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breaking news

From CNN:

DEVELOPING STORY Israeli forces fired rockets at targets in Gaza late Sunday, hours after two apparent suicide bombings in Tel Aviv. Israeli authorities said those bombings killed 22 people. Details soon.

I give it an hour tops before someone calls the act "horrendous," calls the Israeli soldiers "muderers," and blames Israel for all the violence.

Oh, and that attack today that killed at least 22 people? Here's what Reuters had to say:

A Palestinian militant group claimed responsibility. The Palestinian Authority denounced it as a "terrorist" attack.

Militant. "Terrorist."



Funny how you and I agree on so little, but on this we seem to be of the same mind. Here is my take on this tragedy. Why shouldn't the Israelis take out Arafat- NOW??

In Reuters-land, Josef Stalin was a "Communist" and "mass-murderer", noted Cambodian political figure Pol Pot was described by some as a "ruthless killer," mainland China aka "Communist" China, presidential hopeful Al Gore was "Stiff and unresponsive," and noted German 20th century painter, paper hanger, and political gadfly Adolf Hitler was sometimes called "Evil."

Do they have a stuck key that keeps inserting quotes? They are truly an odious excuse for a "news" service.

Greg, lots of folks (especially the neocons) aren't terribly happy with Reuters. But, of the examples you present, which would you suggest is invalid? Just curious.


I wasn't as clear as I'd intended to be in the post. I submit all of the descriptions in quotes as accurate, meaning that Reuters puts the truth in quotes, as if "the sky is blue" is an opinion held by some people, no more valid than, say, the sky is green(No quotes there).

Yes, Reuters certainly has that problem. :)

Why don't they ever put "Palestinian" in quotes...oh right, that would be an appropriate use of quotation marks.


How true. And "Chairman" Arafat? So, there's a board of directors? Shareholders?
"Thank you for your presentation to the board, Aziz. We disagree with it. Please step outside to be shot."
Maybe Israel can just buy them, and shut them down.

I wish.

Rita, I recently read that, about 70-80 years ago, Jews in the Holy Land were refered to as "Palastinians." The Palestinians were simply referred to as "Arabs" - indistinguishable from Jordanians, Syrians, or Eqyptians. Go figure.

I've read that too...also that "Palestinian" is derived from "Philistine."

Yeah, go figure, the same Jordan, Syria, & Egypt that doesn't want them back.

What's the phrase from Warcraft III, just before the humans are almost completely eradicated for being total brain- dead violent fuckwits?

"The warning has been given. Their fate is now their own."

I am shocked that you do not put news and journalist in quotes when referring to Reuters.