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monkey business


Oh, Susanna
Oh, don't you cry for me
Have you ever seen a flower-wearing
musical monkey?

They're cousins, identical cousins...

The Christina Aguilera of primates

Get your damn dirty paws off of me!

Oh, Susanna
Oh, don't you cry for me
for though I have a hat and shirt
I'm a pantless monkey

What? You were expecting astute commentary on a Saturday morning?


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I'm not sure whether I should be amused, or brace myself for a sleepless night filled with nightmares...

What's going on with the legs on that last minkey?

Or monkey. Either way.

I think I woke up from a blackout in Miami with that Christina chimp. That was one hell of a weekend!

those are just scary!

I hate monkeys.


Donald Roller Wilson -- now he knows how to paint monkeys, dammit.

Where did you get that picture of me playing my banjo? It was my girlfriend, wasn't it?