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my t-shirt's gonna save the world*

From a comment on NNP about the increasingly disappointing Viggo Mortensen:

You know, the thing that irks me is that these "No Blood For Oil!" types think they are being *so* clever and *so* subversive when in reality their slogans represent the very pinnacle of conformity. You want to show some real courage? How about turning up in a shirt with one of these slogans:

"No Blood For Liberation!"
"Opposition to Torture is Racism!"
"Totalitarianism Is Good For Children And Other Living Things!"
"Freedom Of Expression For White Americans - YES, For Brown Iraqis - NO!"
"No More Cultural Imperialism - Stop Liberty At OUR Borders!"

I shant hold my breath :-P

posted by YogSothoth on January 2, 2003 05:17 PM


*shamelessly stolen from Kevin.


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I wonder if he has that written on his underwear, too? Right beside 'Viggo' and 'Month of The year' (he doesn't change underwear daily, apparently).


Yeah, Viggo is an idiotarian. But damn, he's one hot Aragorn.

But...but...he's frickin' hot. He could wear an "I Love Puff Daddy P. Diddy" t-shirt and I'd have to figure out a way to forgive him.

Hey, he was in Leatherneck: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III. Gotta give the man credit!

Well you know he was the guy who stabbed Denzel Washington in the back in "Crimson Tide". But then he wouldn't comply with Gene Hackman who then pulled out his gun and was going to kill one of his own sailors if Viggo didn't comply. Oh wait, that's make-believe.

Yes, but notice that he's only really hot as Aragorn. Viggo isn't nearly as sexy clean and with short hair.

It makes it easier to separate the hot one from the moron who thinks his dumbass celebrity opinion is worth a damn.

My Bete Noir is the Hollywood morons who endorse electric cars as THE solution to saving the world and/or our "reliance" on oil.

WTF is that about?

Do they think electricity comes from the hand of God to their electrical outlets. Morons. Plus California has an energy crisis...so let's all plug in mongo 220v battery chargers. Jebus.

As a Tolkien fan I will overlook Viggo's stupidity, but he's toast after LOTR is finished. These assholes need to get the message:

Shut the fuck up or look for other work.


He was hot in 28 Days. That's a little-known Sandra Bullock film where she plays a recovering alcoholic.

Little-known because, man, it's a bummer, like. So depressing. Alcoholism, what's up with that?

Oh yeah. 28 days? Wasn't she the most glamourous, goddamn healthy looking victim of alcoholism ever?

God, I could almost feel her pain through those immaculate pores and styled locks. It's hard to pitch a movie about alcoholism when you're also trying to pitch it as a vehicle for a woman that you're meant to recognise as sexy too...

God, we can't have her actually LOOK damaged by alcohol. it'll turn off her male and romantic comedy fan base. just give her a bottle, that'll do


Are you all stupid? Viggo is actually rather inteligent and knows his shit when it comes to US foreign policy, you do not. You represent typical Americans. Self absorbed with material wealth. So, look up the crisis in Iraq, look it up good, not the horseshit that your local news gives you and try thinking, you might see that war is not the answer. I wonder how fast you would go to the front line if you were asked to fight?

About as fast as you'd be killed for expressing a dissenting opinion in Iraq, I'd expect.

That fast eh? See ya in boot camp Private Parrott.