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speaking of aragorn

I fell asleep watching Bush address the troops and in my half-dreaming stupor, I could have sworn he said "It is our duty to protect the people of the Shire."


He is kinda elfish isn't he.....

Does the Shire have large oil reserves?

Typical. Not content with just co-opting the terms 'American', 'Patriotic' and 'Liberty' into his foriegn policy escapades, he's now trying to claim the Tolkien Nerd dollar...

This guy is bent on world domination, I swear. Hehe

(laughs flippantly, unaware of the army of patriots and sci-fi con vets closing in on his door)

I dunno,but with the speed he's going on this war thing he's probably more Ent

Sam will kill him if he tries anything...


So when is he going to get out there and start defending it himself? Chickenhawk that he is.

Are the rings Weapons of Mass Destruction?

"He is kinda elfish isn't he....."

Yes! It's the ears! I've always though they were semi-pointy.

But in personality, he's much more of a simple hobbit-type.

(And so's Tony Blair, who also has that same ruddy-faced hobbity look about him.)

I think you've been smoking the Longbotton Leaf they grow down in Southfarthing....dude.

Why ban bbguns its just a toy people who are agaisnt kids with guns are scared that they will rob banks and couse mayhem. Im a kid and i say give us some fun this world is not yours its free.