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ben affleck, too

Standing in line at Stop -n- Shop today, I happened to see the Weekly World News on the magazine rack.

The headline said that Hitler had prophetic powers and predicted internet porn and the rise of J.Lo.

You just knew it was all a communist plot, didn't you?


WOW and here all this time I didn't know Hitler had such good taste in women.........look at Eva Braun's pictures! hehehehe

Everyone knows communism is a red herring!

I dunno...compared to the horror that is J-Ho, even Hitler has some redeeming qualities.

I'm only half-kidding.

I don't believe it. Hitler couldn't have seen an abomination like J Lo in the future. He would have given up world domination and spent his life mumbling "Please, God. NOOOOO!"

Internet porn?? When did this happen??