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come into my world

Proof of a real human clone, from the Miguellian Cloning Society. And just look at who they are going to clone next!

Kylie for you! Kylie for me! Is science great, or what?


Hee hee! That dude is too funny.

I think my favorite was his post in raising hell where he was talking about all the children that died at the hands of their parents.

"This, in my opinion, is to be avoided."

I think we should clone Michael Moore 10,000 times and use them for navy live-fire excecises.

We could convert the scattered blubber into oil after we were done.

I dunno, what if one escapes? It would be like one of those sci-fi movies from the 50s, where the Blob eventually expands to cover the entire earth, after escaping from a top-secret research lab.

Too true.

Or like the escaped GM wheat nightmare that plagues innocent french farmers in their sleep?