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haven't they found a cure for stunted maturity yet?

Giving credence to the thought that Fark is the cesspool of the internet, some Farkers went over to wKen's wonderful photo contest, dropped some nasty comments and hardcore porn in the comments and thus ruined a really good idea. wKen had to take the comments down for now, but the pictures remain.

I suppose you can't fault the Farkers, though. I'm sure brain atrophy sets in after a while when you spend all your time in your mommy's basement jacking off to cartoon tits.

Hopefully wKen will get the show running again and all the Beavis and Buttheads from the Fark cesspool will have found another boobie picture to stare at for the rest of the evening.


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Just like Patio Pundit says: "Scary. But yeah." :)

I'm sure brain atrophy sets in after a while when you spend all your time in your mommy's basement jacking off to cartoon tits.

Michele, sometimes you totally fricking crack me up.


You talk of jacking off to cartoon tits as if there was something wrong with it....

Depends on the cartoon, Adam. I'm guessing with Farkers, it's something on Nickelodeon.

Hmm, like the powerpuff girls? That's disturbing...

Fark is the cesspool of the internet

As a Figgy Pudding of bad standing, I am obliged to inform you that the Fucked Company Forum is the cesspool of the internet.

trying to make $50 bucks by posting pictures of your wife's fake breasts, who would think anyone would have a problem with that? hahaha

OK, I'll publicly admit that I like Fark. And I couldn't believe what michele said could be true. So I went to wKen's site, and was disgusted by the posts. So I went to Fark to see what was up.

Farkers posted 260 comments (on Fark, not the Blog) about that guys submission. 230 of those comments was on whether the guys wife had real or fake boobies (Fark does have an obsession with boobies so this should be expected) and had nothing to do with the blog itself. Of the remaining 30 comments, 26 basically agreed with Michele saying that what those idiots did was obscene and inexcusable. 4 comments basically on some level tried to justify what was done. So I have to say I don't think the problem was Fark. I think the problem is that there are so many people who go to Fark and that there is a small percentage of people out there on the internet that think they can be degrading and obscene just because nobody knows who they are.

Most of the blog comments on Fark agree with michele that those posts were infantile and hateful, a couple of examples:

If you post naked pictures of your wife on the net, you should probably have a thick skin and be prepared for criticism.

i'll have to agree that the majority of the fark postings were disgusted at what happened in the blog. i'm not ashamed to say i'm a farkette, and that bashing the entire site for what some
(probably 12-year-old) idiot did is very, very unfair. remember that intelligent human beings besides yourself exist on the internet.

Hey XXX, this is not about a guy's naked wife. This is about ruining someone's project. As for the Farkers who did not particpate, nor condone this idiocy, I apologize.

As a regular Farker, I would have to agree, most comments in the thread did not support the abortion and bukkake pics. I personally found them disturbing. Ahhh the perils of freedom of speech. Sometimes you see and hear things you don't agree with, or in this case are genuinely outraged by.

On the other hand, the asshats coming to the aid of some loser who posted naked pics of his wife to win $50 is laughable. Really, at what point did selling her respect, dignity, and privacy lose it's value.

Oh yeah, it MAY be worth $50. That made it OK, huh?

I do not condone what was posted, but slamming an entire community of mostly intelligent and witty folks at fark for a few twisted freaks? Give me a break you self righteous hypocrites....

I call bullshit on all of you.

Untwist your panties, Mark. I apologized.

Oh, I wouldn't charecterize it as the "cesspool of the internet", its more like where the waste runoff meets the sludge of the cespool and you get all that funky stuff going on ... but its not as nasty as in the bottom of the cesspool. Its still just mostly dirty water, kinda bland and stuff .. but sometimes real interesting stuff flows by, and there's a lot of bugs and gnats and insects and ... uh ... nevermind ... its late and I'm going to bed.
(note to self: don't try to be humorous late at night, you'll probably just piss somebody off)

Farkers are free to say whatever they wish on their own website, or Fark, as long as the managment allows it(and assuming that what they say is presented as opinion or is objective fact), but ruining my site and taking it offline is not part of their freedom of speech (which buy the way, only applies to government actions. You have no freedom of speech with regard to private individuals).

If you think that the man was wrong in submitting nude photos of his wife, say it on your own personal space. You have a right to your opinion, but you have no right to affect my life, or anyone elses.

I would argue with you that people who have a problem with nudity or being proud of their wife's body have some issue's they should deal with, but that is my own opinion. I would never take your site down because I disagree with what you say or post.

I made it very clear on my wPhotoBlog that negative comments were not allowed. The whole point was to highlight positive things in people's lives. It was a chance for people to post pictures of things they were proud of.

The $50 first prize was purposely small, so that people would recognize the site was more of an exhibition than a competition. Anyone that has read my site for any period of time knows that my contests are anti-greed and cut-throat competition.

So all Farkers may not be responsible for the actions of a few people, but Fark and other sites like it seem oblivios to allowing a mob mentality and destructive emotions to breed and multiply. Not by posting links to interesting sites, but by allowing irresponsible comments or forum sections. Freedom includes responsibility for the reasonable consequences of one's actions, and allowing hateful, destructive forums leads to hateful, destructive actions.

The irony is that my "I love..." photo contest was meant as a protest of the increasing negativity and irresponsible hate-filled content on some weblogs and other internet sites.

Instead of giving Michele heat for being angry at the actions of idiots, why not do something constructive and give the idiots some heat. As long as you ignore it, that type of behavior will continue, and eventually it might affect you.

Sorry for the typos. I didn't proof read. I guess I must be pissed.

Fark is just a collection of people posting things they find interesting on the internet.
When I checked Fark last night the link to wKen's blog had been clicked 45,000 times. I'm sorry I didn't count the negative comments on your blog (and they were hateful). But assuming that each click represented an individual. How many asinine, imbecilic cretons are there in a population of 45,000? Most likely you have more than any one person (or site) could keep a handle on. Its like expecting a single police officer to handle 45,000 people.

Don't get me wrong. What those people did was wrong. But what's at fault in my mind is that there's a percentage of the population that are clueless. Can you imagin a peaceful protest with 45,000 protesters staying peaceful? It's a darn difficult task.

I was honored to be FARK'ed for the Breast Cancer drive -- until they started showing up. Wouldn't wish their fringe's benefits on my worst enemy. I lost a whole weekend of my life getting my blog back.

I feel like kicking someone's ass.

Yes, it was MY photo and subsequent submission to Fark that started this...

I'm an idiot. I should have known better. I was counting on the camaraderie that farkers tend to show to come through and that maybe some of them would even participate. I also NEVER expected to make the front page, I thought the link would only languish on TotalFark.

wKen, I apologize again, profusely. I feel like I ruined your contest, and that pisses me off. I should have known better.

As for the $$...who cares? I would have gladly had wKen donate it, or pay his bandwidth bill with it, or buy a nice tie for all I care. My wife and I just thought it would be a fun thing to do...she's remarkably unashamed of her body, and has absolutely no compunctions about a couple of tasteful photos on a photoblog. She's posted more than that in her own blog.

I LOVE Fark. I paid to be a TotalFark subscriber. however...I think I dislike the Fark community, and I've made my last submission to Drew Curtis' Fark.Com

wKen, once again, I apologize, and if I can do anything to make it up to you, just name it.

I also apologize to everyone else who entered the contest. I fucked it up for everyone, and I'm sorry.