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do you often sing or whistle just for fun?

Confession time. That, and I shot my load as far as news blogging goes today.

I was reading an article that said people have a hard time admitting to their fears, quirks, imperfections and odd traits. Well, let's change that.

  • I am afraid of the dark
  • I am the world's greatest procrastinator
  • I sniff Sharpies
  • I know the words to too many Air Supply songs
  • I bought a Kid Rock cd once
  • I hate Twinkies (I was told that's unamerican)
  • But I adore hot dogs
  • I used to believe that Jim Morrison spoke to me from beyond
  • I actually read one of those Chicken Soup for the Soul books
  • I know all the dance moves to Bye-Bye-Bye
  • I had a warrant out for my arrest twice (moving violation related)
  • I've seen the Grateful Dead more than once
  • I can name all the original Power Rangers
  • I like porn
  • I've never seen Titanic or Gone with the Wind
  • I own Tromeo and Juliet on DVD
  • I'm frightened to death of ferris wheels
  • I need novocaine just to get my teeth cleaned
  • I don't look people I don't know in the eye when I talk to them
  • I will only sit in an aisle seat in a movie theater
  • I hate feet

Oh yea, there's a million more. I did a post like this about a year ago, but with me, you get new quirks all the time.


Oh... who CAN'T name the original Power Rangers? :P

I will only sit in an aisle seat in a movie theater

Yeah. Me too.

I sniff sharpies, too.

And I might be able to rival you on the "World's Greatest Procrastinator" thing.

heh. I like porn, too.

That's definitely one of those things I don't generally tell people, though.

Sharpies smell great, but they don't give you the same cheap rush as dry erase (whiteboard) markers. Those will get you high...I always think of that Ramones song--Carbona Not Glue?--when I get a good snort of a fresh whiteboard marker.
BTW, I met my husband at a Grateful Dead concert. This year will be our 25th anniversary. I can't believe it.

You know what's even better than Sharpies? My husband uses Copic markers when he's drawing. I could get high off of those.

I had spaghettios w/ franks (?) w/ the kids tonight, then watched real world w/ every light in the house on(hate dark), then I went sledding.:)

I sniff White-Out. I like porn. If you've never seen Gone with the Wind, you ain't Southern, and you should be dragged off and shot. I have my own personal GAS MASK at the dentist's office. And I have a foot fetish that involves women with red toenails.

I don't tell this shit to just anybody, you know.

The Power Rangers had NAMES? I thought they were just, you know, the red one and the black one and the green one and the blue one and the pink one and the seersucker one and the flannel one with the Birkenstocks...

I've never eaten a Twinkie. They scare me. Tastykakes, though... Goooood Eats.

I'd be a way better procrastinator than you if i ever got around to it.

Of course they had names! I wasn't calling out "Tommy!" in my sleep for nothing, you know.

Silence! You must never reveal the Rangers' names!

... for if you do, they will become famous, and then they will become celebreties, and then they will start wearing 'no blood for oil' T-Shirts and begin protesting the inhumanity of not allowing allowing american muslims to practice sharia, and honor-kill females inside our borders.

And THEN who will save the world? Hmm?