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The Useful Idiot(tm) line of t-shirts

Presenting my Useful Idiottm line of t-shirts, inspired by the t-shirt slogans ala Viggo Mortensen over at NNP:

Aragorn: inspired by Alan Henderson.

no blood: inspired by YogSothoth

shield: inspired by Fred Boness

totalitarianism: inspired by YogSothoth


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Hmmm...shouldn't the shield T-shirt have a big ole bulls eye?

Umm....it's on the back!

I love 'em!

i'd wear the "no blood for liberation" one. except no one would get it...

See, I was right to lust after Orlando rather than Viggo. Orlando might have odd fashion sense, but at least he's not wearing that t-shirt...

I'd like One Aragorn (4-XLT) and One Shield (4-XLT), please.

I love these shirts! Someone should seriously consider getting these made up and sell them online. Put me down for totalitarianism and no blood.

I just found some comments left on my blog from a post I made about Viggo way back at the beginning of Dec. The person who left the comments thought they could convince me to hand out peace leaflets in the TT line!

Umm... no.

The t-shirts are great!

Viggo let me down.
I believed his character's words in the Two Towers:

"Open war is upon you, whether you risk it or not."

He said these words in fiction but in real life, he says the opposite. Even though open war is upon us, we must not risk it.

A T-shirt with the script lines he actually said would be nice to wear around.

How do you liberate dead people?

I guess it's an acceptable price to kill hundreds of thousands to 'free' those that somehow survive 800 cruise missiles and such..not that we've succeeded in installing democracy in Afgahnistan, either; aside from a few haircuts and schoolgirls, it's worse than it was under the Taliban.

You people are fucking lunatics, and traitors for supporting the most totalitarian regime to ever seize power in our history.