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poll dancing

updateAcidman is making a run for it! He has pulled ahead of Den Beste and trails LGF by only 19 votes as of 10 pm.

Things are heating up in the Intriguing Blogger contest. With real-type voting rules instituted, rather than those Chicago rules, the results are more realistic and much more exciting to watch.

Right now (6pm EST), LGF and USS Clueless are running neck and neck towards the home stretch. Polls are opened until midnight, but because I am suffering from a head cold and ear infection right now, I most likely won't be shutting the poll down until the morning.

Take heart, fans of Acidman and Amish Tech Support. No one has a clear shot at this yet. You still have time to bang on all your neighbor's doors asking to use their computers so you can vote with different ISPs.

To the asshole that emailed me today telling me to leave poor Teddy Rall alone - I'll leave you with the words of wisdom that my seventh grade biology teacher taught me: eat shit and die you socialist pig.

That's verbatim, from Miss Wakazi to me to you.

While most people have made new year's resolutions to be nice and happy and kind to their fellow man, I have made a resolution to put a hex on every person who sends me barely coherent hate mail.

Let me know when your dick falls off, buddy so I can stop sticking knives in the doll. Thanks.


I don't have quite the venom you do for Rall, because I find him thoroughly insignificant.

As for the "you should be nicer" hatemail you receive, I prefer to see you as you are. If I wanted a happy fun blog experience, I'd look for old Norman Vincent Peale essays.

C'mon, Michele! Put on the Angry Hat!

Michele, I hope your head cold is better soon. As for the guy whose dick you hope falls off, don't get your hopes up. That sort always seem to escape their just fate.

If there is a single human being on this earth who is as funny as you, I have yet to meet them.

Yeah, but looks aren't everything, gord...

pant pant
can't... keep... clicking... for Laurence... mouse hand... getting ...tired....

I'm so sorry....

could you cut some chunks off of the waist and hips of the voodoo doll for a friend? my resolution was to lose some weight. i promise to repay you in dumb comments and e-order tequila.

It was probably Ted who emailed you. Did he write 'BUSH STOLE THE ELECTION' at the ends of his letter?

I wonder how the whole 'dick falling off' thing would work if that were the case? Would he just fall all to pieces, or fall off the planet, or what?

Don't ever change m'dear.... ;0)