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and the cheese stands alone

Packers v. Falcons.

Lambeau Field, 7pm tommorow.

Weather forecast: mid to low 20's.

Point spread: Falcons getting 6 1/2

The bet: I have the Packers, Johnny Bacardi has the Falcons plus the points.

The prize: A new comic book of the winner's choice.

Hey Juan, where's my cheeshead?


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The one thing we finally agree upon go Packers!!

Farve rarely loses at home when the temperature is below 32. The Falcons are frozen toast.

Go Packers!!

Mike Vick will rise to the occasion. You're gonna be out one comic book, darlin.'

Thanks Acidman!

As a longtime Falcons fan, I learned a long time ago not to talk trash in their behalf...but if anybody else wants to step up, then that's just fine with me!

I hope Vick can rise to the occasion...he's certainly got it in him. That's one of the most exciting things about the guy- that "anything can happen" vibe.

Vick, as good as he is, doesn't have a chance against Favre and company in Lambeau Field, especially at NIGHT!

Of course it doesn't matter anyway, because my Giants are going to kick all their asses.

Bring it on. My Raiders will destroy all challengers. It is their destiny to win the Superbowl.


I still want to know (and if it was explained 600 posts or so ago, sorry) how a Long Islander became a Packers fan. With the whole Eastern seaboard full of teams to choose from, why the "frozen tundra" denizens? You a shareholder, Michele?