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yea, another repeat

I'm busy compiling all the links for the Required Reading 2002, which will go up on Monday morning.

No one seems to be around tonight anyhow, except for Kings Kid, who is arguing with me about absolute morality.

I still haven't finished beating you over the head with my own best of 2002. This is one of my favorite post from Raising Hell. Flirting Lessons:

Scene: Restaurant/pizza place where we are enjoying DJs baseball teams end-of-season party.

The boys are in the front of the restaurant, by the door, so they can escort in anyone who shows up and lead them to the back room we have taken over.

I am sitting in the back room with some of the other parents. One mom walks in and gives me that look. The look that says do you have any idea what your son is doing? Believe me, I have seen that look enough to recognize it instantly.

Do you have any idea what your son is doing? she says, predictably.
Do I want to know?
He is standing at the front door trying to pick up a 17 year old girl.
Thats pretty interesting because just yesterday he announced to us that hes gay. For the second time.
Hes nine.
He likes attention.
Well, this girl is giving him plenty.

A discussion follows about DJs declaration and whether I take it seriously or not.

We walk up front and not only is DJ doing some serious flirting with this beautiful girl, but she is flirting back with him. And the other boys are taking notes.

I tell the boys to come in the back room and I give the girl a look that says Im sorry at the same time as please dont encourage him.

Theres a an opening in the far wall in the back room. It overlooks the dining room. The girl is seated at a table, facing us. DJ peeks over the wall and waves. She waves back. Her friends laugh. DJs friends look at him in awe. The girl is encouraging him, the friends are encouraging him, the other parents Im with are laughing.

This goes on through most of the party, except for the part where the coach got up and said a few funny and nice things about each kid and I was almost afraid to hear what he would say about DJ. But that turned out ok.

Finally, the party is over. Im leading DJ out, and the girl calls out to him.

Hey, cutie! You leaving so soon? She winks at him.
He winks back. Gotta go. Got school tomorrow. Yea, THIRD GRADE! , I'm thinking.
He stares the girl for a second and says, while batting his eyes, Bye, sweetie pie. Hope I see your beautiful eyes again someday.

Where he got that line from, I have no idea. But it sure made an impression with the 17 year old because she looked like she was going to melt. She waves a wistful goodbye to him and blows him a kiss.

We get outside and one of the other parents says to DJ, I thought you were gay?
What can I say, he says. Im just a confused kid.

Sometimes I really dont know what to make of him. I imagine that strangers have even a harder time figuring him out.

Sure, hes got quirks, but at least they are entertaining quirks.


Precious! You know, I hope my kid is taking notes.....

Yeah, sorry about that leave of absence there...

Was recovering from an emotional breakdown whilst listening to 'If I Could' by Hundred Reasons about 1000 times.

I'm at home right now clearing up the crockery. Good job I live out in the sticks or we would've had the police round. Which would've been terrible, because, as i said, I'd broken all the teacups...

Fuck Atlanta