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observe this, buddy

How come the people with the biggest opinions and loudest mouths are always anonymous?

If "Blog Observer" had any balls, he/she would step up and use their real name. What good is an opinion if we don't know the jackass it's coming from?

I notice the blog scheme of Observer is green. Tinged with jealousy, perhaps?

Ah, amusement. It comes in all packages.


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Gives new meaning to GAFL.

Much ado about nothing, imo.

hee, Michele! I heart you soooo much.

He/She stopped by my blog yesterday. I just removed their link and told them they'd get no traffic from me. (I live in a controversy-free zone at skittish. All fluff, no substance.) ;)

That's not Jealosy Green, that's Baby Sh*t Green. Which, now that I think about it, is even more appropriate for Mr/Ms Blog Observer.

Er 'scuse my spee...spelling. I meant "jealousy." Gotta remember it's got a "louse" in it...sorta.

I like the notation in the comments

"Save your comments! Donations are required urgently!"

Translates to:

"Shut the f*ck up and send me your money!"

So, people are supposed to contribute to a faceless, anonymous jerk.



I'll get right on that....

All payments go to henry-s@blueyonder.co.uk. Does that ring a bell with anyone?

I love google...

here he is

Anybody heard of BlogComments? Damn stupid way to drum up business.

I guess this guy never took a marketing class.

After looking deeper into his site it would appear that he has a business that isn't doing too well...

downtime and all is bad for a technology service...

let us all feel sorry for him...

Ok, that's enough, now kick him to the curb...

but.. but.. he told me i'd win for "most whiny" blog!!!!!! i thought i was special, you mean, he's been leaving you all comments? dammit!

HEY! If anybody contributes to a faceless, anonymous jerk, it'd better the hell be me, dammit.

Don't worry, Yvonne, I put you up for "Best Weblog Devoted To 151-Swillin' Hotties." ;)

Blog Comments Admin here..

"downtime and all is bad for a technology service... "

10 minutes..*wow*

"I guess this guy never took a marketing class."

Guess not, I'm only 13

And one more thing, if you have something to say, say it to the person involved themselves (me in this case) I just found this by coincidence. Are you really that scared of a 13 year old?

Scared? We're laughing at you, idiot.

Dammit! I thought I had the biggest opinions and the loudest mouth then this idiot comes along and takes my crown.

Captain Brent reporting: Our VRWC commandos infiltrated the site looking for signs of life or intelligence. I must report that we found none. That is all.

Yeah, he hit me too. I deleted his comment and blocked his IP.

And here I was just going to comment that good "OBSERVERS" are seen, and not heard...(er...read....whatever.)

Guess not, I'm only 13
Well, I guess that explains the "balls" part, hmmmm?
Well, I guess that explains the "balls" part, hmmmm?

What, the fact that they haven't "dropped" yet?

Henry, if that is your name, you left no alternative but to comment here or publicly post on a site that is obviously your business site. We would not do that as what we do here has nothing to do with your business.

Etiquette demands that you identify yourself if you want to post. That was what Michele mentioned in this post, folk who drop in and leave a turd anonymously.

What you did is the cyber equivilent of farting in an elevator and you got called on it.

If you are 13, and the jury is still out on that point, all this can be written off as inexperience. I do not believe that you are 13. I think you are just another troll who hides behind anonymity and when chased down claims to be a kid, hoping to avoid an ass whuppin'.

btw, I'll email this comment to your address so you won't think I'm afraid of "a 13 year old".

Well, I don't know how I can prove that I am 13 but if you delve deeper into my forums, (or weblog) you will find topics like "back to school" "school hols"..etc.

Henry is my real name, and at the bottom of all blogs is signed of as such.

"and when chased down claims" I think you will find that I chased you down via blog observations (as a matter of coincidence, this member registered at my message boards and they entered a url to their profile, so I visited it and found out about this nonsense), not vice versa.