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the "far" on either side is too far

So what exactly is he saying here?

So DC's first baby of the year was born to a lesbian couple. New York's seems to have been to a black single mother. Don't you sometimes feel like giving in to despair?[John Derbyshire]

Just more reasons why I will never align myself with the far right.


Far Left... Far Right... Far Out (of their freaking minds)!!!!

There are always two sides to a story.

Extremism just doesn't make sense. Do they give babies to gay male couples? At some point I really want a baby.

I hate to drag down the level of discourse here, but what a fucking moron. The guy you quote, I mean.

Would he have been happier if they had aborted the children rather than bringing them into such "horrible situations!" ?

What an idiot.

I totally agree with the guy. It's totally unacceptable that a child should be brought into the world and have to live with the shame and trauma of associating with anyone with a lifestyle different to that of Mr Derbyshire. Can you imagine the horror of being born outside of his blissful bubble, in which people are actually different, some of them even with different (choke)...viewpoints that you might have to listen to?

Of course, these blacks, women, asians, homosexuals, single mothers...they're all totally evil and they're going to hell. Or at least that's what my supremacist coffee morning leader says. And he's right, isn't he? Sure...

(sigh) Fucking extremists. Evolution? Hell, it's a myth...

Political extremism just means choosing which eye you're blind in.

Awww...you're being too hard on the guy.

He's obviously just of the belief that kids are better off being born in two parent, married, families. That doesn't mean he thinks the kids should have been aborted, that single parents can't do a decent job of raising their children, that the people having the kids are bad people, etc, etc.

His wording may have been poorly chosen, but his point is valid.

I think of it like that Chinese symbol of the dragon eating itself. After a while, if you keep going too far in either direction, you're gonna end up meeting in the middle with the same ideology, which is....


...to paraphrase Mein Kampf

It's all about communication, as i see it. Once you start forming absolute opinions about something, eventually there's a danger that you stop listening to others, at which point you're on your own with any mad craziness you want to inflate inside your warped little mind. And it normally involves cleansing in some way. Bummer...

Why, your right. All absolute opinions are absolutely evil and therefore wrong...

Oh, wait, did I just contradict myself?

My I submit, my bovine friend, that your mind is exactly as closed as you imagine Derbyshire's is. I submit your own rhetoric as proof.

Hehe. I like that...

I meant it as a progression tho, not an inevitable consequence.

Kinda like 'once you've got to the stage when you believe in something, it's important to be constantly re-assessing those beliefs in relation to the world around you. Because once you close those doors, you begin to drift towards irresponsible levels of delusion'

But, yeah, you're right. I'm self-absorbed and totally irrational much of the time, but i do take the time to hate myself for it occasionally. I'm not saying that you should cave to peer pressure n all, but that an opinion isn't something that you can leave untouched and take out of the closet dusted down when the subject comes up.

That really wasn't much of a response really. Oh well, shit happens...

Gee, you're right.

It's HORRIBLE that Derb is sad to see two children born without fathers in their lives. How bigotted of him to want a better life for those kids.


No, it was a good response. I happen to agree.

What exactly are YOU saying here? You are blaming the Far-right for a comment that YOU disagree with - made by ONE guy. That is more than a little intolerant of you. Especially, since you admit that you are unsure of what he is saying.

If someone disagrees with me - I certainly HOPE that he/she won't blame all of Nasty Raging Hormonally Challenged Bitch-dom because of me.

This sounds like classic republican garbage ala "welfare queens" and frothing at the mouth about "Ellen". Very Newt and Rush. Soooo last decade daaahling.

Oh, I must have missed the part where he spoke about welfare queens in the article. Funny, you must have missed it too.

If his words are so damning, why do you need to invent ones he didn't utter?

Now you know where Andrew Sullivan got his inspiration for his "Derbyshire Awards." (For the most frothing-at-the-mouth idiocies.) He is not always a loon, but he's got several bees in his bonnet, especially about homosexuality.

You're reading the whole Corner through editor
Kathryn Lopez's tight-assed personality. But
there are other posters.

Poor old Derb in my reading thinks that it
is not good for the child to be without father
and mother both. His statistical analysis may
be faulty though, since the cities were picked
for him precisely to produce his reaction.

I don't know how much they write for each other,
probably a good deal, except for Goldberg.