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It's time for the annual Weblog Awards (Bloggies)

I was nominated for a few last year but didn't make the final cut on any. That's ok, because I am still very proud of my anti-bloggie for Best Heterosexual Weblog. (Hey, Choire and Philo - I never got my book about Anal Sex! What if I'm still doing it all wrong??)

I'm taking my time doing my voting. I became aware of so many more weblogs in the past year, it's going to be hard to make final decisions.

I do know two things. For best community or group blog, Blogcritics or Raising Hell (yea, self promotion) is the way to go, and for best weblog directory or update monitor, my money is on blogrolling.

Vote early, vote often.


I must admit, I notimated you for quite a few categories. :-)

I nominated Ho Ho Holy Shit. It was too spur-of-the-moment funny satire not to.

I nominated Ho Ho Holy Shit. It was too spur-of-the-moment funny satire not to.

Best heterosexual blog.
That's rich!

Well, I nominated you, so neener neener!

If you have both a Bloggie and an Anti-Bloggie, will the universe implode?

I nominated HHHS, too! It's a landslide.

Oh, yeah, and I think I voted for some dumb site with Victory in its name for something or other. Probably "Best Guatemalan Weblog Devoted Entirely to Codpieces".

: What an honor to win something by promoting yourself. A small victory indeed.

A Small Victory for blog of the year is what I suggest.

There are actually quite a few suggestions on my site.

Dear B.O.:

Feel free to come back when you've contributed more to the Blogosphere™ than two insignificant posts and one half-assed attempt at trolling.

I have to admit I'm slightly suspect of these awards considering last year Wil Wheaton Dot Net won FIVE, including Weblog of the Year. All the more reason for everyone to go vote! It's Us versus 100,000 Star Trek Fans.