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fisk and mallick - useless idiots

Idiocy abounds today. Thankfully, there are people to hand the idiots their words back, with mustard.

First, Emperor Misha takes on - who else - Robert Fisk and does it in true Emperor style.

FISK: North Korea breaks all its nuclear agreements with the United States, throws out UN inspectors and sets off to make a bomb a year, and President Bush says it's "a diplomatic issue".

AUGUSTUS: They still insist on taking that President of yours literally, do they?
EMP. MISHA I: Oh yes, they do.
TIBERIUS: Amusing... Would that MY Senate had been that gullible.
CALIGULA: Well, they were under ME!
TIBERIUS: No they weren't, you fool, they were just a little averse to waking up and finding a gladius inserted in their recta in case you were to suspect that they disagreed.

The comments in that post led me to Rohan & Trevalyan's Happy Fun Rottweilers who chewed up and picked apart everyone's favorite Canadian, Heather Mallick. Mallick's column is beyond reprehenisble - it's also callous, mean-spirited and infuriating. Thankfully, Trevalyan answers Mallick's every dimwitted word.

There's your required reading for today.


Regarding Mallick's article: How is it that such blatant hate speech gets published?

Welcome to Canada. The Globe is our biggest newspaper.

NOW- get me out!!

I spent 26 years as a soldier. I'm pretty sure i was a good one. Who the fuck is this whore to tell the world there are no more good soldiers?