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and the winner is.....

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the Most Intriguing Blogger of 2002:


I thank everyone who voted, (screen shot of final poll standings here)and everyone who sent in the original nominees. You can find links to the ten finalists here. Please take the time to visit every one of them. They were nominated for a reason.

There were over one hundred different blogs nominated in the week or so I was taking submissions. If you go through the comments on this post, you can find enough blogs to keep you busy for the rest of the month. Each one of them was worthy of a nomination and I bet you can find a blog or two to add to your links list just from looking through those comments.

Happy new year, everyone and congratulations to Acidman, a most deserving winner of the Intriguing title.

In the event that Acidman fails to live up to his responsibility of being intriguing for the remainder of 2003, Charles Johnson and Steven Den Beste will have to fight to the death for the title, dressed in sumo outfits and using samurai swords. Oh, come on. Tell me that wouldn't be intriguing.


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Truly fitting, as Acidman is most intriguing !! All the nominees have most interesting attributes, but Acidman is so unpredictable that returning each day to his blog is always an adventure; that explains the perfect fit with the definition of "intriguing".

Just goes to show, you should never use your husbands name as a password to administer a poll. Makes it real simple to go in and change the results.
It's not cheating, just creative campaigning.


If someone went in and changed the results, it wasn't me.

I'm sticking to the results.

Hmm, you might want to check out this week's version of the weekly caption contest over at Ipse Dixit...

fits, definately puts in a lot of time posting and he writes with a witty style.

Is it intriguing because you womenfolk wonder if he has pants on in that picture?

Yes, I said "womenfolk" - so sue me, I grew up in the South too.

Next time maybe y'all might like to let all the contestance know they're in the running. SDB would have dwarfed the competition had he shamelessly begged for the votes... or even acknowleged that it was taking place.

That's like holding an election and locking one of the canidates in a closet... O well.

You weren't paying attention. SDB or LGF could have easily slammed him. Because Acidman was so pathetic in wasting his blog to beg for votes instead of standing on his record, I gave him a boost. It's easy. Just log on at http://freepolls.com/cgi-bin/members username:asmallvictory password:justin (never use your husbands name)
Sorry Charlie.

Yikes. Am i gonna get lynched here for saying the 'F' word? As in the 'big, sunny' F-word where the Dolphins and Bucs hang out? Sorry, I just get flashbacks whenever someone hints at the phrase 'rigged vote'?

Yeah, I'm feeling annoying today. So, waaaaait, no throwing stones till i count to three...



Ah fuck, I'm outta here...

SDB did know the contest was taking place, but he didn't blog about it because it would not fit in to the way his blog is run. Can't say I blame him for that.

I sort of suspected that, but I wasn't sure... Thx.

Ryan, I was nominated, too, and Michele sent out a very lovely e-mail to all of us. I didn't get it for a few days because of my STUPID e-mail program and being out of town, but she did send it.

I didn't blog about it because I was confused, sick, and distracted (John had strep throat), but mostly because I don't find myself intriguing in the least and knew that I wouldn't win anyway, which would be a very good thing, because frankly all those other guys are WAY more intriguing, interesting, smart, and funny than me.

Anyway. I was out of the loop but it was my own stupid fault. As usual. Heh.

I just want to say something to Hanging With Chad:

You are an assplow like no other. You make me ashamed to be a fellow human being. You are probably the BIGGEST troll loser I have ever seen in any comment section anywhere. Plus you're a chickenshit, posting anonymously, like a stupid little duck.