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eight and counting...

Eight posts today and it's only 2pm. I think that may be a record for me.

I finally relented and gave the kids a day of no cleaning, no forced labor - they don't even have to get dressed if they don't want to. They've opted for Malcom in the Middle DVDs and Mall Tycoon. So I gave myself the day off too and opted for posting everything I've been sitting on.

Anyone want to come over and vacuum while I read through my daily blogs?


Speaking as another 8-before-lunch blogger, I think I need to vacuum, too.


is this going to be naked in pearls and high heals vacuuming or do the floors actually need cleaned?

oh...wait...sorry... thought that said "watch me vacuum"...

I am currently unemployed(and plagued with insomnia) and I can hardly keep up with reading all your posts in a day, let alone posting that many myself.

From Gord's blog: Last night I was plagued by yet another bout of insomnia so I started teaching myself rudimentary Russian on the web.

Geez Gord, couldn't you do like the rest of us insomniacs and just look at porn and masturbate? You make us look bad!

Eight hours of masturbation requires a visit to the hospital, for me at least.

Michele, that's par for the course at my house. Of course, it doesn't stop me from cursing later on when I've run out of clean clothes.