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oh. that was real.

Damn. It wasn't a bad dream.

I woke up to a furor going on in the comments of "I'm a homosexualist and proud."

If you want to hang around this place and argue about morality, that's fine. But damn it, if you are going to start fisking my commenters, open your own damn blog and do it.

Now, I'm going to have some coffee and make a Michael Vick voodoo doll.


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Sorry, Michele... I'll try to not break your commentators in the future.

If you look at my first post in the thread, the tone was quite moderate: I was trying to point out the good and bad arguments on BOTH sides... (my internal opinion is much closer to the pro-gay side, but I can recognize some legitmate complaints from the other side)

Then I got monkey-piled by at least 4 other commentators who didn't like the fact that I would give the time of day to Kid, much less say that he had any good points at all. I can handle 4-on-one, but keeping the threads straight gets wordy.

What is it about "tolerance" subjects that turns people completely intolerant of anything but the party line?

P.S. If you want a laugh this morning, check out Jimmeh Carter's new award on LGF. You know you want to :)

Not a single mention of barebacking or fudgepacking in that thread.

Guns, god and gays...the three "g""s are guaranteed to get the same 2948 posts saying the same things that they said the last 3948734 times people got to comment on them.

Amen (so to speak), Jane. :)

Yes, please make a Vick voodoo doll! The Falcons v. Eagles game should be interesting next week. Two mobile QBs in one game... that is, if McNabb is really mobile by then.

I TOLD you Vick would rise to the occasion. He'll do it again in Philadelphia, too. First, we ate the cheddar, then we eat the cream...cheese, that is.

Did that FALCONS VICTORY really cost you a comic book? If so, that's a crying shane.

Yuk, yuk, yuk! (That's the sound I make when crying along with you. Honest.)