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Capitol N, small Y, big fucking Q!

Regular blogging will resume tomorrow. I am too sick to form a coherent thought. I just took a cocktail of NyQuil and Excedrin Migraine, so I hope to be asleep soon.

Meanwhile, Acidman and LGF were tied at last glance. Poll will shut down at midnight. May the most intriguing blogger win.


Sorry you're feelin' so badly! Hope you're back up and at 'em soon... Happy New Year!

NyQuil is such a beautiful thing, isn't it? But, of course, to be authentic, you need the green death variety (yes, I recognized the title!). It's a must-have in my nightstand drawer... good not only for colds, but those sleepless nights.

Feel better soon!

He was wearing pants. Well.......shorts. As the person who took that photo, I can attest to that fact.

Congrats, Rob! Now, come clean my mother fucking house and watch my kid!

Denis Leary rawks... :D

Hope you're feelin better