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We watched Bad Taste (again) today and we're sitting here wondering how one can create the greatest movie ever made as well as the grossest movie ever made. Now that's what I call being diverse.


OK, that picture just destroyed my desire to see the movie. I couldn't make it through "Dead Alive" ... I love horror, but I can't deal with anything dealing with the head...

What'd you think about Dead Alive?

Giant Zombie Ribs attacking, ears in the pudding, and one of the greatest lines of dialogue in cinema history:

"I kick ass for The Lord."

Yeah, I like Peter Jackson's stuff, even The Frighteners. Always something interesting going on.

Meet The Feebles is still my favorite Peter Jackson flick above all others, though.

Dead Alive is where it's at. You can't beat a movie that climaxes with one man, a room full of zombies, and his trusty lawn mower. Meet the Feebles outside of a few selected moments never really did much for me. The disgusting antics of a bunch of burnt out muppets gets old after about twenty minutes. It's the only Peter Jackson movie that I thought was, well, boring. The Vietnam flashback sequence was priceless though.

Thank you! Thank you!

I've been trying for months to remember the name of that movie - and now I have it, Bad Taste! Hooray!

I've not seen it since high school!

Now that is one fucking great movie. Punting an alien head through a window is something I hope I get to do before I die.

Whereas fighting the enlarged zombie corpse of my abusive mother on the roof of her house is something I hope to do before I die...

Well that and see Rivendell.