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but seriously...

Andy's latest post was a startling revelation. There are guys who don't like receiving oral sex? Really?

17 posts today. A new record.



I dated one guy who was EXTREMELY ticklish "down there", so he really didn't like oral sex. It "tickled", so he really didn't care for it.

Anybody want his number?? ;-)

There are guys who don't like receiving oral sex? Really?

No. Not really. You've got to snopes everything.

I love that your comments section says, "Spit it out".....works well with this post. Not that I spit. Not in the least! No no no.....I swallow.

And, for those who don't like oral sex....well....fine. Go find someone else to play with.

And it is because we can discuss topics like this that free countries will always be the government of choice.

I'd like to see a dyed-in-the-wool Arabian Immam read this thread, just to see his turban unravel.

Or heck, I'd like to see Pat Robertson's face (not the the 2 are equivelant).

Have you ever seen a pontiff's hat spin?

Been married for 14 years. Pretty much get BJs on demand but would take a dry hump over them anyday. Don't care for BJs, a poor replacement for real sex and an option offered more and more frequently to sex as the marriage progresses in years.

I'd rather eat a woman out for an hour and find a way to get off rathe rthan simply receive a BJ. Jerking off in the shower with a large amount of bodywash on it for proper traction is better than a BJ.

The only way a BJ is good is if she swallows and if she allows you to soil her facially with it.

Does that cover everything?

In graphic detail, Harry.

I'm thinking there's a reason your wife prefers to just go down on you and get it overwith.

Oral sex???
For guys???
After marriage???

That's just an urban legend, right?

(Another gratuitous TMI comment for your reading pleasure.)

She never offers one, Michelle but she would never turn one down.

Just telling you that BJs don't cut it. We want more! That is why we dislike them, cause unless we are driving at night on a highway, a BJ is the last thing that we should get.

I don't know who Harry is speaking for, but I'll take a BJ thanks very much.
Round these parts, we call it "foreplay".
Now, about Polyamory............

Foreplay ? So is a finger up your ass, Sylvain. But if you could get a finger up your ass everyday and real sex only 1-2 a week you would learn to not over-rate the finger.



Don't even SAY that!

Errr...for the record, I LIKE oral sex... I was commenting on some pour soul who doesn't. You know, in case any of you women out there were planning to offer and suddenly decided against it because of Michele's somewhat misleading post.

New Year's Eve we were enJOYing a couple of cocktails and cigars with some pals. The conversation turned to the night me and my friend did Tequila body shots (grrl/grrl) and my non body shot pal's BOYFRIEND got offended! And we were promising a replay if he bought a shot. Considering that a few jaws have yet to come up from the floor from that night a couple of years ago, I would say this guy fits into the scattered few who don't like oral sex OR watching two hot girls drink Tequila and suck limes and salt from each other:-). I guess this went off course but it reminded me that my husband was like, WOW, he is the first guy I've ever met that would get PISSED about that!

See, I knew it had to be a mistake. I'd sooner believe the Raelians philosphy...it's more realistic.

I have only met one man who TRULY did not like blow jobs. He wanted to, but he had been molested as a child and had not worked through his issues.

Then, there was Billy, the asshole I dated, who did not like them because it gave the woman "too much power". Yeah, I showed him just HOW much power. Pfffft.

Harry's just trollin for bj's, aren't ya Harry. Sly devil.

"But if you could get a finger up your ass everyday"

That would be my Personal Goal For 2003.

Easy enough to accomplish, Kevin.

It would just have to be your own.

Well, yeah, that was implied.

Is it wrong for me to be turned on by that?

Then you ought to be driven to a sexual frenzy by Ted Rall, Michelle. After all, he sticks his entire head up his ass for months at a time.

Never, ever say the words "sexual frenzy" and "Ted Rall" in the same sentence again.

Thank you.

I don't consider a finger up my ass foreplay at all. Nothing goes in that way, thanks.
Sorry to hear about your 1-2 a week problem. The frustration is palpable.