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dear "hanging with chad"

Another thing pissing me off today:

A commenter by the coward name of Hanging with Chad left a comment in And the Winner is today.

Just goes to show, you should never use your husbands name as a password to administer a poll. Makes it real simple to go in and change the results.
It's not cheating, just creative campaigning.

Posted by: Hanging with Chad on January 2, 2003 08:35 AM

To which I replied that I did not change the results. Later, Chad left this comment:

You weren't paying attention. SDB or LGF could have easily slammed him. Because Acidman was so pathetic in wasting his blog to beg for votes instead of standing on his record, I gave him a boost. It's easy. Just log on at http://freepolls.com/cgi-bin/members username:asmallvictory password:justin (never use your husbands name)
Sorry Charlie.

Posted by: Changing with Had on January 2, 2003 04:14 PM

I didn't bother using one of my super-secret passwords because I never thought that someone would go in and change the numbers on the poll. What was your point in this Chad? I took the time to set this thing up, take nominations, count them up and set up a poll and then you go in and fuck with it. I don't understand your purpose, unless it's because you get your kicks doing shit like that. In that case, well that makes you a loser and I guess you don't know any better.

I'm pretty pissed about this. I thought this would be an interesting poll in the wake of all the other year end blog awards that are going to pop up now. Instead, it turned into a farce, caused me more hate mail than that whole delinking incident and made me look like a fool.

Of course, you leave no real name or email address. People like you never do. You pull shit like this, thinking you are oh so funny and so damn cool, but you don't have the guts to step up and say who you are.

You fucked me, you fucked the contestants (who may or may not care as much as I do) and you are a god damn asswipe.

Thanks for ruining something I spent a lot of time on, fuckwad.


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I guess after Chad sat home alone on New Years eve jacking off to Dick Clark, he got bored.

fwiw, I'm new to your blog, and despite what "chad" did I thought the blog poll was still pretty cool. It got me hooked on LGF and sent me off to some other blogs I hadn't seen before. Don't let the jerk get ya down. I'm sure a lot of people saw the poll, and liked it, and most of the fun was not so much the voting, it was the traipsing over to the other blogs to see what they were doing to get votes (if anything).

Thanks for the effort ... It certainly brought some benefit to me.

Instead, it turned into a farce, caused me more hate mail than that whole delinking incident and made me look like a fool.

You don't look like a fool. Being a victim of juvenile vandalism doesn't make you a fool --- else we all are, sooner or later.

I agree with Glen...

Sorry that happened, Michele!

How positively juvenile Chad is. Doesn't make you foolish, dear.

I enjoyed the contest anyway, got to read blogs I wouldn't have found otherwise.

Besides, it was fun seeing how just much Acidman would grovel to win.

Do what I do...

Never write anything worth reading, and then no one will bother tampering with it.

Lets see...suggestions for posts? How about the TV listings on PBS? Nah, too prone to cheap innuendo...

Um, reciepes (how the fuck do you spell that? ah, man...) for various pies and cakes? Nah, one guy tinkering with that and there's a massive food poisoning suit involving 10,000 regular readers...

No, no more ideas. Guess life just happens sometimes. Could've been worse. Someone could have replaced your posts with extracts from Oprah Winfrey books. Then you'd have lost your entire readership.


I didn't pay any attention to the poll anyway (no offense). I was just interested in all the recommendations beforehand...

Can you believe I'd never heard of Ipse Dixit before this? He's a Raiders fan, so he'd better hope that the Niners go out before them, otherwise he'll be blocking my IP address due to excessive smugness. Great site tho...

Oh, yeah, and dead guilty for not plugging the excellent Danish (but English language) site Fauxhemian when I had the chance. You may remember him from that Christmas Song List phase...

One naiive question tho...

Why would someone be so upset as to send you hate mail because somebody else hacked your site?

People and their objections, tsk.

I'm talking far too much today, hon. Sorry about that...

'Life isn't easy
for the Pin Cushion Queen.
When she sits on her throne
pins push through her spleen'

All my p-words are derived from p-funk. Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On is not an easy groove to hack if you're a feeble little dick-face script kiddie.

Now THAT'S intriguing!

Is that for REAL?!?!

Really now. It simply isn't possible for some spotty-faced, needle-dicked, jag-off named "Hanging with Chad" (is that a reference to the size of his, er, "member," I wonder?) to make you look foolish.
Wearing low-cut bell bottoms and clingy Orlon tops circa 1978 (i.e. being "mutton dressed as lamb") might make you look a bit silly, but as for some guy being able to accomplish that? No way, baby.
He's just pissin' in the punchbowl...and he's too damned dumb to realize he's gonna be drinking it later.

it doesn't make you look foolish at all, but it pisses me off because you would never do that to anyone. so you don't deserve it done to you. (i gave this chick access to my paypal site, people!) well, you might do it to ted rall. but he deserves it.

You know, vandals are creepy loser jealous freaks. At least thieves get something tangible, a vandal is pathetic. I believe what goes around will come around, I just hate it when I'm not there to help it along or see it happen. It's fun to imagine what will happen to this guy, though:). Sending vibes, good ones to you M.... we'll leave Chad to his own demise. The same for the dimwits who are taking it out on you.

There's an asshole on every blog, isn't there.

You had a great idea, and the best part of it was the original comments. I checked out numerous blogs and found some keepers.


The asshole on my blog is me. ;)

The pond scum that hacked the poll ruined it for a bunch of people just having some fun. Pond scum then wiped your nose in it just to spite you, Michele. Hope you find the dirt wad and rip out his heart and lungs with your bare hands.

Hey Michelle - your heart was in the right place. As has already been said, it was fun traipsing around other blogs for a bit (although I still missed InstaPundit in your poll). And despite his win I still find myself asking (since I never visited) "Who or what is Acidman?"

Keep up the good work. :-)

BTW although it was probably a rhetorical question, hanging with chad is undoubtedly a referrence to Florida ballots.


Don't let it get you down. I'm kinda new to blogging, so I made sure that I bookmarked the comments page with all the nominations.

I have used it to investigate dozens of blogs I knew nothing about.

Once again, you've performed a great service to your readers.
Screw Pregnant Chad... he needs to grow up.

Then again, the guys with the smallest dicks generally do the most bragging.

Know what I mean?

When Hanging With Chad was just a youngster, he went to the chemist and asked the pharmacist, "Sir, can you tell me where the ribbed condoms are?"
The chemist replied, "Son, do you know what condoms are used for?"
"Sure do. They keep you from getting venereal diseases."
The chemist was impressed. "That's right, son. Do you know what the ribs are for?"
Hanging With Chad paused and then answered, "Well, not really, but they sure do make the hair on my goat's back stand up."

BWAHAHAHA.I know, immature but at least I'm not a CREEP!

Michele, I'm glad this is out in the open, because I knew something was wrong when I saw the results today. I saw the poll results around midnight Pacific time, as well as a few hours before that. Charles was ahead at all times.The last time I checked, at midnight pacific time Charles was ahead by 1 percent, I don't remember the number of votes, but it may have been 20 or so. I remember Acidman had 30%, Charles had 31%. If Charles wanted to take this to the Supreme Court, he would win, because the guilty party has confessed, and I am a witness that Charles was the clear winner after midnight, as well as continuously from 9 pm pacific time, when I was online for the whole evening. Yes, I'm a fan of LGF, but I wouldn't lie about this, because I'm an adult, and it's not that important. I'm just telling you what I know, if it helps.

Well, you all know it wasn't me. 'Cause Lair would have won, not Acidhead. Oops, Acidman. Sorry, dude.

Okay, not really.

Hey, Michele, I hope you didn't take my comments that were saying "pouparity, not intrigue, drives this poll" as any kind of hate mail.

You probably didn't, but I just want to make sure.

I think that in the end it'll all be OK, because a primary good effect will be cross-pollination between those 4 blogs... and nothing that some hacker can do will change that.

I view hacking sites and polls as akin to juvenile graffiti that you see on the sides of mountains these days.

I still think SDB deserves the title tho :P

Now this is intriguing. and juvenile.

It doesn't make you look bad, it makes "chad" look bad.

What an assplow. You should post his IP address, Michele.

Oh and I would like to say thanks to whoever nominated me - though I am certainly not intriguing. I didn't blog about it because I lost my e-mail, didn't know what was going on, and was sick, etc, but now that I'm catching up on it, this contest has been really interesting and fun, Michele.

Why do I always find the fun stuff after it's over? Dammit! :)

Oh and once more, Hanging with Chad is a damned ASSCLOWN.

What a sad, pathetic dickwad.

Sucks to be named Chad right about now. I think I'll go and hide in a corner.

I knew something was fishy. I got up at my usual 4:30 AM and viewed the poll before I left for work. I was around 100 votes behind Charles Johnson at the time. I KNEW that I didn't experience the kind of surge to carry me over the top by 8:00 that morning without something rotten happening.

In spite of my begging and whoring for votes, I just thought the contest was a good way to get different people reading blogs they never visited before, mainly MINE. I still believe that it was one cool hoot of an idea.

Face it, Michele-- there's always someone around whose life ambition is to be a turd in somebody else's punchbowl. You are not one of those people (except for Ted Rall and he DOES deserve it), so don't let Chad the Asswipe get you down.

I happly refuse the title that I didn't win and give it to Charles Johnson-- because he DID win.

But DAMN, Meryl! What did I ever do to YOU?

Take a fucking Midol.

I like'm all..SBD,A-man,Instapundit, LGF,Eject3, etc. They're all good. What this really showed us is that any significant cultural phenom can be ambushed by the threatened and the stupid. I'm not gonna be bothered by it any more than any other ballot count, cause they don't mean shit. Wealth rules.

Is this from Barthelme? (``People like you never do'')

> Of course, you leave no real name or email address. People like you never do. You pull shit like this, thinking you are oh so funny and so damn cool, but you don't
have the guts to step up and say who you are.

Snow White p.44:

Dear Mr. Quistgaard:

Although you do not know me my name is Jane. I have seized your name
from the telephone book in an attempt to enmesh you in my concerns. We
suffer today I believe from a lack of connection with each other. That
is common knowledge, so common in fact, that it may not even be true. It
may be that we are overconnected, for all I know. However I am acting on the
first assumption, that we are underconnected, and thus have flung you
these lines, which you may grasp or let fall as you will. But I feel that
if you neglect them, you will suffer for it. That is merely my private
opinion. No police power supports it. I have no means of punishing you,
Mr. Quistgaard, for not listening, for having a closed heart. There is
no punishment for that, in our society. Not yet. But to the point. You
and I, Mr. Quistgaard, are not in the same universe of discourse. Now
it may have appeared to you, prior to your receipt of this letter, that
the universe of discourse in which you existed, and puttered about, was in
all ways adequate and satisfactory. It may never have crossed your mind to
think that other universes of discourse distinct from your own existed, with
people in them, discoursing. You may have, in a commonsense way, regarded
your own u. of d. as a plenum, filled to the brim with discourse. You may
have felt that what already existed was a sufficiency. People like you
often do. But I say unto you, Mr. Quistgaard, that even a plenum can leak.
Even a plenum, cher maitre, can be penetrated. New things can rush into
your plenum displacing old things, things that were formerly there. No
man's plenum, Mr. Quistgaard, is impervious to the awl of God's will.
Consider then your situation now. You are sitting there in your house
on Neat Street, with your fine dog, doubtless, and your handsome wife and
tall brown sons, conceivable, and who knows with your gun-colored Plymouth
Fury in the driveway, and opinions passing back and forth, about whether the
Grange should build a new meeting hall or not, whether the children
should become Thomists or not, whether the pump needs more cup grease or
not. A comfortable American scene. But I, Jane Villiers de l'Isle-Adam,
am in possession of your telephone number, Mr. Quistgaard. Think what
that means. It means that at any moment I can pierce your plenum with a
single telephone call, simply by dialing 989-7777. You are correct,
Mr. Quistgaard, in seeing this as a threatening situation. The moment
I inject discourse from my u. of d. into your u. of d., the yourness
of yours is diluted. The more I inject, the more you dilute. Soon you
will be presiding over an empty plenum, or rather, since that is a
contradiction in terms, over a former plenum, in terms of yourness. You are,
essentially, in my power. I suggest an unlisted number.

Yours faithfully,
Barthelme is the master of weaving cliche into art.

Dammit, Hanging-With-Chad, if you were going to screw with the results, why not make ME the winner?

Then everybody would have KNOWN the results were screwed up and we all would have a good laugh about it.

Instead now you have TWO ticked-off bloggers hunting your @$$.

Please send Rachel that wimp's IP address so she can ban him from her blog.

Damn. I saw this fucktard's comments last night, thought Rachel stated the case more eloquently than I could, and thought it was all a joke...

I hope you've changed any other passwords to important stuff that this asshole may tamper with.

Lifeless wonder.