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I took this comic ideology test (via Johnny Bacardi, who will be out one comic in a few hours) while I'm sitting around waiting for the Packers game to start.

My ideology is in line with Dave Sim, Gary Groth and Neil Gaiman.

I am partly satisfied with the results. Dave Sim is a bit of a loon. A misogynist loon. Quote: "It wouldn't be that big a stretch to categorize my writing as Hate Literature against women . . . in this Fascistic Feminist country"

That said, I love his work on Cerebus, which probably would automatically disqualify me from joining any Fascist Feminist clubs.

As for Gary Groth, a quote from him: It was not only talent that these cartoonists brought to comics but integrity as well, by which I mean the artists' refusal to subserve their talent to the demands of either corporate masters or the marketplace. Have I mentioned that I hate Marvel? Just saying.

And Neil Gaiman. Well, those who know me know that I am a slave to all things Gaiman. We don't need to delve into that right now, lest the Elite Comic Troops come out from under their bridges and start sending me hate mail again.

I was not so satisfied with the results of the Personality Disorder Test, which claims that I am a paranoid schizophrenic with borderline antisocial behavior, prone to narcissistic fits of histrionics while being avoidant, dependent and obesssive-compulsive.

Good thing I'm heavily medicated, eh?


If the Elite Comics Troops come for you, I'll help you hold the fort. I just got The Sandman Companion for Christmas.

Guh. I love it.

that selector was screwy.Listed as my #1 was Stan "the A-hole" Lee, though I did connect with gaimen,groth and K. Smith too.
On another note,my daughter was watching th animated Sabrina yesterday,and one of the characters was King kirby,famous comic book artist.Needless to say I tried to tell her how the real Kirby got screwed by marvel,(don't think it took though). Have hated Marvel since the 60's when EVRY SINGLE CHARACTER went through the same angst monthly,e.g."if only I could tell (insert girlfriend here) that I am (insert hero here) tedious even for a ten year old