christmas holiday, then he sure as hell would have used the "fishing" story as a cover with Laci to actually spend time with Amber. Instead, Scott has a receipt proving he was at the marina, where coincidentally his wife and baby's bodies were later found.

Hey Ashamed to be American,
Don't be so harsh on individuals for expressing their opinion on a topic. They have as much right to free speech about anything, anytime, no matter if they are right or wrong. You make valid points about the media which I share with you. I have been critical of the media for the past 3 decades and it is only getting worse. These individuals in this forum do make great theoretical points to the case in question. I myself believe Scott Peterson may be guilty because of the evidence his lawyers have suggested to the media. But as far as you calling the people involved in this forum morons, I think you are way off base. You may be suprised by the intellect of some of these individuals. They at least have respect for one another's opinions where you do not. By the way, if you get tired of being American, then pack up and move to another country. Let's see how far you can get with your attitude in some third world country where you are not allowed to speak your opinion because of penalty of death. Have a nice day!

Hey Ashamed to be American...

Just because people are expressing judgement in an "unofficial" forum does not mean they are representing Americans. In fact, where the hell did you get the idea that this behavior is American? People all over the world have opinions. To be American is enjoy one of the unique freedoms of the world, to openly express your opinion without fear of reprisal. Be warned though, if you express your opinion any American has a right to challenge or disagree with you. It does not mean you are exempt from consequence.
You're tirade only reveals a deeper conflict within yourself, not Americans.
If you don't have anything constructive to offer, then close your mouth and listen. You may learn something.

Yes, you are innocent until proven guilty, which is why Scott Peterson in on trial. But, with the presentation of the case in the media, I can presume him to be guilty or not and there is nothing you can do about it.

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