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whre's han solo when you need him?

'Kick His Ass And Get The Gas' : Three prominent anti-war activists recently discussed the impending US war on Iraq and the global mass movements for NTV -- a 24 Hour Turkish Television Channel. Transcript. Why, yes. One of the activists is Noam Chomsky.

It takes a six page transcript of the interview for Chomsky and friends to say nothing more than the usual: It's all about the oil, and the U.S. government created our enemies in order to wage war wherever they want.

And there's also that obession Tariq Ali has with the word empire:

Well the end is not the United States is the only empire in the world. This is the first time, I think in world history, we have a situation where there is only one empire. No other empire exists.

..what the current situation of the strength of the American Empire essentially produces, is a total contempt for democracy.

Well, I think there is a resistance to the empire...

What we have and that's very new, are mass movements developing in different parts of the world, which want to resist this empire.

Mr. Ali, I find your lack of faith disturbing.


Well, if we're an empire, I want France, Quebec, and Berkley decimated... roman style.

Then, we can simply take over all the media concerns in the world and execute that commie Dan Rather. Oh, and grab Hanoi Jane while the black helecopters are still out.

Then, we can remedy this pitiful situation where we do not own 100% of the middle east's oilfields. Long overdue.

Finally, we can allow Saddam to live, provided he lends us his professional torturers for use on Chomsky and company.

I can think of no more fitting end for them.

They can have all the empires they want, I'm not paying for them.

If this is an Empire, where are my slaves and why are we still paying for Japanese cars?

Emperor Misha better start that Emperor Bush mentoring program soon.

Jap Cars? Damn, where are the flying cars? it's 2003 for hell's sake! I want my flying car and my mylar suit. (Looking at mid-age spread) well, maybe not the mylar suit.....

Actually, the Roman style of "decimation" was a military punishment, used against their own soldiers. One of every ten soldiers was killed.
The Romans preferred to incorporate new nations into their empire, for the most part. Whether that was better or worse for the incorporated nations is debatable, of course.