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Intriguing Blogger Run-Off Vote

Happy New Year, everyone.

There has been an apparent glitch in the voting system for Most Intriguing Blogger of 2002. The glitch was my fault, but was further compounded by the fact that Charles of LGF used the Jedi Mind Trick on his readers. And everyone knows that the Jedi Mind Trick is more powerful than the Pity Trick, which Acidman used. Laurence's use of the Reverse Pyschology Trick got him quite a few votes, not all of them from his private fan club known as Meryl Yourish, and Steven Den Beste, who remains completely unaware that he is in this contest at all, managed to get into the run off vote without even trying.

So there Special Election Run-Off Vote today. The "vote unitl you puke" option has been disabled. Head over to the voting page and choose with your consience, your heart, your libido or what have you. Just choose wisely between LGF, Acidman, USS Clueless and ATS.

Do it for democracy, do it For The Children, do it because you are bored and hungover and have nothing better to do.

Intriguing Blogger Run-off Vote

(By the way, I am taking submissions for Required Reading 2002 until Friday. The list will NOT go up until next week so as not to interfere with COtV and to give me enough time to compile everything)


The vote till you drop feature is still enabled.

All fixed now. You can only vote once from an IP address.

It's not that I'm unaware of it, it's just that I couldn't figure out a way to write about it and show how it relates to market economies and the K-T boundary-layer clay, and the structure of MOSFETs, to demonstrate some deep insight about the war...

I got standards to uphold, lady!

I did not use the "Pity Trick." I resorted to absolute Tijuana donkey-hump whoring AND I'M STILL LOSING!

Go figure....

You should know that the link associated with the vote graphic in this section is bad. You have an extraneous / in there that needs to go.

Thank, TJ. All fixed.

Jimmy the dhimmi Carter.... we need "dhimmi" to become a
household word....
it's our "occupation"