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holy shit!


That's gotta hurt.


What's worse is that I am probably going to have to suffer the wrath of Acidman if the Falcons go on to win in Green Bay. They're up 21-0 which is just remarkable.


I don't want to talk about it.

I live in Indy. And oh yes, it did.

Ouch. Damn.

I could have predicted that stunner. The Colts have a knack for curling up and dying when it looks like they could acutally go somewhere. One more reason I would never buy season tickets from them.

Yes, that was effing painful. Clearly, only one team actually playing anything resembling football.

As a Hoosier...
Please, Colts, move to California as you've been threatening to do. Maybe they'll want you...
And don't even think of asking for a new stadium after that, ah, performance.